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How to Draw a Wolf

How to Draw a Wolf

A tutorial to show you how to draw a wolf. Step-by-step instructions with images.

Step 1

draw wolf step 1

When drawing a wolf, start by drawing a simple shape for the body and head.

Step 2

draw wolf step 2

Add simple shapes for the legs, snout, and ears.

Step 3

draw wolf step 3

Add in the wolf’s eyes, nose, and mouth. Then, draw in tuffs of fur below the head that connect to the shoulder of the wolf.

Step 4

draw wolf step 4

Add more fur details and the tail. Then, add a curve to the spine.

Step 5

draw wolf step 5

Let’s adjust the shape of the wolf’s hind leg.

Step 6

draw wolf step 6

Add more fur below the wolf’s head, shoulder area, back, belly, top of the wolf’s knee, and tail.

Step 7

draw wolf step 7

Erase some lines after drawing the wolf’s fur.

Step 8

draw wolf step 8

Draw in the other wolf’s legs.