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Top Ten Reasons You Should Use Oil Paint Varnish

Top Ten Reasons You Should Use Oil Paint Varnish

oil paint varnishOil paint varnish is a product that can help you to protect your art in various ways. This type of product is known for its ability to offer a layer of protection to your painting so that it can last longer.

Keeping your artwork safe is crucial. You invested time, money, and more into creating it. I believe that you should be proud of your work, and a varnished oil painting shows this off.

By focusing on protecting your artwork, you can rest assured that your investment is secure. It is just one of many ways for you to take your art to the next level, particularly if you plan on selling it.

You Can Make Your Painting Glossy

—Many artists are partial to the look of a glossy oil paint finish. While many oil paints can be vibrant and glossy in their way, oil paint varnish is on an entirely different level. You will be amazed by just how much this can do for a painting when you are done with it.

Rather than some areas of the painting being glossier than others, varnished oil painting brings consistency. This makes it possible for you to enjoy a more smooth and balanced final image.

The glossy finish of a good oil paint varnish can do wonders for giving your product that finished look. A good amount of gloss and shine can bring so much to a painting. This is even more true when it comes to making sure that your colors look bold and alive. It simply brings a better look to your painting that distinctly makes it look complete and that much more professional.

oil paint varnishPhoto by Birmingham Museums Trust

You Can Give Your Painting A Matte Finish

—Matte finishes are something that we are all starting to embrace more of overtime. The matte look is something that just brings something a little extra to an image, and I love what it can do. For the right painting, a matte styled oil paint varnish can be just what the image needs.

A matte look can be easily applied to any kind of paint using the right oil paint varnish, even if you didn’t use matte paint. These amazing varnishes can very simply add a matte look to any painting, no matter how bold or glossy the paint used was.

The real benefit to a matte finish is how it can influence the tone of a painting. Sometimes you want something more subdued. Rather than relying on over the top colors or shine, you want people to focus on the content itself. A matte oil paint varnish can work wonders when it comes to adding that special look and feel to the right painting.

You Can Protect Your Paint From Dust

—There is nothing worse than finishing a painting just in time to realize that dust got on it. Dust can look unsightly on your brand-new masterpiece and can even change the texture. If you have completed a beautiful finish product, chances are you don’t want to see it ruined.

Dust is a huge concern for fresh paintings, particularly when you make something special or use light colors. The good news is that oil paint varnish has your back.

Oil paint varnish does an amazing job of protecting your artwork against dust. It does this by applying a protective layer to your paint. This means that anything that hits your paint will be hitting the varnish.

With this shield in place, you can easily keep dust and other small problems away from your beautiful masterpiece. If you are going to transport your painting or hang it up, this can be invaluable.

You Can Protect Your Paint From Sunlight

—While many oil paints are aimed to be less impacted by sunlight, oil paintings can still age in this way. Protecting your artwork from the sun is crucial because it can have a large influence on just how your image ages.

The sun can cause colors to warp and fade. It can even cause the image to change colors. The last thing that you want for your masterpiece is to see it compromised over time.

Fortunately, varnished oil paintings are protected from these problems in many ways. A good varnish will form a completely protective layer over the painting.

This means that those harsh rays of sun won’t be able to tear your painting up, even if there is no other layer of protection like glass. You don’t have to worry about your painting getting blasted by those mean old photons when you have a proper varnish in place!

oil paintingPhoto by Henrik Dønnestad

You Can Restore Your Painting With Ease

—Paintings can last well over the years. However, there is no such thing as a painting that maintains complete integrity over time. This matters for a couple of reasons. No matter how you manage your painting, you will eventually see it alter.

Though this is inevitable, it doesn’t mean that your painting is ruined forever. In fact, with the right oil paint varnish, you might just find that your painting is built to withstand the ages.

In addition to offering a protective layer over your paint, oil paint varnish makes it easy to protect your work. You can enjoy knowing that no matter what happens to your paint over time, varnish will make it easy to fix it. The typical dirt and grime buildup that comes over time isn’t a concern.

When you have a varnished oil painting, you can easily remove and reapply the varnish. This means that you can go from an aged painting to a sparkly and brand new one in no time at all.

