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What You Ought To Know Before Renting an Art Studio

What You Ought To Know Before Renting an Art Studio

When you make the big decision to look for an art studio for rent, there is a lot to consider. Though most artists harbor a vision of having their own place, there are many details to sort out beforehand. Knowing what you should consider is a great way to walk in prepared.

Nobody wants to begin living their dream only to be met with setbacks. Since this is the case, doing your research can save you quite a headache. Unfortunately, when it comes to finding a studio, it is not all paints and vibes. Though you want a place you like, you want to know what you are getting into.

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Where Do You Want To Work?

Location is everything. When you are considering what you want for your studio, you need to know where you want to work. This might mean finding something close to home. Or, it might even mean finding somewhere close to where you want to live.

The important part is that you want to know a general area in advance. You can start with the area when you look for art studios for rent. This will help you limit the search results when you begin.

Consider the location and how it might impact you. Do you have concerns about traffic? Is there any easy transit system that can get you there? Knowing the answers to these questions can help you make the big decision. Maybe you want something by the water or downtown in the city. Thinking about location details can help you find the right fit.

Make Sure That You Are Meeting A Credible Person

The world is full of scammers. Unfortunately, real estate is a unique front for some criminal activity. If you are responding to an ad, be sure to check the credibility of the person in advance. You want to make sure you’re looking at an art studio for rent, not someone’s basement.

The scary truth is that not everyone is who they say they are. This can make touring locations dangerous, especially if it is far from home. Not Everyone is a criminal maniac, but some people are, so prepare accordingly.

Consider visiting places that have a website to ensure validity. This can help you avoid people pulling strange real estate tricks. Though not everyone is out to kidnap you, they might be doing something else weird.

It is best to take someone with you when you go to lesser known places if possible. This will help you get a second reading on the situation.

Do You Want To Be In The Art District?

A major thing to consider when searching for an art studio for rent is your proximity to other artists. Some areas are simply known for being artist regions. This might mean a collection of spaces where artists occupy every single one.

This means that you can work alongside other artists in an area known for this kind of thing. It will give you a chance at camaraderie and can keep your inspiration well full.

These areas are known for being slightly more expensive, so that will be something to consider. The revered artist areas tend to have higher rent since they do have an establish kind of audience.

It can help you sell your own art if people know to go to your area for those goods. This is a step above being the only random art studio in a complex. You essentially pay for the credibility of being in the area.

Who Will Be Your Neighbors?

A major fact to consider when you pick a location is neighbors. If you are going to be surrounded by these people and possibly bringing customers, who they are matters. This means asking if there are any problems with any tenants.

It also means taking the time to ask what kind of businesses they are running. Their business can impact your business more than you think.

If you are allergic to fish, you won’t want to share a wall with a local seafood restaurant, right? There are factors to consider when it comes to your neighbors.

Asking about volume levels and aromas can be important for ensuring long term happiness. You don’t want to listen to a terrible cover band all day if you can only paint in silence. Consider how they can impact you.

What Kind Of Safety Measures Are In Place With Renters?

This consideration is huge. You should always know what kind of safety measures the building owner takes for renters. This means asking when they do routine inspections and if everything is up to code.

It might also mean asking about any risks with the building structure. Your job is to make sure that the owner of the building cares about keeping it up to par.

What Is The Maintenance Agreement?

Maintenance is a huge factor when renting. When you look for an art studio for rent, you want to make sure it will be well maintained. Knowing what you and are not responsible for is a defining contract perimeter.

This means you need to know what repairs they cover and what you are responsible for. It also means asking about whether or not the cost or repairs is covered in your rent. More importantly, you need to know how fast they respond to requests.

In addition to asking for general requests, ask about emergency service requests. If the landlord only handles emergency requests on weekdays, you need to know that. If they only accept requests during certain hours, you need to know that. Knowing what to do if disaster strikes is very important for your studio.

Do They Offer Security In Any Form?

Security is a big question when renting. Since you might have expensive supplies, knowing they are safe matters. Always find out in advance if your building provides security.

If they do, ask them how you contact security. Ask them about the rules with the locks, and if they have any security systems in place. This will help you feel secure in your new studio.

As a secondary question, ask what security measures are permitted. You need to know if you can provide your own lock.

