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52 Best Cursive Fonts You Can Download for Free

52 Best Cursive Fonts You Can Download for Free

Cursive font is a special kind of font that just makes everything look better, and having free fonts is even better.

The uses for these fonts are endless, but finding the best cursive fonts can be tricky.

I have compiled this amazing list of free fonts to help make your fonts shine in cursive.

There are a variety of styles and options to bring your work to the next level.

best cursive fonts


cassandra free font

I personally just love this font choice because it looks amazing.

It’s a clean design with beautiful cursive lettering. You can’t beat this modern spin on a classic look.

Vegan Style

vegan style font

This font is a fun twist on a cursive style. It is broad and open enough to be easily read, but still has the heart of cursive lettering.

You’ll love adding this to a clean design.


countryside font

Sometimes you just need something a little more nature-focused.

This sweet and adorable countryside font gives you the feeling of riding a horse across the prairie.

Don’t miss out!

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Beautiful People

beautiful people free font

This font is so nice to look at, you won’t believe that it’s free. In the world of free cursive fonts, this one beats the rest. It’s a cute and well-done design that will be perfect for your next project.


painter font

This is a fun font that will surely add a little life wherever you use it.

It’s an open and clean look that will surely bring something extra to any project.

Lemon Jelly

lemon jelly

Don’t let this font’s friendly name fool you.

It is a clean and modern design that will look great on a variety of projects.

It’s a modern twist on a traditional look.

Sweet Sensations

sweet sensations font

It’s hard to see what makes this font make you think of sweets, but it sure does.

This is a perfectly named font for a fun and contemporary font design!


tomatoes font

I’m not sure why this font is called tomatoes, but it’s the exact font you have probably been looking for.

This open twist on traditional cursive is a great add-on to your font library!

October Twilight

october twilight

Sometimes you just need something a little more festive.

This font speaks of pumpkin spice lattes and Halloween parties with friends.

Give it a try on your party poster!

Youth Touch

youth touch free font

— Despite the name of this font, it doesn’t look like a kid made it. This exciting cursive design is easy to read and makes your font shine in cursive glory! It’s perfect for posters and invites!

Qaskin Black

qaskin font

This font has more dignity and respect than the majority of us.

In the free cursive fonts world, this is one that demands to be downloaded.

It’s a beautiful design that deserves a second look.

Great Vibes

great vibes free font

When you look at this font, it’s easy to see why they named it great vibes.

This is one look that will bring great vibes to any design you add it to!

Angel Tears

angel tears font

This is a bold font design that is perfect for catching attention.

It combines a traditional cursive look with some modern styling to create an overall powerful effect.

Beauty Mountains

beauty mountains font

Just like the mountains, it is named for, this font is filled with exciting peaks.

You’ll love how nice this modern and completely even font looks on any design.

Rainbow Bridge

rainbow bridge font

This font lets you unlock the beauty of the rainbow with a fun and playful design.

You’re going to love adding this to everything from eBook covers to movie posters.

It’s that versatile.

Birds of Paradise

birds of paradise free font

When it comes to free cursive fonts, this is the gold standard.

You’ll love how beautiful and open this design is.

It holds all of the dignity of traditional cursive and somehow demands even more.

Sweet Getaway

sweet getaway font

For a handwritten cursive look, look no further.

This is perfect for all of your free cursive font needs.

It just looks like it is ready for you to write a love letter and start your next big adventure.

Watermelon Script

watermelon script

Sometimes you just need something a little extra and this font is exactly that.

You’ll love the extra elements that have been added to this font to give it more design flair.

Great Day

great day font

This is a cursive font that you’re going to love using.

It’s a beautiful design that will bring any look together.

Somehow it manages a handwritten look while still looking perfect.

Calling Angels

calling angels font

For a more thrilling design, start here. This looks like a tattoo design, but somehow keeps all of the beauty of traditional cursive.

Quick Kiss

quick kiss font

This fun and clean design is a great font choice for modern works.

It might not be the most professional, but it is perfect for small businesses and personal use too!


amsterdam font

This is one classy font option that you won’t want to miss out on.

Not only does it look nice, but it brings a great and original design that you’re going to love.

This is something to keep on hand for future projects.

Southern Aire

southern aire free font

Sometimes you need a little southern energy for a project and this font has your back.

You’ll love the swoops and loops provided by this sweet tea-themed font option.

Shaded Larch

shaded larch font

This might be a strangely named font, but the design isn’t strange at all.

You’ll love this smooth and appealing font.

It is easy to read and incredibly nice to look at!


xiomara font

This is one exciting font option that you’re going to love working with. It’s completely original and speaks of the future. You’ll love seeing just how great this font can work for your next big project!


shine free font

— Sometimes you need a bold font to show off your talents. Let this font help you shine with its exciting look and fun energy.


mochary font

Not all free cursive fonts are made equally, but this one does a great job of standing out.

You’ll love this close and fancy design that is sure to come in handy for your font needs.

Candy Shop

candy shop font

This is a traditionally fun cursive font design that you are sure to love.

Don’t miss out on a chance to show off your favorite sweet treats with this fancy font!

Bite Chocolate

bite chocolate font

You’ll want to take a bite out of this sweet font.

