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Top 21 Art YouTube Channels You Do Not Want to Miss!

Top 21 Art YouTube Channels You Do Not Want to Miss!

Do you want to boost your art skills? Are you on the lookout for the best art YouTube channels so that you can refine your art skills?

Saying Yes? Do not get worried as today’s blog has got you covered!

Do you know the best way to learn something is to watch someone doing it?

Yes, it is true! And the same goes for YouTube art channels as well.

These channels are a great way to learn something new or you want to discover the most popular art channels on youtube.

We all know that there is always room for improving the art skills whether you are a beginner or an expert artist.

Gone are the days when people used to attend art schools to learn basic art skills and techniques. 

Now, if you want to see exactly what tools, software, and specific techniques are used to create a certain artwork, watching YouTube videos is the best option.

The art videos may assist you to learn everything about art – from basic drawing, painting, and sketching skills to drawing more complicated things, drawing a landscape, or a human eye.

Other related topics that will help you with drawing and painting:

art youtube channel

What Most Artists Like About Art YouTube Channels

Most artists like the strategy of “show” instead of “tell”. It means they want to watch the tips and tricks that can improve their skills, preferring YouTube videos instead of art tutorials.

If you are one of them, you will be happy to know that in this blog, I’m going to share the top best 20 art and drawing YouTube channels that you do not want to miss. 

So, if you want to push yourself forward creatively, these YouTube art channels will assist you a lot.

There are a lot of art channels on YouTube and the content related to drawing and painting is so scattered online that sometimes it becomes difficult to choose the channel that may upskill your artwork. 

That is why I have selected the top 20 channels with such great content so that you can improve your art skills in a better way.

Believe me, these are the most recommended art channels on YouTube.

I hope that you will not only get inspiration from these channels but a lot of instruction and encouragement as well.

Are you ready to explore these incredible yet informative art YouTube channels?

Let’s take a deep dive into these channels to know more about them.

But first, let’s get to know what exactly an art channel is!

What Exactly is an Art Channel?

An art channel is a YouTube channel that includes content specifically related to art.

The owner of an art channel can upload videos dedicated to drawing, sketching, sculpting as well as painting. 

There are recorded videos of the steps involved in creating artwork so you can get to know each and every step along with the tools needed at each step, trying to eliminate all mistakes.

Along with recorded videos, there may be live videos as well. 

The main purpose of making live videos on an art channel is not only to show each step in detail but the viewers can also ask questions in the chatbox.

List of the Best YouTube Art Channels that You Need to Know:

Below is the list of top 20 YouTube art channels that may be very helpful for the beginner and the expert artists.

I have divided these channels into five main categories. These include:

  • Best YouTube channels about art history
  • Best art videos on YouTube 
  • The greatest painting YouTube channels
  • Best drawing YouTube channels

Let’s discuss them one by one.

Best Art History YouTube Channels

The Art Assignment YouTube Channel01. The Art Assignment

The top best YouTube art channel on this list is The Art Assignment.

This is, by far, the best art history channels on youtube.

Developed by PBS Digital Studios, this channel uploads videos that put attention on contemporary art. 

The videos of this channel are related to the art that was never finished, art that was made in adversity as well as art cooking: Dutch and Flemish still life painting.

Its recent video is on the topic: Why I am slowing down. 

In this video, the host Sarah Urist Green (a popular American art museum curator and wife of John Green) shares her experience of why she is taking a break and slowing down the production as more than six years have passed in the creation of the channel.

She has also shared what she has learned during the whole YouTube channel video creation process. 

Apart from this video, most of the videos of this YouTube channel focus on interviewing the artists from around the world so that the viewers can get to know what type of art assignments they should consider throughout their career. 

Plus, the artists to whom Sarah Green interviews also give an assignment to the audience.

Such videos also educate people on contemporary art.

In addition, the Art assignment YouTube channel also focuses on traditional methods for sculpture as well as drawing.

Its playlist known as an Art Trip puts attention to art culture and history including the visits to local and national museums.

History Art YouTube Channel02. Tate

Another popular art history YouTube channel is Tate.

This YouTube channel is popular among a lot of beginner and expert artists.

Its videos are not only entertaining but are quite informative as well. 

It uploads educational content on modern and contemporary art including a wide range of art tutorials.

Its weekly videos about art and artists have attracted people from around the globe to watch them!

