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15 Amazing Creative Sites for Inspiration

15 Amazing Creative Sites for Inspiration

When it comes to making any kind of art, sometimes you just need a little bit of inspiration. There is more to keeping a creative well full than just creating. If you want to make good art in any form, you have to stay inspired.

Whether you are writing, drawing, or painting, you need good creative input to generate output. This is why it is important to know the right sites for inspiration. Finding a good website can help you to stay inspired on days when it feels impossible.

Beyond merely helping you to stay inspired, creative input will help you to stay relevant. Though you want your art to come from the art, in this world marketing matters.

This is why it can be helpful and inspiring to see what other people are making. Sometimes all you need to do is see the right material to birth a unique idea of your own. Learning about what other techniques and designs people are working with can help you boost your own creativity.

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As far as creative sites go, Tumblr has been one of the top sites for literal years. Tumblr is a digital home for people who just want to see all kinds of things that they like. You can follow people on Tumblr or rely on explore options to feed you an endless supply of inspiration.

On this site you will find pictures, videos, drawings, and stories. If is artistic and it is being done, you can search it on Tumblr. This is what makes it such a great source of inspiration.

Tumblr works in a curator capacity by allowing people to repost and share all kinds of cool content. You can scroll through an artist’s profile, chase an aesthetic, or even type in a color.

No matter what you are looking for, Tumblr has it. As an added bonus, Tumblr is renowned for its interactive community that keeps people engaged. If you are looking for a discussion, this is the site for you.


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Whether you are using the app or the mobile version of Instagram, this is an endless source of inspiration. Plenty of prominent digital artists post on Instagram profiles making it a major art resource. You can easily enjoy looking at any kind of art or photography to get inspired.

If you are looking for any kind of vibe or aesthetic, you can find it on Instagram by easily searching through the tags. As an added bonus, Instagram’s curation does an amazing job of providing you with content that you will like. It observes you as you interact with content and delivers categories that you are sure to love.

Beyond merely providing beautiful visual content, Instagram has also introduced Instagram TV. This provides high quality creative content from your favorite sources. You can learn how to do all kinds of things in these videos, and they are incredibly engaging.

In addition to photos and videos, many Instagram user accounts exist to provide prompts and educational material. There is truly something for everyone.

You might not have heard of, but chances are that you have heard of StumbleUpon. StumbleUpon was a unique website designed to teleport you through the internet for inspiration. The general premise is that you tell the site what you like.

After that, it will feed you content that is designed to match your interests. This new version brings the great internet content of the world to you. It is perfect for getting inspired and seeing relevant content.

If you are looking for inspiration in a specific area, Mix has you covered. It pulls from a wide variety of sources to get you a little bit of everything. You can even interact in a social media-like capacity to engage people online. As an added bonus, it is available as an app on all major platforms.

art inspiration sitePinterest

For artists everywhere, Pinterest has proven to be an absolutely invaluable tool. Whether you are spending time on the web or on the app, there is always something to see here. Pinterest allows you to search across a wide range of categories and interests.

This web of content curation is one of the best sites for inspiration around. You can easily collect inspiring artwork or make mood boards to map a new project. Pinterest is a completely custom experience for every user.

This tool allows you to not only see content that has been posted to it, but websites beyond it. This makes it a sort of specified Google that helps you find what you want. Pinterest can help you find a new recipe and beautiful art at the same time. This site is incredibly popular and consequently has a ton of great content.

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Dribbble is yet another web and app program that brings you amazing content. As far as sites for inspiration go, Dribbble was made with that goal in mind. It is a self-proclaimed “destination and showcase” for creative work that offers something for everyone.

Whether you want to post or just look, this site will help you through the process. You can look at all kinds of art forms, professional and otherwise. This makes it great for searching for inspiration on just about anything. This is a great way to see what professionals in your industry are doing. It will keep you up to date and engaged.

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Behance is another place to post and explore creative work. This website and app, which was created by Adobe, is ideal for getting inspired. You can take time to see what is popular that day to get a pulse for where the world is at.

Beyond this, you can take the time to comb through their countless curated galleries that are sure to blow your mind. They offer art and photography collections, and the quality of content is absolutely up to par. If you are looking for clean and engaging professional content, Behance has it in droves.

The internet is great in a lot of ways, but sometimes it can give you too much similar content. If you are looking to break the mold on your next groundbreaking project, you need something original. Ads of the World is a great way to get inspired quickly and easily.

