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70+ Free Illustrator Brush Tools

70+ Free Illustrator Brush Tools

Adobe Illustrator is the most powerful and widely used vector drawing program.

The brush tool in Illustrator is one reason for that. Illustrator has vector brushes that allow you to create drawings you can easily scale to different sizes without losing any quality. 

When you make an Adobe Illustrator drawing, in a sense you’re saving so much time because you can then easily enlarge or shrink it to postcard sizes, large poster sizes, or even wall murals without having to redo the art. 

In addition to that, you’ll love experimenting with the different types of vector brushes in your Adobe Illustrator drawings. 

There are all kinds of brushes from a vector paint brush, Illustrator smoke brushes, and so much more as you’ll see from this list. 

A good brush can go a long way, which is why I put this list together. 

You simply can’t beat being able to use such powerful tools for free.

They are great for helping you to take your Adobe Illustrator drawings to the next level.

illustrator brush tools

japan illustrator brushes

01. Japan Brushes

— These exciting free Illustrator brushes are perfect for helping you to create some amazing brush stroke vector art.

02. Patts Brush Collection

— These free Illustrator brushes are the perfect addition to any project.

You’ll create some amazing Illustrator brush strokes and will love seeing what you make!

03. Wax Crayon Brushes

— You can easily add a fun texture to any vector with these amazing brushes.

They’re easy to use and bring a great look to anything you apply them to!

paint brush vector spray04. Spray Paint Brush Vector

— This is a great paint brush vector Illustrator brush tool that gives an excellent spray paint effect.

When it comes to finding the best possible brushes, this is a great place to start.

This exciting spray paint look brings something extra to every project!

brush tool illustrator vector flow brush05. Flow Brushes

— This fun set of brushes is perfect for making some flowing and natural brush stroke vectors.

You’ll be glad that you took the time to download them and play around as soon as you get started.

06. Halftone Brushes

— These brushes will bring some truly awesome textures to your work in no time at all.

With this free Illustrator brushes download, you can get creating in no time!

07. Ethnic Pattern Brushes

— You’ll love traveling to new places with this amazing set of brushes.

They are not only great to look at, but perfect for design work.

08. Arrow Head Vector Brushes

— These brushes are all kinds of fun for getting to work on a project.

Use them to grab access to a huge collection of exciting arrow designs!

floral pattern illustrator brushes

09. Floral Pattern Brushes

— If you love flowers, look no further.

These brushes will fill any design with life using these wonderful patterns.

They’re nice to look at and fun to use!

10. Dry Stroke Brushes

— For bringing something special to your stroke, try this set out.

11. Ink Roller Brushes

— Sometimes you just need something special when it comes to design.

These ink rollers provide you with a fun and unique look.

12. Brush Stroke Vector Brushes

— Bring an exciting paint feel to any work of art with this awesome set of brushes.

They’re the perfect addition to any brush collection.

13. Scribble Away Brushes

— This set of brushes takes a step back from professionalism and focuses on fun.

You’ll love seeing what you can do with them.

14. Paper Tooth Line Brushes

— This stunning set of brushes proves that there’s more to a line than, well, a line.

Just try these and it will make sense.

15. 50 Free Brushes

— This is an amazing collection of brushes of all kinds.

It’s easy to find something for everyone here!

paint brush vector
16. Paint Brush Vector Bundles

— Sometimes you just need to say it with paint, and these paint brush vectors have your back.

Paint anything you want with this fun set of brushes.

17. Chalk and Charcoal Brushes

— Though you have to pay for the full set, the free sample is more than enough to get to work.

You’ll love them so much that you might splurge and buy the upgrade!

18. Hand Drawn Brushes

— Sometimes you don’t want digital art to look digital.

These brushes are perfect for helping you to make products that look like they were done on paper!

stipple shading illustrator brushes

19. Stipple Shading Brushes

— When you see what these brushes can do, you’ll be glad you downloaded them.

They can easily provide you with amazing looks for your work.

20. Stata Brushes

— This kit actually includes more than just brushes, the brushes are great too.