Its latest video on How to draw like Paula Rego got over 150K views and became one of the most-watched videos of the channel.

In this video, the artist shared a step-by-step guide on how to draw with pastel colors. 

Paula Rego, a well-known artist for folk tale paintings and drawing, shared her personal experiences along with reshaping traditional stories in her art.

In addition, another video of this channel also became popular as the video depicts how an artist like Anne Hardy collects interesting objects and materials to create immersive environments in the paintings.

This YouTube channel not only features art exhibitions and the best short documentaries on the history of art but also features interviews from well-known artists of the world including celebrity art fans. 

Moreover, by watching its how-to videos, you can not only be inspired by the great artists of the time but can also get to know the tricks by which they made their masterpieces.

No matter what the type of video content it is, this channel is a great resource for the artists especially for those who want to enter the field of fine art. 

In short, if you want to watch new films about art every week, Tate is the best YouTube channel so far!

03. Jae Johns

The Jae Johns YouTube channel not only shares tips and techniques to help artists improve their skills, but also content to help artists succeed as a art business.

Whether you’re watching his short content highlighting the best art supplies or art business content like 49 Artist Side Hustles Earning Crazy Money, you’ll be sure to growth your art career!

Art YouTube Channel04. Mary Doodles

Okay, so another art YouTube channel is Mary Doodles that focuses a lot on art and culture, offering a blend of both known as visual culture.

This is one of the best YouTube channels that provide free art tutorials and advice. 

This YouTube art channel shares art videos for beginner, intermediate, and expert artists.

From these videos, you can learn about the basic art skills including what tools you should have for creating a basic artwork. 

Most videos of this channel also target expert artists.

Mary Doodles, the creator of this channel, draws and paints beautiful artworks including drawing shadows and lights, painting with ink bleeds, sketching and doodling along with drawing Bill Gates and Steve Jobs. 

So, whether you are looking for the step-by-step art tutorials or you are looking for the classic artworks, this is the channel whose video you should watch today!

Plus, there is another YouTube channel created by Mary Doodles.

It is known as Here Be Mary.

This YouTube channel also carries some amazing art content. 

The videos of this channel also encourage viewers to share their drawings and painting ideas and talk about life as a creative human.

Believe me, it is a joy to watch the videos of Mary Doodles!

Smarthistory YouTube Channel05. Smarthistory

So you prefer to watch online videos rather than attending an art history class.


The best way to find some informative art history videos is by visiting the most popular YouTube art channel known as Smarthistory. 

Yes, you read it right! It is an amazing YouTube channel that allows its audience to look deeply into the famous artworks of history.

Its conversational videos as well as essays depict museums and cultural art for learners from all around the world.

With its informative art videos along with the explanations of art history terms, this channel is becoming popular among a wide range of artists day by day. 

Do you know Smarthistory is the most-visited art history channel on YouTube? 

Smarthistory believes that art allows us to imagine, inspire, and to build something new and amazing.

That is why this YouTube channel creates such videos that may allow you to interpret the images that you are watching in videos. 

Moreover, to expand the boundaries of art history, Smarthistory has started a new project known as the Expanded Renaissance Initiative which shows videos related to Renaissance in Spain as well as the music of heaven. 

Recently, a very informative video was uploaded on this YouTube channel that shows the process of reconstructing a masterpiece.

The National Gallery Youtube channel06. The National Gallery

Want to go into the art of the past and explore the stories behind the greatest paintings of the 13th to 20th century?

If you are saying yes, here is a YouTube channel that you cannot afford to miss.

It is The National Gallery!

Here, you can watch not only the basics of art, drawing, and painting but you can also watch interviews of the very fine artists of the century.

In addition, the latest art exhibitions with live recordings of art events can be watched at The National Gallery YouTube channel.

Best Art Videos on YouTube

Proko YouTube Channel07. Proko

Searching for the YouTube videos that can teach you the basics of drawing and anatomy?

Go and search Proko. It is a famous YouTube channel that is perfect not only for beginner artists but for the proficient artists as well.

It is one of the most popular art channels on Youtube. 

Its videos are full of information including useful tips, short documentary videos as well as basic and pro-level sketching.

If you are new to drawing, I recommend you to watch videos of this channel. 

The most popular yet informative videos of this channel that you must watch if you are a beginner include:

  • How to hold and control your pencil
  • Drawing supplies used in videos
  • The basic elements of shape, value, color, and edge

The videos on Proko seem like you are watching and listening to an informative lesson.

