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5 Powerful Procreate Tasks
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how to draw hair

How To Draw Hair: A Detailed Guide to Get You Started

When it comes to drawing, some things are simply a pain in the butt to do. There are people who love to draw, but completely strike out when it comes to drawing hands. The same thing happens for feet.

Some areas just require a little more thought than others. One of those areas is drawing hair. For some people, drawing hair ruins their drawings. We are here to help with that by giving you some keen insight on how to draw hair.

easy painting ideas

5 Simple and Easy Painting Ideas for Beginners

If you are new to painting or just looking for inspiration, there are fun projects for you to try. The world is full of creative people. This does not mean that you are expected to be your best creative self 100% percent of the time.

In fact, everyone needs inspiration from time to time. This is why it can be beneficial to draw inspiration from others. Kickstart your own creativity by seeing what easy painting ideas that other artists are trying.

Some days, inspiration can just strike us. Other days, we need a little nudge in the right direction. Rather than merely painting circles and waiting for your next big idea, we have compiled some fun alternatives.

These easy painting ideas can help get you going even on days when you are not feeling creatively full. You can try new skills or just do something fun. As long as you leave inspired, it was a great choice.

color theory

8 Color Theory Exercises to Improve Your Paintings

A commonly reported concern among painters is all about choosing the right colors for a new painting. Though painting techniques create various effects that matter when you work on your project, they are not alone.

These techniques can easily be overshadowed if you are to choose the wrong colors. You might even end up sending a completely different message by accident.

The Essential Encaustic Painting Supplies You Need

A few years back you would have been hard-pressed to find anyone who knew what encaustic painting was, but the more people learn about this process, the more it has begun to gain in popularity over time. The act of encaustic painting relies on a combination of colors and an encaustic medium alongside a heat source.

This will create stunning visual effects. Encaustic painting can be a little pricey as far as projects go. As more people who try it, the easier it is becoming to get your hands on the right supplies. Encaustic artists are growing in numbers, and they seem ready to share their beautiful work with the world.

If you want to explore encaustic wax painting, you will want to make sure that you have the best supplies. This complex medium allows for both raw creativity and dedicated techniques to come together to make something uniquely you!

watercolor techniques

These Fun Watercolor Ideas for Beginners Make You Seem Like a Pro

Getting creative is an excellent way to relieve stress, clear your mind, and have a little bit of fun. The simple act of making something can take you from being an uptight mess to channeling your energy into a project that will make you feel relaxed and accomplished by the end of it.

If you are looking to have some traditional fun while also creating something that you can be proud of in the end, these creative and unique watercolor ideas for beginners just might be exactly what you need.

practice drawing anatomy

[Infographic] How to Practice Drawing Anatomy: Top 5 Dos and Don’ts

When you’re new to drawing, you will want to draw people. People are fun to draw. They are the most difficult to draw though. You have to practice drawing anatomy for you to be good.

If you’re like me then you’ll want to learn to draw people from your imagination. When you practice drawing the human anatomy, you will start to not need any references to draw people. You will be able to draw the anatomy from your imagination.

design thinking

How to Solve Problems with Design Thinking

Design thinking is a repetitive process where we try to understand the person who will be using the product or service we make, we challenge assumptions, and we explain problems in different ways to diagnose problems that may not be instantly obvious.

Top 10 Inspirational TED Talks to Empower Your Creative Growth

Whether you’re somebody starting your creative journey or somebody that has been creating art for many years, it can be tough finding the inspiration you need to improve your art or create something new. These are the top ten inspirational TED talks to empower your creativity.

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