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9 Best Painting Easel for Kids

9 Best Painting Easel for Kids

Are you fed up with cleaning your walls as your kids love to draw, write, or paint over them? Do you want to provide your kids with an easel on which they can draw, paint, or whatever they want to do? This post is all about the best painting easel for kids so read it till the end as here I will be sharing my top picks!

Every child likes to draw or paint. Although they have some good drawing books, they still love to draw on other surfaces. If you want to enhance your kids’ artistic abilities, one better way is to provide them with a tool that can turn a boring learning experience into a fun yet interactive one.

One such tool is a painting easel for kids. Yeah, you read it right! A painting easel is the first step by which you can boost the creativity of your child. When they get an easel, they feel like they are a legitimate artist. An easel is the best way by which your child can transform his/her creative art ideas into reality. It will also give you peace of mind as you do not need to clean your walls. 

Should You Buy a Painting Easel?

A painting easel may not only encourage the creativity of your child but also offer several other social and educational benefits. A painting easel provides an open-ended space to your kids on which they can draw anything, hence boosting their creative ability.

They can also develop fine motor skills by drawing with a pencil or by using crayons, colored pencils, or paintbrushes. They can get to know the basic form of art by connecting lines or drawing shapes. And one more thing! With an art easel, children can express themselves in a non-verbal way.

You can see a lot of painting easels in the market that at times, it becomes a bit challenging to decide which one to choose. There are several factors that must be kept in mind while making a purchase. First of all, you should determine what type of painting easel you need for your child. In the market, there are standing easels and the one that may allow your child to sit.

If your kid is too young that he/she often gets tired while working on such kinds of art projects, it is better to opt for an easel that may allow your child to sit down. On the other hand, if your child is full of energy or does not want to sit down while working, get a standing easel.

If you have one child, you can buy a one-sided easel but if you have multiple kids, it is better to purchase a double-sided easel. Apart from them, you must also consider the storage space that an easel may provide along with the space that it will take. 

How to improve your kid’s artistic abilities

So, you want to boost the artistic abilities of your child. If your child has developed the habit of drawing on the walls of your house or you want to give the artistic talent of your child a little jump, you must get an art easel for kids. Do not know how to choose the one that best suits your child’s needs? Hold on! In today’s post, I have shared my top picks for the best painting easel for kids this year. Here, you will get to know about the best art easel for a 10-year-old child, art easels for teenagers, and children’s easel with paper roll. So, do not wait any more, and let’s get started. 

best painting easel for kids

Art Easel for 10-Year-Old

The following is the list of the best art easels suitable for a 10 years old child:

Hape All-in-One Painting Easelhape all in one wooden art easel

Hape All-in-One art easel is the best painting easel for kids aged 10 years. It is a double-sided easel with a magnetic whiteboard, a blackboard, and a space above the board so you can attach an easel pad or a paper roll. The paper roll is like a bonus added to the easel as your kid can easily start painting using the paper roll.

Its magnetic whiteboard side may allow your kid to attach magnets over it. Moreover, the Hape All-in-One painting easel also features a tray for keeping the drawing accessories along with the color or paint pots.

Hape All-in-One Painting Easel is made up of high-quality and non-toxic wood, hence making the easel friendly to the skin. Another plus point? This easel can be adjusted to several levels in height, hence making it perfect for children of all ages. It can also be assembled easily and quickly. In short, it is the perfect kids’ easel for drawing and painting!


+ Compact in size

+ It comes with a bonus paper roll

+ Its height can be adjusted to many levels

+ The paper roll can be refilled


  • This Hape art easel cannot be folded

Step2 Jumbo Art Easelstep 2 jumbo painting easel for kids

Another best painting easel for kids that you can buy is Step2 Jumbo Art Easel. It is a great double-sided easel perfect for you if you have more kids. There is a whiteboard on one side and a chalkboard on the other side, hence allowing your kids to work on their masterpieces. There are art clips as well by which your children can display the final version of their paintings. Step2 Jumbo Art Easel also comes with a built-in storage space where your child can keep paints, colours, markers or other drawing accessories and makes them organized.


+ Large and sturdy

+ Includes a built-in storage

+ It is a double-sided easel with diverse options for creativity

+ Includes large and removals bins for keeping art materials


-It takes much time to assemble

-It is a little bit pricey

Crayola Fold and Go Easelcrayola fold and go easel

Do you want your child to express his/her creativity? Are you looking for an art easel that does not take much space? Stop your search! Crayola Fold and Go Easel is the one that you are looking for. It is an ideal easel for your 10-year-old child. This brightly-colored easel is not only comfortable but takes minimal space as well. 

The Fold and Go easel by Crayola is a multi-purpose easel that comes with a chalkboard that can easily be turned into an easel. Along with storage space to keep the art supplies, this easel also comes with four sheets of paper, an eraser, and guess what? It also comes with a comfortable stool so your child can sit if he gets tired while painting. In short, it is the best painting easel for kids.


+ It is comfortable and has a compact design

+ Takes minimal space

+ Its drawing surface is easy to clean

+ Includes a big clip to hold the paper on the board

+ Perfect for a 10-year-old kid


  • Most users claim that it is not durable

Easel for Kids Ikea

Softwood Mala Easel by IKEA
ikea softwood painting easel

Softwood Mala Easel is the best painting easel for kids made by IKEA. It is a great easel by which your child can explore his/her artistic creativity. There is a whiteboard on one side and a blackboard on the other side. Moreover, it comes with Mala drawing paper roll. For drawing or painting, your child just needs to select a canvas, it may be a whiteboard or a blackboard and add a Mala drawing paper. 