Yeah, that’s correct! Why?

Because the videos are quite focused on art. 

Most of the videos also include tasks that viewers have to complete in a given time frame, improving the skills of the viewers on a large scale.

Figure drawing, gesture drawing, drawing facial features – all such kinds of videos are available on the Proko YouTube channel.

One more reason for its videos to be popular?

The loud sense of humor and the lively nature of the artist, Stan Prokopenko, makes videos more fun and exciting!

Animal Art by LAW YouTube Channel08. Animal Art by LAW

The best art videos on YouTube can be found on Animal Art by LAW.

It is a great YouTube channel that was created by a colored pencil artist known as Lisa Ann Watkins. 

Informative and entertaining videos related to drawing and painting are shared on this channel including:

  • Colored pencils tutorials
  • Lessons
  • Are related question and answers
  • Expert tips
  • Live streams and much more!

What makes this YouTube channel popular among the artists is the videos that come under the series of Behind the Studio Doors.

In these videos, the interviews of artists are shown which not only encourages beginner artists but also informs them about the key that can open the doors of success as an artist. 

The techniques for erasing sharp edges, transferring a line drawing onto black paper as well as selecting the best white water-soluble colored pencils – all are shown in this channel’s videos.

It is a fact that if you enjoy the learning process, you learn better and get motivated for practice.

The videos by Animal Art by LAW are the perfect example of this. 

From these videos, we can also get to know about the story of the artistic journey of the famous artists and what type of equipment they use for creating art, which techniques they use, and how they organize their tools and supplies.

Bobby Chiu YouTube Channel09. Bobby Chiu | One of the Best Art YouTube Channels

Another best YouTube art channel on which you can find a variety of art content is Bobby Chiu.

Yes, it is a great resource for artists if they want to get informative art instruction videos. 

Created and owned by an artist, Bobby Chiu, this channel is very helpful for all levels of artists.

The best videos of this channel include an interview with Malaysian illustrator Zeen Chin, concept artist Pablo Dominguez along with interviews of award-winning fine artists.

Through his videos, Bobby Chiu has explained the thoughts and philosophies that have helped him throughout his art career.

By sharing such videos, he encourages and helps the viewers to change their life in a positive way. 

Besides this, the most popular uploaded videos of this channel include:

  • Pencil drawing techniques
  • Drawing exercises to start your day
  • Bad artist habits that you should avoid
  • Tips for making your portfolio better

All his videos look quite professional as they are made with high-quality cameras, sound, and light equipment.

This YouTube channel targets those artists who want to take the first steps in painting and drawing. 

The videos of this YouTube channel usually become viral sensations.

In short, everything that you ever wanted to learn can be found on Bobby Chiu!

Art YouTube Channel10. Sycra

The next biggest yet popular YouTube art channel whose videos are not only informative but fun as well is called Sycra.

Suitable for all types of artists, this YouTube channel covers a variety of topics that may relate to drawing, sketching, painting, expert tips, basic tools, and art inspiration. 

From basic step-by-step tutorials to sharing complex art videos, Sycra has got you covered with everything related to art.

Most of the videos of this channel will take you to step by step through the drawing and painting process.

The video of this channel titled “How to paint using RGB color sliders” got a lot of views.

In this video, the author explained the reasons why he likes using RGB color sliders when he is about to paint on digital platforms.

Plus, in most of his videos, he explained why figure drawing is important and how an artist can approach it.

Great content shown in an entertaining way is the plus point of Sycra.

Even the general topics are filled with learning elements and fun.

Most videos of this channel are time-lapse videos and divided into episodes that show the full art process from start to finish.

In short, the videos of this channel come in handy for beginners and expert artists.

So, it is said to be a great place for artists who want to learn about painting with acrylics, watercolors, pastel colors, and much more.

Lachri Fine Art YouTube Channel11. Lachri Fine Art

The next biggest YouTube art channel is Lachri Fine Art that is popular among artists for its lessons and tips for colored pencils, oil painting, acrylics, graphite and reviews of art products. 

This channel is owned by a well-known artist Lisa Clough.

She uploads the live streams related to art after almost every week that includes drawing a rose with charcoal, drawing a dandelion with colored pencils, painting a Koala with acrylic paints and much more.

