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9 Ways to Remove Watercolor from Clothes

9 Ways to Remove Watercolor from Clothes

Have you gotten watercolor stains on your clothes and need to remove it? Are you looking for ways to remove watercolor paint from clothes?

Well, no worries, we have studied some methods that will help you get rid of the stains that are ruining the look of your attire. Let’s dig in! 

Are you worried about how to get watercolor off clothes? Worry no more; we will guide you on how to remove watercolor paints from clothes without any hassle. 

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remove watercolor paint from clothes

Method 1: Hand washing the stain to remove watercolor stains

The type of color spilled and clothing, both matter. Some fabrics allow the colors to get absorbed very firmly into the clothing while others don’t. 

The most basic method of washing is by rinsing the clothing with water until the stain cleans out.

Yet, some stains are persistent and don’t leave quite quickly, so there are other methods for that.

Method 2: Removing with simple detergent

One of the most common ways to remove watercolor from clothes is by simply using detergent.

More than 90% of the water paints are likely to wash off easily with a random detergent used in a laundry.

The reason is that water paints are less persistent than the other paints.

Before using the detergent, scrape off the dried paint with stainless steel.

Do it as much as you can, sweep away the dried paint with a brush. Wash the cloth with warm water. 

Now put a small amount of mild detergent on the stain.

Note: it will be a lot more convenient to wash it in the washing machine than washing it with hands. 

Method 3: Using lemon juice and dish wash liquid.

Another method is to apply some lemon juice to the stain and rinse it a bit.

Then put a small amount of salt on the stain and start scrubbing. Now, add liquid dish-wash soap and rub it with a brush.

You will see the watercolor mixing and getting off. Apply a bit of lemon juice again and scrub it roughly.

Now, take a tablespoon of bleach and apply it to the affected area. 

Put more lemon juice on the stain and soak the shirt in the vinegar. Leave it for about 15-20 minutes.

Finally, wash it with clean water.

Method 4: Using baking soda and vinegar

Lemon juice, baking soda, and vinegar work efficiently to remove watercolor stains.

Use tablespoons of baking soda mixed with a half cup of vinegar and apply it to the affected area. 

Scrub the stain with a sponge dipped in the mixture. Now, rinse the area of the stain with water.

This will quickly remove the water paint. If the stain is dark, try the same method 2-3 times.

Method 5: Remove watercolor paints using hair spray 

Another cool hack to remove watercolor paints from clothes. Using a Hair spray!

Scratch the dried paint and then apply hairspray to the affected area. This will break down the stain.

Give the hairspray a couple of minutes to set in, then rub the stained area gently with a brush or washcloth.

Make sure not to rub harshly. Now, wash it normally, and you are good to go. 

Method 6: Using alcohol instead of soap

Few drops of alcohol will get the watercolor stain out of the cloth-like magic. 

Pour a small amount of alcohol on the stained area and rub it with the toothbrush.

Continue doing this until the stain gets out of the fabric. In the end, rinse the garment in warm water.

If the paint has dried, it would be difficult to remove quickly. Keep trying this method along with machine-washing it.

Use a professional dry clean service if the garment is delicate.

Method 7: Using paint thinner and turpentine.

Sounds weird, right? Like how to remove watercolor paints from clothes using a paint thinner?

Well, turpentine and paint thinner are effective paint solvents that vanish off the paint stains with much less headache and hard work. 

Here is how to get watercolor off clothes using these substances.

Wear appropriate safety clothing, gloves, and safety goggles and perform in an area far from flame. 

Wipe off the dried paint with a piece of fabric. Place paint thinner or turpentine directly on the affected area of the fabric, scrub the area with detergent.

Let the material soak overnight in a small amount of water and wash it the next day. 

Method 8: Using shaving cream

Yes, you read that right Shaving cream can actually do wonders, when it comes to removing stains from clothes. This is how:

Spray a small amount of shaving cream on the fabric; shaving cream with foam is more effective for this purpose. Make sure you are using cream and not a shaving gel. 

Apply directly on the affected area; leave it for around five minutes. Now, using a toothbrush, rub the shaving cream onto the stain for a few more minutes until the paint gets out of the cloth. Wash your fabric with warm water.

Method 9: Refer to the labels for proper precaution

Water paints dry out on the cloth after 10-15 minutes, but that doesn’t affect the fabric.

All water paints come with precautions. If you are wondering how to remove watercolor stains from cloth, it is a good option. 

Read the labels on the paint bottles to help remove the stain on the cloth. They have always written a suitable method to get out of the stain. 

Some color labels will also provide a list of chemicals you should avoid using to remove the paint.

Water-based paints tend to stain off as fast as possible. No matter what, these labels always help, so read them thoroughly and get watercolor off clothes. 


Just like that, removing stains from clothes is no longer an impossible job! Simple hacks and ta-da! 

So next time, don’t you worry when you have water-colored stains on your clothes. Use any of the methods we shared to remove watercolor stains from clothes without hassle.