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5 Easy Steps to Draw a Hummingbird

5 Easy Steps to Draw a Hummingbird

Learn how to draw a hummingbird in 5 easy steps. Follow along with these images to become a pro at drawing this fast, long-beaked bird.

Step 1

draw hummingbird step 1

Draw an oval for the hummingbird’s head.

Draw a long bread loaf shape for its body.

Step 2

draw hummingbird step 2

Draw a circle for the eye of the hummingbird.

Next, draw a triangular shape for the beak.

Then, draw a hook shape for the feet.

Step 3

draw hummingbird step 3

Draw wings and tail feathers for our humming bird.

Step 4

draw hummingbird step 4

Erase some of the guidelines from the simple shapes we drew in the previous steps.

Step 5

draw hummingbird step 5

Draw in details of the hummingbird. Thin, soft lines are used for the fur texture.

Darken the eyes and add a white highlight.