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5 Steps to Draw a Polar Bear

5 Steps to Draw a Polar Bear

Let us draw a polar bear in 5 steps. Follow these images and you’ll be able to draw a polar bear like a pro!

Step 1

draw polar bear step 1

Start by drawing a few different ovals.

Each major oval is a different color to represent the different parts of the polar bear.

In the black oval, we’ll draw the polar bear’s eyes, nose, and mouth.

Step 2

draw polar bear step 2

Let us add ears to our polar bear. Next, draw the neck.

Then, we’ll draw lines and circles that will represent the polar bear’s legs.

Step 3

draw polar bear step 3

Using the guidelines from the previous step, draw in the legs and feet of our polar bear.

Step 4

draw polar bear step 4

Erase the unnecessary guidelines from the simple shapes we drew earlier. We will keep a few of the guidelines because they will help us draw details in the next step.

Step 5

draw polar bear step 5

Have fun with this step and draw scribbles and zigzag lines to draw the fur. Draw in the polar bear claws and details in the face.