The best thing is the videos of this channel are not only instructional and informative but are entertaining as well.

In Lachri Fine Art’s videos, Lisa Clough always tries to encourage the artists how to play with colors to create some amazing artworks. 

In most of her videos, she also shares her struggle of becoming an artist.

The popular uploads of this channel includes Draw a forest in charcoal, Paint a bird with acrylic paints, Paint a sunset with acrylics and Colored pencil tips.

Now, various vlogs have also been shared with this YouTube channel that makes it even more effective and popular among the artists.

Its vlogs are related to pricing art, copyright issues, scheduling along with various other art-based topics.

Best Painting YouTube Channels

Drawing Art YouTube Channel12. Draw with Jazza

One of the best painting YouTube channels is Draw with Jazza.

Created and owned by an Australian artist, Joshia Brooks, this channel uploads painting content almost every week.

All videos of this YouTube channel are related to animation, art challenges, painting, drawing, competitions.

It also includes step-by-step videos as well.

Fun videos with art and creativity can be found here.

Plus, streams, speed paintings along with competitions are the specialty of Draw with Jazza.

A lot of videos are uploaded under the playlist of art challenges in which Joshia Brooks explained that he loves to give himself different art challenges with rules and restrictions. 

Draw with Jazza also shares some useful tips related to calligraphy.

The most popular videos of this YouTube channel include 3D pen art challenge, comparing cheap and expensive colored pencils, using skittles as paints, and having a blindfold sculpture challenge. 

In addition, fan art and character design sessions are also conducted in the videos to look at various genres and styles from a different perspective.

So, if you are searching for short art videos that can inspire you by sharing valuable tips and tricks, advice, and inspiration about painting, Draw with Jazza is the channel that you must visit right now!

The Virtual Instructor YouTube Channel13. The Virtual Instructor

Searching for a YouTube channel where you can watch painting, drawing, and digital art tutorials?

Did you just say yes?

Go and visit The Virtual Instructor YouTube channel. 

Yeah, you read it correctly. It is the Virtual Instructor YouTube channel from where you can learn basic and expert tips and techniques related to drawing and painting. 

Time-lapse art lesson plans are uploaded almost every week on this popular YouTube channel.

The latest video of this channel is related to watercolor painting exercises using a paint tube. 

In just a few hours, it got thousands of views. In this video, it is explained very beautifully and in detail how a simple subject can present great challenges.

The author of this YouTube channel, Matt Fussell is of the view that only talent is not required to learn some skill in the art.

Along with talent, knowledge, practice, and passion for learning something new and great is very important. Because of all these skills, you can actually learn how to draw and paint.

Matt Fussell also explained the process of drawing and painting through pastels and pastel pencils in his videos.

In one video, he thoroughly explained the process of drawing a cat with pastel colors which viewers appreciate very much. 

Creative Art YouTube Channel14. Creative Art

Created and owned by a professional artist and YouTuber Nilima Mistry, Creative Art is an amazing YouTube channel that shares everything related to art, craft and DIYs.

Various painting lessons, step-by-step tutorials along with painting and drawing tips are uploaded every week.

At Creative Art YouTube channel, you can find tips and techniques related to sculpture painting, tanjore painting, sunflower painting with a palette knife, 3D antique painting as well as abstract painting. 

All videos include step-by-step guides not only for the expert artists but for the beginners as well.

Excited now?

If you are a beginner and want to know the basics of painting and drawing, this is the YouTube channel you cannot miss!

Stuart Davies YouTube Channel15. Stuart Davies

Another channel in the list of the best art YouTube channels is Stuart Davies.

Here, you can find a variety of painting videos basics of oil landscape painting as well as finishing off how to paint clouds. 

The owner of this channel is a British artist named Stuart Davies.

His specialty is oil painting.

The most popular videos of this channel include:

  • Easy oil painting tips
  • How to paint clouds in one hour
  • How to glaze your oil paintings
  • The illusion of detail reloaded
  • Oil painting, start to finish

Most videos of this YouTube channel are 30 minutes long or even longer than that.

It is because Stuart Davies always tries to go in deep detail while covering a video for an art lesson. 

Mostly you will find how-to videos on this channel.

In addition, Stuart Davies is of the view that it is not necessary to have the best tools to create artwork. His point of view is you can still create art even if you do not have the best tools. 

All you need is a passion to learn something new.

If you have a passion to paint, you can even start painting with a house-painter’s brush!