It has a simple and playful design that will remind you of your middle school journal.

Alex Brush

alex brush

I don’t know who Alex is, but I sure love this font.

This is a clean and beautiful cursive font design that you will love looking at.

It makes everything look better when you use it.

Don’t Click Me

don't click me font

It takes a lot to make a cursive font scary, but they did exactly that.

Don’t miss out on this ominous font that just looks ready to threaten you or haunt you.

It’s perfect for the Halloween season!


airways font

You’ll feel ready to take to the sky with this bold and thrilling font. Somehow it captures the spirit of taking off into the air. It’s a good cross between an airline and the exact energy it takes to soar into the sky.


notera free font

As far as free cursive fonts go, this is the one you might expect from a doctor.

It has a delicate balance between chicken scratch and smooth design that makes it thrilling to look at.

Don’t miss out on using this for fancy notes or signoffs!


cinderela font

Though this font won’t transform at midnight, it does capture the spirit of a school dance.

Something about this font is hopeful and exciting in a way that leaves us wanting more.


champignon font

Some free cursive fonts are just plain fancy, and this is one of those.

You’ll immediately jump three social classes when you use this font. It looks that good. If you don’t believe us, just give this one a try.

Ave Fedan

ave fedan font

This font provides the cursive approach with a street art style and I just love it.

You’ll love using this on posters or even just for dressing up social media posts. It’s got a great energy to it.

Diamond Dust

diamond dust font

This is one thrilling font design that I am more than happy to share.

You’ll love the look and feel of this font when you use it.

It’s bold enough to stand out and simple enough to show the mark of good design.


stainy font

This is one modern cursive font option that I love.

It provides the energy of a person signing off from a sassy letter with a big market.

I have to admit that it’s one of the best cursive font styles.

Blackberry Jam

blackberry jam free font

You can’t eat this font, but you might want to try anyway.

This provides an exciting font option that is easy to read and a delight to look at.


fabulous font

Sometimes you just have to let the world know how fabulous you are, and this is one great way to do it.

This font demands and commands attention in a way that few others will.

You’ll want to keep this on hand.

Chocolate Dealer

chocolate dealer font

This isn’t a black-market font, but it’s certainly all about hidden passions.

You’ll love this bold and exciting design that will liven up any project.

Sometimes you just need to add a little something extra to a page.


finition font

This is one font that you’ll love to use for fancy projects.

It has a quick-paced design that speaks of movement and vivaciousness.

You might not use it for all of your marketing needs, but it’s definitely worth the download.


impregnable free font

As far as one of the best cursive font styles go, this is one that could start a war.

You’ll love this bold and fierce-looking font that speaks of wars won and battles begun.

There is just something unique about this design that reminds us of loyalty.


southampton font

In the font world, this is one that does an exceptional job of mirroring handwriting.

You’ll love this flawless design that looks like it couldn’t possibly be printed.

There’s something truly special about it.

Merry Christmas

merry christmas font

Sometimes you just need a seasonal font and this one is packed with holiday cheer.

You’ll love the way that it looks almost as much as you’ll love the added design elements.

This one is festive!

Jenna Sue

jenny sue font

This is one incredibly popular font and it’s easy to see why.

You’ll love looking at this font almost as much as you love using it.

It’s not only adorable but filled with all kinds of good vibes.


nickainley font

This is a monoline font that has vintage and classic design elements.

It’s great for logos, wedding invitations, signage, flyers, letterhead, and other similar material. 

Vacations in Paradise

vacations in paradise free font

Sometimes you just need a font that reminds you of being on a fancy tropical vacation.

This font is perfect for helping you to get that beachy look any time of year and allows your font to shine in cursive.

I even feel that it is a little mysterious!


precious font

Something about this font reminds us of classic novels with little girls playing in the prairie.

You’re going to love the look and feel of this traditional-style font. It’s got everything a cursive font needs.

The Dreamer

the dreamer font

Some fonts promise to take you away to distant lands.

This font helps you to step into your dreams and let your mind wander.

It’s perfect for your next eBook cover.

Wedding Bells

wedding bells font

It isn’t easy to capture the spirit of a wedding, but they did.

You’ll love this beautiful font that is delicate, but sturdy at the same time.

It’s a beautiful look.

Motion Picture

motion picture font

Sometimes you need that big Hollywood energy for a project.

This font brings you all that and more with a clean design.

Cherry and Kisses

cherry and kisses font

This font speaks of first loves and writing your crush’s name in your notebook.

It’s easy to see what makes this font so much fun to use when you look at it.

It’s just got a perfect summer love vibe.


Finding the right font can feel difficult, but it is just a process that requires patience.

Fonts can change the tone of an entire piece, so finding the right one is important.

Don’t miss out on your chance to do something great with these amazing fonts.

You can’t do better than free, so why not download all of them for use as needed?

What are some of your favorite fonts?

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What is the most beautiful cursive font?

Beautiful Bloom

What is the best cursive font on Word?

Script MT Bold

What are some fancy fonts?

Kuenstler Script, Risotto Script, Gelato Script, Affair, Respective, Choplin Script, Aphrodite Slim, and Parfumerie Script Pro