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The Best 100 Free Vector Icons For Designers in 2023

The Best 100 Free Vector Icons For Designers in 2023

When it comes to design, vectors are an excellent way to bring a little something extra to your look. Free vector icons are available everywhere, and some of them are beyond amazing.

You can easily use these vector icons to bring life to a newsletter or website in no time. Since these are so helpful, we decided to put in a little extra work and find the top 100 free vector icons available online today.

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social media icons - modern label icons1. Modern Label Icons

— These icons are perfect for working on your own projects and making something pretty. They are incredibly modern and completely free for personal use!

2. Modern Office Icons

— This amazing set of icons is perfect for office related projects. They are cute and minimalistic.

3. Trendy Internet Icons

— These icons are perfect for anything related to the digital world.

4. Professional Life Icons

— You can use this set for a wide collection of things both professional and otherwise. They’re great for life management templates.

5. Cute and Modern Basic Icons

— These icons come in fun colors with a playful design to add a little something extra for any design.

6. Military Figure Icons

— These cute vector avatar icons are perfect for anything related to the service.

7. Minimalistic Human Icons

— Human avatar icons are useful for web design amongst other things. Enjoy these icons and their ability to match any backdrop!

8. Nanotechnology Vector Set

— Step into the future with these exciting free vector icons. They will add a little something extra to any tech site!

9. Online Shopping Vectors

— Easily step into the world of e-commerce with these adorable icons. They have you covered for every step of the online shopping process.

10. Adorable Plant Icons

— These plant-style free vector icons are perfect for bringing a little touch of nature to any design. Their simplistic and friendly design makes them a valuable add to any image.

social media icons - social media vector icons11. Social Media Icons

— You can enjoy these simplistic web and media icons designed to represent the future.

12. Vibrant Business Icons

— This collection of icons is great for small business owners looking to spice things up. They offer a collection of modern and exciting options to help you get the most out of your website.

13. Referral Vector Icons

— These little icons are great for showing the referral process. They can be effectively used for presentations and other business focuses.

14. What’s On Your Mind Icons

— In a more creative feat, these icons bring together the complexity of human though. These are great for showing people what you might be thinking about or to endorse something on a page.

15. Book Icons

— These books might not have pages, but they are well designed and ready for use. You can enjoy books in their various forms to suit any need!

16. Infographic Icons

— A good infographic icon can be used for a variety of design needs. These modern images are great for making bigger designs that pop.

17. Modern Business Infographic

— Customize this amazing vector icon to bring a little something extra to your next meeting. You can easily organize information and more.

18. Social Media Logos

— If you’re going to be referencing popular social media sites, consider these icons. They are perfect for including links on websites or showing compatibility.

19. Exciting Sales Icons

— These icons are great for announcing exciting sales in fun ways. Their energy and design make them easy to use to inspire customers.

20. Watercolor Social Media Icons

— If you want to show off your social media icons in a modern way, look no further. These icons are perfect for your inspiring website, and they look absolutely amazing!

social media icons - everyday accomplishment icons21. Everyday Accomplishment Icons

— These basic and easy to use icons are fun for adding a little extra to a design. You can use them in various ways with their calm and adorable design.

22. Colorful Web Icons

— If you’re looking for a basic collection of web icons, consider this pack. They offer designs in a variety of fun colors to make your design pop.

23. Plant Doodle Icons

— For something fun and cute, consider these plant doodles. These innocent little icons are perfect for bringing a little something extra to your next plant-based design.

24. Unique Social Media Icon Set

— This take on popular social media icons is straight out of the future. You will love the way that these amazing icons look just about anywhere you put them.

25. Wooden Sign Icons

— Wooden signs are very in these days, even digital ones. Use these fun icons to customize and apply them to your next big design. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes to suit your needs.

26. Engineering and Design Icons

— If you’re looking to place a bid on a big engineering project, look no further. These free vector icons are perfect for showing the process behind how things get designed and made.

