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5 Easy Steps to Draw a Kangaroo

5 Easy Steps to Draw a Kangaroo

Learn how to draw a kangaroo in 5 easy steps. Follow along with these images, and you’ll learn how to draw this marsupial like a pro!

Step 1

draw kangaroo step 1

Draw 4 ovals. The 2 ovals on top are for the kangaroo’s head.

The bottom 2 ovals are for our kangaroo’s body.

Step 2

draw kangaroo step 2

Draw a line that connects some of the ovals we drew in the previous steps.

Next, draw our kangaroo’s ears and tail.

Then, draw some lines and circles for the joints and bones of the kangaroo’s arms and legs.

Step 3

draw kangaroo step 3

Draw in the area for the nose and an oval for the eye.

Next, draw in the arms and legs.

Step 4

draw kangaroo step 4

Erase the guidelines from some of the simple shapes we drew in the previous steps.

Step 5

draw kangaroo step 5

Draw in the pupils and nose. We will use some scribbles and zigzag lines to draw the fur. Then, we draw some lines to help show the roundness of the kangaroo.