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3 Ways To Get Ideas to Design the Best Logo in 2023

When you’re first starting up a new company or venture, it is easy to find yourself in need of a logo. A logo will help you to catch the attention of anyone who looks in your direction.

Since this is the case, finding the right logo can be a crucial part of your branding journey. As you begin to explore what the next face of your company will be, it is likely that you will consider many options.

Finding the right ideas for logos can be the difference between complete success and utter failure. Choosing a good logo is about more than just finding a fun image. Your logo should be a perfect representation of your brand if you want to be able to resonate with an audience.

This is important for impacting how people will remember you and to what degree. A good logo can help you to gain business and increase your credibility as a company. As you begin the design process, knowing where to start is crucial. That is why we have compiled effective ways to get ideas for logos.

brand identity

8 Strategies To Build Branding Effectively With Your Brand Identity

For every company, there comes a point where they have to consider their brand. Some companies start with this before they begin, and some companies do it after they have started to grow. Branding is an effective way to help people understand who your company is.

Choosing the right branding elements can help you to build a solid representation of what you have to offer. This can increase credibility, recognition, and interest for your company. The elements that you choose are what will come together to create your brand identity.

A brand identity is a combination of design choices that work to represent your company. These choices must be in line and will work together to create an image of your company. You can expect the choices that you make here to tell your audience what you are about.

You can use brand identity to stand out, to blend in, or to balance both. At the end of the day, your brand identity is what people will recognize you for. This can determine if they go with your products or if you are going to be a good fit for them. A well-designed brand identity can take your business to the next level if you use it to communicate effectively.

pamphlet template

How Do I Make A Pamphlet Template For My Business?

Running a successful business means having the right kind of marketing materials. You need to make your business easy to share with customers on various mediums. Good marketing materials are easy to read and appealing to look at.

They can advertise, inform, and engage. A popular approach for small businesses and large businesses alike is the use of pamphlet templates. These basic marketing materials can actually do your business a lot of good.

If you have ever paid at a counter in a local business, you have seen the byproduct of a pamphlet template. These items provide a singular design that can be filled with different information to product multiple pamphlets.

Making a good template can help you to easily manage your brand time and time again. Creating a good version can be a valuable tool that you can use as many times as you want to. It’s a great way to bring consistency to your marketing materials.

free portfolio websites

Top 10 Free Portfolio Websites For Artists

For many artists, a portfolio is what they rely on to get them hired. If you are an artist looking for a way to make your portfolio shine, a good website is the way to do it.

Though you might still need to carry in your binder to a job interview, websites are the way of the future. Fortunately, there are a variety of free portfolio websites to help you showcase your work. These sites are made to help you present your abilities in the best possible light.

oil paint tips

Oil Paint Tips 101: What Oils Can You Use for Oil Painting?

For people who are pursuing oil painting, it can be pretty helpful to know some good oil paint tips. In many instances, oil painting can be a pricey hobby. For this reason, people have a tendency to want to know as much about it as they can.

If you want to actively pursue oil painting, learning different techniques and ways to save money can be helpful. A common decision that people make when it comes to oil painting is trying to determine the best possible oil for oil paints.

Whether you are buying oil paints or making your own, different oil paints have different bases. While many people assume it is a specific kind of oil that makes paints, that isn’t true.

There are actually several different oils that can be used to create different paints. The oil base can determine different factors about the paint and how it operates. It is possible for different oil bases to accommodate different colors, drying times, and other factors. Understanding your needs can help you to make more educated purchasing decisions.

price art

How Do I Price My Art?

For many artists, making art for a living is the dream. It is the end goal that every artist seeks because it means you get to focus on your craft. Despite the fact that many people have artistic interests, only a small percentage monetize them.

Though this used to be dependent on gatekeepers responsible for getting your work out, times have changed.

In the modern age, you can sell your own art easily by yourself. The biggest struggle people face when first getting started is knowing how to price art.

copyright artwork

How Do I Copyright Artwork?

For many artists, there is a tremendous concern around how to copyright artwork. There is an ancient artist fear that quivers at the idea of art being stolen. You can see this in various forms across every kind of art medium.

be a graphic designer

Can I Be A Graphic Designer if I Can’t Draw?

Graphic design is becoming an increasingly popular field with many people wondering what it is all about. This artistic job is perfect for people who love to create beautiful things that will inspire and start discussions.

Most people have seen the beautiful and breathtaking resumes that graphic designers are submitting to show their talent. Those images are enough to make most people want to learn a little more about what graphic design is. This has many people wondering what it actually takes to be a graphic designer.

This modern job is the focus of many, with countless places offering online degrees and certifications. It’s likely that you have seen ads promising to get you started as a graphic designer quickly.

Within this industry, there is potential to make good money and exercise your creativity at the same time. However, most people are worried about whether or not you can be a graphic designer if you can’t draw.

We are of the opinion that anyone can learn how to draw. Still, we are happy to report that you don’t need to worry about being good at drawing to do this job.

blog posts

How to Write Blog Posts that Will Increase Your Traffic by 2100%

You might be a new blogger or you may have been blogging for a little while. Even if you are a blogging pro, it might be a challenge to come up with blog posts that will skyrocket your traffic.

According to Neil Patel, the foremost SEO and digital marketing expert, it can take an average of 3 months or 100 days to rank on Google’s first page for a long-tail keyword.

Neil is an amazing digital marketer, who surely knows his craft. He has done thorough research to come to this conclusion. If Neil says it takes 100 days to achieve first page results then we can be sure to take him at his word, right?

Are you struggling with turning your art business into something more awesome?

I’m Jae Johns, and that’s why I started this blog. I’m on a mission to help creatives turn their art business into something more meaningful. There are 2.1 million artists in the U.S. alone, and I’m going to help twenty-five percent of them.

I’ve seen people close to me with extraordinary talent and yet struggle to turn their creative passions into an art business and make money with their art. I’ve been fortunate to be able to make money at what I do, and I am trying to share anything and everything I know that could possibly benefit you.

Whether you are a designer looking to get more clients, a blogger trying to get more traffic to your blog, an artist trying to learn to draw better or you are a creative entrepreneur with a small business needing something more this blog will give you insights and an edge to help you in your creative pursuits. This blog is for you!

I love teaching. Writing is a way for me to teach what I know. You will gain insights into different skills within the creative industry. You will find articles about design, social media, creative inspiration and much more.

Every month you will find new articles that will help you gain an edge in your art business.

The Type of Articles to Help You With Your Art Business

These articles cover topics that will help you if your an illustrator, designer, make websites, painter, or any of the other type of creative passions you may have.  I, also, share tons of resources and tools you can use to help you save time in creating what you create or help you make more awesome things.

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