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How to Draw a Zebra

How to Draw a Zebra

Unleash your ability to draw animals and learn how to draw a zebra like a pro. All you need to do is to follow these few images.

Step 1

draw zebra step 1

Draw five ovals.

The first three ovals are grouped together and will help us draw the zebra’s body.

The last two ovals are for the zebra’s head.

Step 2

draw zebra step 2

Draw a “J-shaped” line that connects the body to the head.

Next, draw lines and circles for the zebra’s legs.

Step 3

draw zebra step 3

Draw the overall shape of a zebra with a line that connects all the simple shapes together.

Add our zebra’s hair and ears to the top of its head. Include its tail.

Step 4

draw zebra step 4

Draw the eyes, nostrils, our other zebra ear, a few lines for the leg muscles, and finally the zebra hooves.

Step 5

draw zebra step 5

Erase some of the guidelines from the simple shapes we drew in the previous steps.

Step 6

draw zebra step 6

Draw the stripes, tail, and hair.