It provides you with content from all around the globe to see what marketing is doing everywhere. These unbelievable and interesting ads are great for helping you to think outside of the box. As an added bonus, it can help you to be more culturally in tune with things on a global scale.

This unique website earns its place among sites for inspiration because of what it has to offer. Unlike other sites that just rely on sharing content, It’s Nice That brings a little more.

This website carefully collects and curates valuable written content on various art types. It allows you to take the time to learn more about your craft. It’s Nice That even helps you to get inside the minds of other artists.

Twitter is an interesting source of content for people in a myriad of ways. Though some rely on it for news, there are various creative communities on the site. This site allows you to see through the eyes of professional artists and learn about their process.

You can engage with other people who embrace your favorite mediums, and the talks can be great. People have a tendency to post engaging artistic content, and it’s a great place to get immediate feedback. There are even all kinds of fun contests that you can join in on.

Wikipedia is not always the first thought people have when considering sites for inspiration. However, it can absolutely get your brain moving. If you are looking for information on literally anything, Wikipedia likely has it. This online encyclopedia is filled with all kinds of knowledge that will get your creative juices flowing.

When you sit down to work on your next great historic romance, Wikipedia can probably offer research material. It is also renowned for acting as a collection of useful external sources to further your research. Though not everything on Wikipedia might be true, it is great for stories to inspire. This allows you to get a quick and easy breakdown of just about anything.

From the moment you see their logo, you are absolutely certain to adore We Heart. This adorable website is ideal for finding inspiration in all of its form. It provides interesting and engaging articles on various topics to get your mind running.

As far as sites for inspiration go, this is a fun and modern collection of relevant content. There is no lack of information on this site, be it bios on cool places or artist interviews. Everywhere you look on the site, there is certain to be something that catches your eye.

There are few things more inspiring than a well done Ted Talk. In the modern age, Ted Talks are an excellent way to learn and get inspired quickly and easily.

Though most people are familiar with these videos, not everyone knows about the wealth of information on the actual site. allows you to choose interests and filter through categories to find what is right for you.

This is a great source of inspiration because it has a little bit of everything. When working on a science fiction piece, why not watch some Ted Talks on the future of space travel?

These inspiring videos with interesting information and engaging speakers have something to offer everyone. There is no lack of videos from artists and creators, so take the time to learn from their wisdom!

If you are looking for a little urban inspiration, look no further than Global Street Art. Out of many other sites for inspiration you can check out, this is built around images and collection of street art from around the world. You can take the time to look through awe-inspiring collections or enjoy interviews with artists.

Everywhere you look on this site can act as an ideal source of inspiration for just about anyone. The art types vary greatly and can be a point of great interest for any kind of artist. You won’t be able to believe what people can make on the side of a building.

Very few people seem to have heard of Pearl Trees, but that doesn’t mean that it isn’t absolutely awesome. This site works in a way comparable to Pinterest but in more of a mind map way. You can quickly and easily create “Pearl Trees” on the site.

These are composed of content and topics of interest to you. You can either make your own or look for others in order to see what is inspiring other people.

Medium is a well-known site that allows open contributions to it. This blog and article-based site allows you to look through information on any topic.

Though Medium is largely catered towards high performing content, you can find the odd random contributor. This can act as a source of endless inspiration in a variety of ways simply because it offers so much.

Whether you are looking for modern news to inspire your next political piece or art tips, Medium has it. This site is a one stop shop for content on just about any topic, and most of it is very well done. If you are ready to learn, Medium has something to offer you.


The beautiful thing about the modern world is how many sites for inspiration there are available. There is simply no lack of engaging art, captivating stories, and fascinating knowledge available.

If you are looking for content on any topic, the web has something to offer you. When you find yourself looking for inspiration and unsure of where to start, it is best to just jump in.

Where’s your go-to place for inspiration?

Inspiration FAQ

Where can I get inspiration for art?

Instagram and Pinterest are two of the most easily accessible and popular places for inspiration.

What is visual inspiration?

It’s inspiration that comes from any of the visual arts. Visual arts includes industries like graphic design, drawing, painting, web, etc.

How do you get creative inspiration?

A common thing I do is observe things from sites listed within this article, then take a walk outside and let my mind wander or lay peacefully on my bed or sofa.