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How to Draw a Parrot

How to Draw a Parrot

Unleash your ability to draw a parrot. It’s easy to follow along and become a pro at drawing a parrot with these step-by-step images.

Step 1

draw parrot step 1

Draw an oval for the parrot’s head.

Step 2

draw parrot step 2

Draw a curved horizontal and vertical line. The vertical line will be the center line for the parrot’s head. The horizontal line will be where the parrot’s eyes are positioned.

Step 3

draw parrot step 3

Sketch in the parrot’s eyes and beak.

Next, draw a curved line for the parrot’s cheek. We’ll also add some eyebrows to help make our parrot cute.

Step 4

draw parrot step 4

Draw in an oval for the parrot’s body.

Next, draw curved cylinders for the parrot’s feet. You can think of the curved cylinders as the letter C.

Then, we’ll draw the parrot on a branch.

Step 5

draw parrot step 5

Draw the parrot’s wings and tail feathers.

Step 6

draw parrot step 6

Erase all the guidelines.

Step 7

draw parrot step 7

Fill in the parrot’s eyes, draw in the feathers, and add lines for the details of the parrot’s feet.