27. Comic Book Icons

— When you find yourself in need of some fun, reach for these icons. These popular comic book icons are great for bringing comedy to any design.

28. Adorable Art and Design Vectors

— This fun set of free vector icons is perfect for helping you to add a little flair to any design.

29. Company Icon Vectors

— If you need a real or fake company stand-in, these icons have you covered. You can easily manipulate them with custom content for your needs.

30. Star Doodle Icons

— These fun icons are great for bringing lighthearted fun. Their cute design and starry focus make them ideal for simple projects.

social media icons - business financial icons31. Business Finance Icons

— Show your audience that you mean business with these professional icons. Demonstrate the cost of something or just speak to money that can be saved. Either way, these icons have you covered.

32. Speech Bubble Icons

— Show people that you have something to say with these fun speech bubbles. These lively designs are great for adding something extra when it comes to dialogue.

33. Modern Phrase Signs

— These fun modern phrase icons are great for helping you to say something extra. Playful designs like this can be fun for spicing up your next project.

34. Religious Icons

— If you have a specific message to share, find something in this pack to help. This variety pack includes a collection of different religious sentiments.

35. Feather Icons

— Enjoy using these modern 3D feathers to bring something extra to your next design. These interesting and completely free vector icons are great for inspiring artistic pursuits or advertising a bird sanctuary.

36. Bakery Vector Icons

— You’ll love using these delicious vector icons that look good enough to eat. They bring you adorable little baked goods in no time at all.

37. Cyber Monday Icons

— If you’re looking to promote your fancy Cyber Monday sales, we have you covered. These icons are perfect for any sales design.

38. Adorable Halloween Icons

— If you’re ready for Halloween, these icons are ready for you. These fun designs will make any true fan of Halloween ready for the season!

39. Public Service Icons

— These fun icons are great for helping you to get the most out of your public service needs. These everyday icons put the fun in functional!

40. Adorable Paw Print Icon

— This iconic icon is sure to be perfect for all of your purr-fect needs! You can use this for any animal related designs!

41. Map Editing Icon

— To let people know that you’re still finding the path, consider this. This helpful map editing icon is perfect for designs on any website.

social media icons - fun science icons42. Fun Science Icons

— These icons are perfect for a science vibe for any project!

43. Steve Jobs Avatar Icon

— You can’t go wrong with this rendition of a revered tech god!

44. Government Building Icon

— Show that you mean official government business by using this icon. It is easily recognizable and easy to alter.

45. Paperclip Icon

— Let people know that you’re ready to get to work with this helpful paperclip icon.

46. Briefcase Icon

— This simple icon will show people that you are ready to get to work.

47. Headphone Icon

— Show the world that you are ready to listen with this minimalistic headphone icon.

48. Classic Camera Icon

— This is a great way to show people that you have images to share. It’s perfect for any process or reference.

49. Game Controller Icon

— Show the world that you’re ready to play by using this gamer icon.

50. Simple Mountain Icon

— This cute little mountain is so well designed that you might think you’re actually outside. te

social media icons - music icons51. Basic Music Icon

— Let the tunes play on with this one!

52. Ring Icon

— Get hitched with this minimalistic icon!

53. Glasses Icon

— Enjoy seeing the wonder that is this icon!

54. Lone Tree Icon

— This simple tree is a perfect addition to any backdrop.

55. Map Marker Icon

— Show people where you are with this simple map marker.

56. Open Book Icon

— You might be ready to learn or share with this icon. It’s perfect for any basic design.

57. Bed Time Icon

— This one is great for when you’re up late designing.

58. Flower Icon

— This simple icon is perfect for showing your love of nature quickly and easily.

59. Anchor Icon

— Show that your design is a safe harbor with this cute little anchor icon.

60. Present Icon

— The real gift is how adorable this minimalistic design is.

social media icons - home icons61. Home Icon

— There’s no place like this free online vector.

62. Helicopter Icon

— You can use this adorable helicopter icon for any design that might need a lift.

63. Colorful Lightbulb Icon

— Use this cute design to show someone that you have a really good idea.