Haven’t visited Stuart Davies YouTube channel yet?

Go and watch the videos of Stuart Davies as the content of the videos is not fascinating but worth-watching as well.

Painting Art YouTube Channel16. Andrew Tischler

Want to check another painting YouTube channel?

Andrew Tischler is an amazing YouTube channel that uploads a variety of art videos related to painting with different mediums. 

The step-by-step tutorials, art lesson plans as well as how-to videos can be found here at Andrew Tischler YouTube channel. 

The author of this channel is an American artist named Andrew Tischler.

Being an oil painter, his videos are mostly related to oil paintings. 

In his videos, he also shares his experience when he first started painting with oil paints.

Recently, he uploaded a video of painting mountains where he shared tips for how to finish off an oil painting.

Other popular videos of this channel include how to paint a crashing wave, what drives an artist to paint, portrait drawing with a ballpoint pen, how to paint a country landscape, drawing a mountain scene with clear water, and much more!

Plus, the tips and techniques used by author Andrew Tischler related to painting mountains, landscapes, portraits as well as pastorals are also present here. 

This YouTube channel not only uploads basic art learning videos but also produces videos on technical subjects as well.

So, whether you have just begun to paint or you have been painting for several years, the videos of this channel are a treat to watch!

PaintBasket YouTube Channel17. Paint Basket

Paint Basket is a great place to start your art career.

This drawing YouTube channel will definitely aid you to learn how to draw in no time. 

It includes step-by-step tutorials for learning to paint with colored pencils, pastel colors and using oil paints and watercolors.

Besides, it also shares videos related to pencil sketching.

The most popular video of Paint Basket drawing YouTube channel is “Color wheel chart mixing theory painting tutorial”.

In this video, you can watch a complete tutorial related to the working of the color wheel and how you can mix colors correctly to get your desired shade. 

Other popular uploads of this YouTube channel includes how to paint trees and bushes with oil paints and watercolors and pastel drawing and painting techniques.

Apart from video tutorials, you can watch various drawing challenges at Paint Basket.

These may include painting interesting shadows challenge, painting trees, and bushes challenge, and using pencils to draw a fighter jet.

Besides, Paint Basket also shares pencil sketching and shading hacks, portrait drawing Dos, and Don’ts along with watercolor painting lessons, tutorials, and how-to exercises.

Believe me, by watching the videos of Paint Basket, you will become an expert in photorealistic colored pencils as well as graphite drawings.

Best DrawingYouTube Channels

Mark Crilley YouTube Channel18. Mark Crilley

If you are finding the best drawing YouTube channel, stop your search.

Mark Crilley is the YouTube channel that you are searching for!

Here in this YouTube channel, a variety of drawing videos is shared almost every week.

How-to draw videos, step-by-step tutorials along with drawing complex objects are shared on Mark Crilley.

You can find creative, informative yet entertaining video content. 

Various drawing channels are also shared including the Chinese Character challenge, Origami challenge, and the challenge of drawing in perspective without using rulers.

Line drawing, figure drawing, landscape drawing, and facial features drawing – everything can be found on Mark Crilley.

Want to know the most popular and informative videos on Mark Crilley?

How to draw a snowy mountain top, drawing a chibi doctor and nurse, drawing a cross-legged pose along with the step-by-step guide on how to draw a mountain.

Diverse methods of drawing including lines and without lines are also explained in detail at Mark Crilley YouTube channel.

A few months ago, a detailed video was shared on Mark Crilley in which the author has explained thoroughly that in which circumstances, it becomes necessary to add too much detail.

There are several instructional art videos on various YouTube channels in which the own techniques of an artist are showcased, but here at Mark Crilley YouTube channel, there are tasks for the viewer also that he/she should complete in a certain time period.

It is one of the best youtube channels for drawing that helps instruct you to get better at drawing. 

Emmy Kalia YouTube Channel19. Emmy Kalia

The last best art YouTube channel in my list is Emmy Kalia where you can find a combination of art tutorials and time-lapse art videos.

Most popular videos of this channel are:

  • How to get better at drawing
  • Drawing and painting a bird with watercolors
  • Simple drawing exercises for beginners
  • How to draw and shade a portrait
  • How to draw, shade and blend realistic hair and skin

Marcello Barenghi YouTube Channel20. Marcello Barenghi

Another best drawing YouTube channel is Marcello Barenghi, which has become popular due to its high-level 3D drawing as well as painting tutorials.