You’ll love seeing these amazing tools and what they can do for your work.

21. Lipstick Vector Brushes

— You don’t need to know how to do makeup for these brushes.

You’ll love the way they give your work a little extra lip.

22. Doodle Line Brushes

— You’ll love playing with these adorable brushes. They’re great for a variety of projects and are beautifully designed. Don’t miss out on these free Illustrator brushes.

23. Child’s Play Crayons

— Sometimes you need to let your inner child shine.

These brushes are perfect for cutting loose and having fun with great tools.

Let your art do the talking!

24. Lino Cut Brushes

— These brushes are great and can bring texture to any work of art.

You’ll have fun playing with these exciting shapes.

25. Natural Line Brushes

— Some lines bring a little something extra to a good design.

You’ll enjoy these fun alternatives to traditional line work.

They are great for so many different things.

26. Folk Art Brushes

— Sometimes you just need to bring the history to the present.

Enjoy working with these folk-themed patterns that are sure to get you creating in no time at all.

27. Wedge Brushes

— If you’re looking for basic but versatile brushes, look no further.

You can make a variety of stunning designs using these products

28. Fur Brushes

— These monstrous brushes are great for getting things hairy.

You’ll love the texture these add to an image!

woodcuts flourish illustrator brushes

29. Woodcuts Bundle

— These are unique brushes that will bring something special to the right design.

They won’t be used every day, but there’s something to them that is perfect for certain projects.

30. Technix Brush Pack

— This is another unique set of brushes that can make the right project shine.

You’ll love watching how these can transform your work of art!

31. Mycanthus Brush Pack

— You’ll love the way these fantastical brushes can dress up your art.

Have fun making exciting works of art with these brushes!

32. Spanners Brush Pack

— This is one exciting set of brushes you won’t want to miss out on.

You can easily make a digital Wonderland using these on your next big project!

33. Conetix Brush Pack

— You’ll never find a tech-themed pack quite like this.

Play with these for fun new design options!

34. Abstract Construct Brushes

— These brushes are completely original.

You can guarantee you won’t find anything like this anywhere else, and they are awesome.

Don’t miss out!

35. Technix v.2

— This is one set of brushes that came straight from the future.

You’ll love these fun patterns!

smoke brush illustrator
36. Smoke Brush Pack for Illustrator

— Sometimes you just need a good smoke brush Illustrator vector brush to create stunning smoky effects.

These can be manipulated in a variety of ways that you’ll love.

37. Swirl Rocks Brushes

— These brushes are as unique as their name.

There is plenty of fun to be had with them!

illustrator grunge brushes

38. Illustrator Grunge Brushes

— When you need to add a little grunge to a piece, look no further.

These free Illustrator brushes have you covered.

39. Circle Brushes

— Sometimes you need a round solution to a problem.

Look no further than these exciting circle brushes!

40. Christmas Themed Brushes

— For the holiday spirit, you might need a custom brush.

These are perfect for making any themed project around the holidays!

41. Stitch Brushes

— There are times when you need to stitch a project together.

These brushes are perfect for helping you to put a final finish on a project!

42. Lace Brush Set

— Everything is better with a little less.

Dress up your newest project with something exciting in the form of these brushes!

43. Feather Brushes

— Feathers are a great addition to any design.

These brushes make it easy for you to add beautiful feathers in any color to a new project!

44. Standard Brushes Bundle

— This huge bundle of brushes is perfect for covering all of your bases.

These standard brushes provide you with valuable tools to play with.

chalk illustrator brushes

45. Chalk Brushes

— You don’t need to be in school to enjoy a good chalk look.

Try these brushes out for fun effects on any project.

46. Ultimate Evil Tentacles Brushes

— This might not be your average set of brushes, but it is pretty awesome.

47. Alien Illustrator Brush

— This is one unique brush that can make for a great project theme.

You’ll love this space beast look.

48. Underwater Brushes

— These unique aquatic brushes are all kinds of fun to play with.

