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5 Easy Steps to Draw a Platypus

5 Easy Steps to Draw a Platypus

Do you want to learn how to draw a platypus? We will draw a platypus in 5 easy steps so anyone can draw this duck-billed animal.

Step 1

draw platypus step 1

Let’s start drawing the platypus’ head and body by drawing two round shapes.

The head is in the front and the body is behind the head.

These shapes are rounder near the top and a bit flatter on the bottom.

Step 2

draw platypus step 2

Draw a curved vertical line and a curved horizontal line around the head.

In the end, you will have a plus sign that appears to be wrapped around the head.

Step 3

draw platypus step 3

Draw the ears, eyes, and the duck-bill of our platypus.

Step 4

draw platypus step 4

Erase our guidelines from the basic shapes we don’t need.

Step 5

draw platypus step 5

It might look like a lot of detail; however, we are only drawing zigzag lines and scribbles to make it look like fur.

Draw some whiskers on our platypus. Add in the pupils in the eyes.