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How to Draw a Giraffe

How to Draw a Giraffe

Unleash your ability to draw a giraffe by following these step-by-step images.

Step 1

draw giraffe step 1

Draw 1 group of 2 small ovals. This is for the giraffe’s head.

Next, draw 2 more larger ovals. This is for the giraffe’s body.

Step 2

draw giraffe step 2

Draw lines that go down from the giraffe’s body. These lines will be the giraffe’s legs. Place small ovals.

These will be the joints in the legs.

Step 3

draw giraffe step 3

Draw a curved line from the giraffe’s head to its body.

Next, draw lines that connect the small oval near the head to the head.

Step 4

draw giraffe step 4

Draw the giraffe’s ears and horns on top of the head.

Next, draw its legs.

Step 5

draw giraffe step 5

Sketch in the eyes, nostrils, neck hair, and tail.

Step 6

draw giraffe step 6

Erase all the shape guides.

Step 7

draw giraffe step 7

Draw in the giraffe’s spots.