This channel uploads a new how-to video every week. 

This channel also includes live painting sessions including the paintings of red apples, gold play button, and galaxy drawing.

You will be surprised to watch the video of the top five drawings that look more real than reality! 

Plus, there are step-by-step drawing tutorials for young artists and beginners as well.

By watching such videos, you can not only get a basic understanding of drawing but you can also become an expert in mixed media and trick art. 

The topics that the videos of this channel cover include:

  • 3D trick art and drawing
  • Portrait drawing
  • Optical illusion
  • Speed drawing and speed painting
  • Anamorphic illusion
  • Watercolor painting and much more!

Watch the videos of Marcello Barenghi YouTube channel and become an expert in drawing your favorite characters from movies.

So, if you want to learn how to draw in 3D, Marcello Barenghi is the channel that you must follow now.

Besides watching the videos of this channel, for improving your drawing skills, you need to have the best drawing pencils and colored pencils.

Bayless Jae YouTube Channel21. Bayley Jae | one of the Best Art YouTube Channels

So, here is another best YouTube art channel on this list and it is Bayley Jae.

It is a popular channel with great informative video content that may include how-to-draw videos, custom painting videos, speed painting, and detailed step-by-step drawing tutorials. 

It is owned by a young Canadian artist and illustrator, Bayley Jae who shares art videos using both traditional and digital art media.

Although every video of this YouTube channel is unique and informative in its own way, this channel also shared product reviews as well. 

Amazing, right? There are a variety of YouTube art channels that share art tutorials and detailed videos but do not include product reviews.

So, sharing the reviews about the drawing products like colored pencils, paints, brushes, etc. becomes the plus point of the Bayley Jae YouTube channel.

Here at Bayley Jae, you can find some basic drawing information along with some time-lapse videos covering technical subjects.

Each video shows in detail how you can create different effects to enhance your drawings and paintings. 

So, I can say that this YouTube channel is best to watch whether you are a beginner or a proficient in drawing. 

How to Pick Art Channel Names

Choosing a name for your YouTube art channel is the first step in the journey of becoming a successful YouTuber.

Coming up with a name that is related to your channel is very important. 

It is a bit difficult task but to make things easy for you, below are the steps that can guide you on how you can come up with art channel names.

First of all, you need to determine the category of your channel.

It means you need to decide whether you will use your name or your brand’s name for the channel or you will come up with a different name that is not only categorical but explanatory as well. 

To make your channel name look relevant to what you do, create a name that appeals to customer values. For example, you may go for words like, Sketch, Draw, Paint, Art or Creativity.

Whatever name you decide, make sure that your name is unique.

Plus, it is better that your art YouTube channel name matches with your social account names so that it will be easy for your customers to find you on every platform. 

Do a competitor analysis and determine which techniques they use to create their channel name.

Here are some ideas that may help you to create a perfect YouTube art channel name:

  • Art Mass
  • Color Valley
  • Sketchy Guys
  • Pro Art
  • Real Sculpture
  • Divine Drawings
  • The Creative Corner
  • The Art factory and much more!


Drawing and painting is one of the most basic skills of an artist.

Every artist, no matter if he or she is a beginner or a proficient artist, looks for creating something new and exciting. 

Now the process of learning art skills has changed.

Everything has come online with the help of the Internet.

Now, if an artist wants to improve his skills, they might prefer to watch informative and creative YouTube art videos. 

The YouTube art channels mentioned above are the best channels that every artist may enjoy.

I recommend you to go through the videos of these channels at least once for learning to draw and paint.

Whether you want the best art history channels on youtube, best Youtube drawing channels, or art Youtube channels, you’ll come across something incredible that will inspire and motivate you. 

Probably you recognize some of these channels but a few of them are completely new.

These YouTube channels will surely help you get inspired by new perspectives as well as get you on the right track without spending a dime. 

From basic tutorials to advanced levels of art, these channels will help you become an expert in art.

Most videos of these channels apply to all drawing mediums including painting, pastel drawing, and pencil sketching, charcoal, or drawing with colored pencils. 

I hope that you will enjoy watching videos as much as I did.

So, do not wait anymore and get inspired by these amazing art YouTube channels.

Question of the Day: Other than attending art schools, what is a great way to learn some basic art skills and techniques?