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How to Draw a Koala

How to Draw a Koala

Unleash your ability to draw a koala. These step-by-step images make it easy to draw this lovable marsupial.

Step 1

draw koala step 1

Draw an oval for the koala’s head.

Step 2

draw koala step 2

Draw two half ovals for the ears.

Draw two circles for the koala’s eyes. Next, draw a rounded rectangle for its nose.

Then, draw a curved line for the koala’s smile.

Step 3

draw koala step 3

Draw a curved line under the koala’s head for the body.

Step 4

draw koala step 4

Draw the koala’s arms.

Step 5

draw koala step 5

Draw the koala’s legs.

Place four little ovals and one larger oval under the koala’s feet.

Step 6

draw koala step 6

Erase all guidelines.

Step 7

draw koala step 7

Draw in the fur for the koala. Use random zigzag lines to help make the fur more lifelike.