You should also know if the building has any specific hours that limit your access. Being aware of these different security features will help you know if it is right for you.

What Is The Local Crime Rate?

You should always know the crime rate before you move anywhere, even if it is only for work. Knowing local crime rates means that you will be prepared if you need to be.

Asking questions or doing research to find these answers is crucial. If buildings have a high rate of being broken into, you want to know. This will help you to protect your investment.

Beyond break-in concerns, you will want to consider general crime as well. Be aware of mugging risks, assault risks, and other crime concerns.

This will help you to know what precautions to take in the area if you choose it. It might also be a good indicator of where you should not go. Some areas might not be safe for you or your supplies.

How Much Is Rent And How Does It Compare To Others Nearby?

Most people would agree that rent is a huge consideration when renting. The amount of money that you will be paying matters.

You do not want to overpay for a space, and an incredibly low rent amount might mean something unfavorable. Being aware of how much you can afford and how much it costs will help you choose a spot.

When debating rent prices, do a search in the area. If you notice that studios are generally $1000 a month and you’re being offered $2000 instead, run. Landlords have been known to raise prices immensely, so go in educated.

This will help you to bargain when it comes to choosing a final dollar amount. It can save you time and money so you have more time to create.

How Are Utilities Handled?

Utilities are often overlooked by renters. You should know in advance if you are responsible for utilities. This means learning if you have to pay for them at all or if the landlord covers it.

It also means finding out how you pay. If you need your own account, you need to know that. If it is lumped in with rent, that matters too.

In addition to how it is paid, always ask how much it costs. Though utilities change in price from month to month, ask about averages. This will help you to prepare for the overall costs of the space.

Some areas charge more for utilities than others, so be aware and act accordingly. You don’t want a surprise $500 bill at the end of the first month.

Does The Building Require Insurance From All Tenants?

Insurance is a hot topic for renters. Under no circumstances should you rent in a building that doesn’t require insurance. Insurance for tenants is important, particularly on buildings with multiple floors.

If the person above you floods their area and it ruins yours too, you need them to be insured. It is also possible that the building covers insurance, and that is good too.

In order to protect your investment, insurance is a must. You never know what can happen to a building, so making sure you don’t lose everything matters.

Always ask if the building requires insurance and what the minimum coverage is. If everyone only has to cover $5000 with insurance, this could result in a huge loss for you. These obscure details are key.

How Does The Building Temperature Regulate?

A surprise for some renters is that air conditioning and heat is not a guarantee. Particularly with old buildings, these features might not be included. When you see an art studio for rent at a low price, it might be for this reason.

You might be melting in summer and freezing in winter. Knowing if they offer heat and air conditioning is crucial before renting.

You can work without these things, as scary as it might sound. You can use a space heater in winter and fans or a portable air conditioning in summer. However, you should know in advance.

These necessities will add to your overall cost for the place. You don’t want to learn about this after the fact when the lease is signed.

What Do The Locals Have To Say?

Asking around in an area is very important. This might seem weird, but walking around and asking about the area is a smart thing to do. Often, locals know what the landlord won’t tell you.

This means they can alert you to problems with the building or issues with people who rent there. Understanding the culture is also important for future marketing.

The landlord isn’t going to tell you if the place is frequented by drug dealers, but locals will. Asking people about the area can help you learn if it is right for you.

This might mean finding out what the culture is like or asking about problems in the area. It can also help to ask if other studios have been there. If five more existed before and all didn’t make it, it might not be a good spot for you.


When it comes to finding an art studio for rent, do the hard work. Your vision matters, so keep up with the details to make sure that it fits. This will help you feel confident and secure.

Your dream studio could be anywhere, but make sure that you are getting what you pay for. This will help you to be happier in the long run, which means more inspiration for your art!

Where is your ideal studio location?


Art Studio FAQ

How much does it cost to rent an art studio space?

It can differ from city to city, but what I find is that it’s about $50 – $800 per day depending if it’s a shared studio, private, and the size of it.

How do I get cheap studio space?

The cheapest way is to use a garage, if you have access to one. If not you can try and search on Craigslist or work for someone who owns one.

What is a studio artist?

It’s an artist where there primary workspace is a workroom specifically designed or built to complete their projects.