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How to Draw a Whale

How to Draw a Whale

Unleash your skills to be able to draw a whale. Here are step-by-step images to help you draw this huge mammal of the seas.

Step 1

draw whale step 1

Draw a stretched-out football-like shape for the whale’s body.

Then, draw a crescent shape for the whale’s tail fin.

Remember to always start by drawing simple shapes and then we’ll adjust things as we go.

Step 2

draw whale step 2

Draw two long football-like shapes for the whale’s fins.

Step 3

draw whale step 3

Draw the whale’s mouth line and eye.

Next, we’ll draw some lines that will represent the wrinkles underneath the whale’s mouth to the whale’s belly.

Step 4

draw whale step 4

Adjust the top line of the whale to add more curves. Next, we’ll add more curvy lines to the tail fin and front fins.

Step 5

draw whale step 5

Darken the whale’s eye, and draw wrinkles and bumps on the underside of the whale and fins.