64. Cute Neighborhood Icon

— This simple image will show everyone that you’re bringing good things to your local area.

65. Modern Camera Icon

— This fun icon is perfect for showing people that you take amazing pictures.

66. Sign Icon

— Use this icon to point people in a different direction.

67. Flag Icon

— This simple design is a great way to mark the end of something big.

68. Grocery Basket Icon

— Show everyone how easily they can shop with you with this fun icon.

69. Bitcoin Icon

— Let everyone know that you’re open for Bitcoin business using this modern icon.

70. Lego Brick Icon

— This icon is great for design, but try not to step on it!

71. Beer Icon

— This incredibly important icon can be used in a variety of fun ways.

social media icons - calendar icons72. Calendar Timer Icon

— Show people that you are working on a schedule with this helpful icon.

73. Traffic Cone Icon

— When you’re under construction, let people know with this simple graphic.

74. Finish Line Icon

— With this flag, let people know that the race is officially over.

75. Planet Earth Icon

— Show people that you’re thinking about our giant home by adding this anywhere.

76. Keys Icon

— You’ll never lose these keys, so share them with everyone!

77. Lightning Bolt Icon

— This icon is great when inspiration strikes!

78. News Icon

— Remind people to stay up to date on current events with this icon.

79. Pencil Icon

— Show people that you’re ready to draft up your next big idea with this one.

80. Sticky Note Icon

— Help people to remember that something has to be done using this helpful sticky note!

81. Puzzle Piece Icon

— This fun piece might be just what you were missing from the bigger picture!

social media icons - checkmark icons82. Approval Icon

— Show people that everything is in good order with this helpful icon.

83. Skull Icon

— You might not use this professionally, but it sure is a lot of fun.

84. Sun Icon

— Let people know that you’re ready to soak up some rays with this adorable icon.

85. Recycling Bin Icon

— Enjoy reminding people to look out for the planet with this helpful icon.

86. Lotus Icon

— Show people that you’re serious about health and wellness with this adorable yoga-themed icon.

87. Yin Yang Icon

— For those projects that just require a little more balance!

88. Comment Icon

— Leave some feedback with this business icon.

89. Happy Customer Icon

— Communicate to your customers that their happiness matters with this simple icon.

social media icons - birthday icons90. Birthday Cake Icon

— Celebrate someone with this adorably simple icon.

91. Notification Icon

— Show people that you are on high alert with this icon.

92. Graduation Cap Icon

— This icon is perfect to symbolize a person’s academic achievements!

93. Dollar Sign Icon

— Use this to show them that you need money to keep making such amazing content.

94. Quotes Icon

— This simple icon is perfect when you have something to say!

95. Pie Chart Icon

— This is a great way to show people just how organized you are. It’s effective for sales discussions.

96. Trophy Icon

— Show your visitors what they have won with this amazing trophy icon.

97. Crown Icon

— Let people know that royalty has arrived with this fun icon.

98. Email Icon

— You can use this to send a message to your customers!

99. Gear Icon

— Let people know that you’re all about the settings with this classic icon.

100. Champagne Toast Icon

— Celebrate in style with this fun icon that is sure to raise some spirits.

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If you’re looking to bring your design to the next level or for practice, this is a great start. You can enjoy all of these amazing free vectors and more online.

Whether you’re looking for a vector icon set or an individual icon, we have you covered. Using these free vector icons is a great way to get you started!

If you use free vectors in your design work, which free vectors would you use?

Vector Icon FAQ

Where can I get free vector icons?

This article contains a curatated list of the best 100 free vector icons.

What is a vector icon?

A vector icon is an icon designed in a vector program like Illustrator. A vector icon can scale in size without loosing quality or becoming pixelated unlike an icon created in raster-based programs like Photoshop.

Is Flat icon free?

Yes! You can get many flat icons from this article.

Is a PNG a vector file?

No. PNG is a type of image rendered from raster-based photo-editing programs. Vector files are .ai or .eps image type.


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