Another best thing about Softwood Mala Easel by IKEA? It can not only be folded flat (when not in use) but you can adjust its height at several angles keeping in view your child’s favorite view.


+ Durable and sturdy construction

+ High-quality easel for kids 3 years or above

+ Includes whiteboard and blackboard

+ Its height can be adjusted

+ Ease of assembly

+ Reasonable price rate


-Most users claim that the quality of this easel is poor

IKEA Children’s Pink Wooden Easel
ikea pink kids whiteboard easel

Another great easel that you can buy this year for your kids is IKEA Children’s Pink Wooden Easel. If you want to avoid colorful drawings on your walls, it is time to buy IKEA Children’s Pink Wooden Easel. It can be folded easily, hence provides easy storage.

It is a double-sided easel with a blackboard on one end and a whiteboard on the other end. Moreover, there is a space beneath the board where your child can keep colors, markers, paints, and other art materials. In short, it is one of the best art easels made by IKEA!


+ Two-sided kids’ easel

+ It can be assembled easily

+ Good storage capacity to keep all art materials

+ The IKEA Children’s Pink Wooden Easel can be stored easily


-This easel does not have a magnetic surface (which children love)

Children’s easel with paper roll

Top Bright Wooden Art Easeltop bright wooden painting easel for kids

If you are looking for a kids’ easel by which your kid can start drawing or painting right away using a paper roll, then Top Bright Wooden Art Easel is the best choice. Why? Because it comes with a paper roll at the top of the board so that a child can swim in the sea of painting right away when he/she wants to.

It is a two-sided painting easel with a chalkboard on one end and a whiteboard on the other end. So if you have multiple children, it is good for you to buy this easel. Plus, its height can be adjusted.

The Top Bright Wooden Art Easel comes with a large wooden tray at the bottom of the board on which your child can put colors or paints, etc. Large storage capacity, magnetic boards, children-friendly foot cover design, and adjustable height – all these features make Top Bright Wooden Art Easel the best painting easel for kids!


+ Both sides of the board are magnetic

+ It comes with a non-slip foot cover design

+ Suitable for multiple kids as it is a double-sided board

+ Height adjustable


  • Minor assembly is required for this art easel

Melissa and Doug Wooden Art Easel melissa and doug wooden art easel

Melissa and Doug Wooden Art Easel is a standing easel with two-sided boards, hence perfect for multiple kids. It is the best painting easel for kids with which you can get a paper roll so your child can spread it out on the board. The paper roll that comes with Melissa and Doug Wooden art easel is suitable for use with paints, colors, markers, watercolors, and crayons.


+ Durable and sturdy built

+ You can easily assemble it.

+ You can fold this assemble after use, hence offers easy storage ultimately


-This easel is a bit difficult to clean

-Expensive option

Art Easel for Teenagers

U.S. Art Supply Wooden Easelus art supply studio easel

One of the popular and best art easels for teenagers is U.S. Art Supply Wooden Easel. Made from sturdy beech wood, the height of this easel is adjustable that it can hold the canvas which is 48 inches high. It is perfect for teenagers to turn their creative art into paper. Not only this, but the U.S. Art Supply Wooden Easel comes with storage space, a wooden canvas clamp, and fixed wheels for mobility. 


+ It is a solid and sturdy easel

+ Its height can be adjusted up to 96 inches

+ Suitable for medium to large art media

+ Comes with a storage tray



American Easel Oak Yazhi Easel american easel

The next easel on my list is American Easel Oak Yazhi Easel that is also an ideal option for teenage artists. With a length of 60 inches, this easel can hold a canvas up to 44 inches. It is made with a northern red oak which makes it durable and looks simple and elegant.


+ Offers easy storage

+ It comes with non-skid rubber feet

+ Suitable for beginner artists


-Most users claim that its quality is not so good

Painting Easel for Kids Product Information

Manufacturer Dimensions Weight
Hape 27.6 x 4.7 x 20.1 inches 12.11 pounds
Step 2 49.5 x 15 x 43 inches 24 pounds
Crayola 15.5 x 15 x 29.5 inches 6.6 pounds
IKEA Softwood Mala 17 x 24.62 x 1.87 inches 8 pounds
IKEA Pink Wooden 118 x 62.5 x 3.2 cm; 3.66 Kilograms —–
Top Bright 21.3 x 19.3 x 43.7 inches 11.62 pounds
Melissa and Doug 27 x 26 x 47 inches 21 pounds
U.S. Art Supply 6.8 x 6.5 x 53.5 inches 15.23 pounds
American Easel 23 x 3 x 68 inches 10.54 pounds


So, that was the list of the best painting easel for kids. An art easel is the best way by which you can give your child a blank surface on which he/she can draw or paint. It also makes them feel like an artist. In the market, there are a lot of art easels for children that sometimes, it becomes difficult to choose the best one.

Before picking an easel, try to consider some important factors such as space, single-sided or double-sided easels, and a standing easel or the one that allows your child to sit. Once you get to know what important factors to consider, it is time to get the best easel from the above list. So, do not wait any more, get a painting easel, and encourage your young artist! 

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