It Saves On Future Touch-Ups

—Maintaining your artwork is almost as important as creating it in the first place. When you make a masterpiece, it must be protected at all costs. Ensuring that your amazing artwork is safe and secure makes it easier for you to marvel at your masterful creations.

After all, we all know the feeling of accidentally damaging artwork after it is done. Your stomach automatically sinks, and if you are anything like me, you will begin to wonder how the universe could be so cruel.

Thankfully, oil painting varnish has your back. When you add varnish to an oil painting, you add a special layer of defense. This means that you don’t have to worry about your painting or its delicate and exposed paint.

Making it possible for you to protect your painting is just one of the many ways oil painting varnish is known to help you. By adding a singular layer, you can easily protect against chips or damage to the paint.

They Come In Various Easy To Use Forms

—Though most people believe that all oil painting varnish is made equally, this simply isn’t true. You would be amazed to learn just how many different types of varnish there are. These amazing protectants come in a variety of different styles.

This makes it easy for every kind of artist to find what they like so they can protect their work with ease. Having options regarding the application process can help the artist to truly serve the best interests of their painting.

Though most people are familiar with a traditional varnish that you will paint over a painting, there are so many other kinds. You can enjoy applying an oil painting varnish of your preferred style and consistency using a paintbrush. Often, it is even provided. In addition to a simple painting approach, you can use a spray approach.

Aerosol oil painting varnish makes protecting your painting easy. Simply remove the cap, follow the instructions, and spray your painting. You will have a perfect layer of protection in no time at all!

oil paint varnishPhoto by Olia Nayda

They Make Your Painting Look More Professional

—Oil painting varnish is known for its unique role in the finalization process. After you have completed a stunning painting, it can be applied as a final step for a variety of reasons.

Though there is no arguing the fact that it can add various attributes and protections to a painting, there is more to it. In many cases, you might just realize that adding a varnish at the end is the final touch your painting needed.

When it comes to painting, there is much to say about consistency. The reason why coloring and blending is so important is because of consistency. If you paint using colors that simply don’t belong together, you can end up with a questionable final product.

Varnish brings a consistent look that tends to make everything look as if it was made to go together. Beyond merely adding a proper finish, a varnished oil painting just looks like the colors and content were made to go together.

Professional Artists Use It

—If you ever want to see your art in a true gallery, you will want to refer to oil painting varnish. Since professional artists sell and present their artwork, it is important to preserve said artwork. Though museums and galleries all have their policies about preserving work, varnishes are a must.

There might not seem like there is anything wrong with a raw painting, but there can be. When it comes to meeting standards, you might just find that there are some you didn’t think of. Oil painting varnish is likely one of them.

If you plan on monetizing your art, you want a reliable and finished product. Oil painting varnish is an easy final step that is required when it comes to art in the professional circuit.

Failing to protect your work, particularly once you want people to see value in might reflect poorly on your brand. To avoid this, you can step it up by protecting your work. Not only does your work deserve it, but it is simply the appropriate thing to do.

It Feels Good To Invest In Your Work

—There are few things better than creating art for artists of any level. However, there is something truly special about investing in it. When we create something, we love to pour our heart and soul into it. While that is amazing, our work doesn’t stop there. Taking the time to apply a coat of varnish to a finished painting is an excellent way to bring your art to a close.

This ritualistic approach to concluding your painting can help you to seal the deal with your painting. You will find that applying this final layer of protectant to your work somehow makes it more real. It is your way of showing your painting that you are proud of it and in it for the long haul!

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When we create something, we give ourselves over to it. Whether it is a personal piece or one that we plan on selling, it is up to us to determine its value and protect it. Oil painting varnish is one simple way to ensure that your artwork stays perfectly preserved.

You won’t want to miss out on the chance to give yourself peace of mind where your paintings are involved. A simple final step with the varnish can help to improve the overall quality of your work. More importantly, it can maintain the work so people can still enjoy it at the art museum hundreds of years from now.

What are you using to protect your paintings? Are you using varnish? What type of varnish do you prefer?