You can make exciting and beautiful creations when you try these out.

49. 10 Halftone Brushes

— This is a beautiful set of halftone brushes that you will love.

They’re perfectly designed and ready for use!

50. Muscle Themed Brush

— It isn’t every day that you find a brush like this.

Don’t miss out on a chance to beef up any image.

51. Grid Brushes

— Though most people try to go off the grid, these brushes show that isn’t necessary.

Sometimes the grid can be a really good thing, especially for your art.

marker illustrator brushes

52. Markers and Pen Strokes

— These free Illustrator brushes are absolutely amazing for getting you to work.

With 84 brushes, there really is no way to go wrong with this bundle.

53. Pencil Brushes

— Sometimes you just need some fancy pencil designs.

We understand, which is why we found you this amazing kit of pencil brushes to play with.

54. Linocut and Woodcut Brushes

— These brushes are perfect for helping you to get the most out of your work.

They have a unique finish that is fun to experiment with.

55. Patterns and Brushes Set

— You’ll love this huge collection of patterns and brushes.

It’s the perfect kit to get started on any project.

56. Long Stroke Markers

— Sometimes only a marker will do and these have your back.

You’ll enjoy a variety of marker shapes for all of your drawing needs.

57. Vector Circles

— These thrilling brush designs are fun for adding something bizarre to your art.

These aren’t for everyday use, but they sure are fun.

58. Anime Expressions Brush Pack

— This versatile pack can be used in multiple Adobe products.

Don’t miss out on your chance to have fun with these!

59. Flower Affairs Brush Pack

— Sometimes you just need a good floral design to set the tone for your artwork.

60. Individual Dividers Brushes

— These beautifully designed dividers will make you fall in love.

Each one was perfectly made to improve your projects in Illustrator!

61. Vintage Frame Brush

— These frames are the perfect addition to any photo or work of art.

You’ll love the style and detail provided by this artist.

62. Antique Brush Pack

— Don’t miss out on yet another stunning brush pack from this talented digital artist.

You’ll love working with these beautiful designs.

horizontal divider illustrator brushes

63. Horizontal Dividers

— You’ll love these beautiful dividers for your work.

You can easily separate elements of your project with these intricate brushes in no time at all!

64. Décor Elements Brush Pack

— These amazing designs are too good to pass up.

If you find them to your liking, think about leaving the artist a donation!

65. Star Brush Pack

— Sometimes you just need to light up the sky.

With these stars, you can make your projects shine in the night without a second thought!

66. Laces Brush Pack

— If you really want to dress up your art, why not give it a little bit of lace?

67. Recycle Brush Pack

— You can never be too prepared to help save the planet.

These amazing brushes are perfect for all of your eco-friendly needs.

68. Feathers Brush Pack

— These brushes are amazing for adding a fancy touch to any design.

The beautiful feathers won’t disappoint.

69. Hearts Brush Pack

— Whether you’re nursing a new crush or preparing for Valentine’s Day, start here.

These brushes are perfect for making lovely art.

70. Grungy Frames Brush Pack

— These might look too pretty to be grunge, but we think they manage both.

71. Corners Brush Pack

— You will love framing your work with these amazing corners.

They’re all so beautiful, you’ll want to use every single one.

72. Victorian Floral Brushes

— This is a unique and beautiful set of brushes that you absolutely need.

Get to work with these ones. You might just make your next masterpiece.

73. Ornament Brushes

— Sometimes you just need intricate ornaments, and this brush set is full of them.

Enjoy seeing what your works look like all dressed up!

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Using these Illustrator brush tools, you can create some breathtaking strokes in Illustrator.

Finding the right brushes can completely take your Adobe Illustrator drawing to a whole new level. 

I highly recommend experimenting with the lovely and different types of Illustrator brush strokes you can create with these brushes.

There are plenty of fun brushes available, so don’t hesitate when it comes to find one that works for you.

You won’t believe how many amazing things you can make using these fun brushes!

Question of the Day: Do you know how to use custom Illustrator brush tools?