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24 Best Online Acrylic Painting Classes

24 Best Online Acrylic Painting Classes

Finding online acrylic painting classes can be challenging but worry no more. I have listed the courses that could help you organize your art supplies in the best possible ways, even if you are a beginner.

So, do not wait any more, and let’s follow some tips and tools to improve your painting skills!

Are you looking for the Best Online Acrylic Painting Classes? Follow this guide to get all the information and instructions regarding them – read more.

Please read: We can only do this with support from our readers. When you purchase an item through the links on this site, we may earn a commission at no additional cost to you. Thank you! Read our disclosure for more information.

1. Nancy Medina Art

online acrylic painting class

Want to make stunning acrylic art?

Paint bold, vibrant pieces you’ll be proud of right from home—without years of group lessons or learning to draw first. Enroll with Nancy Medina Art to have fun learning to paint vibrant florals and landscapes with a caring mentor.

The courses are based on years of developing and teaching a method that makes doing so not only possible but FUN.

Nancy Medina can help you follow your bliss and evolve in your painting journey. Her techniques will help you block in shapes easily with an impressionistic style and show you how to create color mixes that glow.

You’ll get a lifetime membership and a well of tools and resources with Nancy Medina Art

For all levels of painters

Along with full-length paintings, you get bite-sized lessons for beginners, templates, and palette maps. Get step-by-step help on setting up and using all your tools.

24/7 access to your lessons

Jump into your online lessons any time, any place, and on your own schedule. Need to take a break? No problem. They’ll always be here when you’re ready.

30-day guarantee

Upon enrollment, you’ll be able to try the entire method for 30 days and see if it’s right for you. If it’s not, you can return it and get a 100% refund.

Individual feedback

Have a question specifically about your painting lessons or a particular color mix that has you stumped? They can help! They have dedicated staff ready and waiting.

Technical support

They have a dedicated team ready to help you with any questions you may have while using the online method.

Palette Conversion for Oils

The class includes conversions and a palette map in both acrylics and oils. Keep in mind, however, that all the lessons are taught in acrylics.

Secret Sauce Medium Recipe

Nancy will also give you her original secret weapon recipe to help your acrylics stay wet longer, blend better, and glide beautifully on canvas—you will never want to paint without this again!

2. Art By Nolan

art by nolan

If you are looking for free online acrylic painting classes, I suggest you check out online art lessons by Nolan Clark.

I have seen many art students follow Nolan Clark and have been active participants in his forum.

Clark has expanded that forum into an outstanding mew members-only website full of free tutorials and teaching aids.

Does Nolan Clark Offer Free Online Acrylic Painting Classes?

Yes, it does. The site will help you find hundreds of free online acrylic painting classes.

Most lessons contain a text tutorial and a narrated time-lapse video for you to follow.

They also add new free tutorials every week.

You will find over 100 free online painting classes you can follow.

How Can You Become A Patron Member?

If you join the Nolan Clark mailing list, they can also send you the occasional round-up email of many new tutorials added to the site.

If you prefer to paint or draw along, then you can become a Patron member, which will give you access to hundreds of paintings along with art classes and courses.

You have 24/7 access to your free online acrylic painting classes, so you can take a few hours to weeks to complete each artwork.

How Can You Interact With Other Members?

I suggest you rewind and re-watch tutorials as much as you need, every step of the way.

You can chat with fellow students, post your artworks for feedback from the group and get answers to your questions.

They usually sell these classes individually for $9 each, which means this offer is incredible value for money.

3.  Bob Ross Acrylic Painting Tutorials

bob ross acrylic painting tutorials

Why not dive into 31 seasons of the late Bob Ross’ The Joy of Painting, free online acrylic painting classes available on Youtube?

The original season ran from 1983 to 1994 but fortunately didn’t disappear after the television artist’s death.

Practice Landscapes

In each half-hour episode, Ross teaches you various techniques for landscape painting, allowing viewers to follow along with a gentle reminder: “You can do it for sure!”

He has picked several spots to begin painting landscapes.

Mountain lakes and pristine forests full of snow-dappled trees abound in the

Ross was influenced by these landscapes throughout his career, including after returning to his home state of Florida.

Ross teaches the unique landscape techniques you would find nowhere.

It is the main reason I put this course on top.

Does Bob Ross Entertain Beginners?

Ross gave comfort by delivering many Beginner acrylic painting courses, assuring you of the 16th-century all prima or “wet-on-wet” technique he demonstrated on screen.

4.  Malcolm Dewey

online acrylic painting class vy malcolm dewey

In this class, Malcolm Dewey offers an acrylic painting course for beginners.

In this course, he concentrates on giving acrylic painters who have never painted before a solid lead for paint effectively.

What Is The Theme Of Malcolm Dewey Courses?

Overall he wants you to come out of this course with a strong foundation for a great painting.

Of course, in the end, you can use acrylic paints with confidence and paint many different subjects ranging from landscapes to portraits, flowers, modern expressive or traditional paintings.

No matter what you choose to paint with one day, this course will help you go forward in whatever direction you want.

5.  Will Kemp Art School

will kemp art school

Will Kemp Art too offers an acrylic painting course for beginners.

He has helped many aspiring artists stop procrastinating, get paint on canvas, and start their creative journey.

What Is The Aim of the course?

This course aims to provide a new pathway for beginners.

Acrylics dry quickly even when diluted with water.

This is why, throughout this course, I see him constantly keeping his brush damp and adding water to the mix.

He also demonstrates using a stay wet palette to keep acrylics moist over a more extended period.

Will Kemp Art School Acrylic Technique

These courses introduce you to each new technique slowly and in a logical, progressive sequence.

The course splits into seven online acrylic painting classes that you can take daily, perfect if you want to paint in a week.

Else, you can study each class every weekend to give yourself continuity in your painting practice.

By the end of the course, you would have created three different painting studies, and each looked at a different painting style.

6. SkillShare Acrylic Classes

skillshare acrylic classes

SkillShare offers you a lesson in the time you have got, whether it be 15 minutes, half-hour or one hour.

Some are many hours long because they go deep into the nitty-gritty acrylic paintings and the technical stuff.

Does SkillShare Offer Customized Courses?

You can also choose your favorite colors and go to the classes.

Doing so helps you make landscapes and other paintings with your preferred colors.

You can learn to use brush strokes the same way an artist uses them.

Learn Acrylics In Real-Time

According to me, the best part about Skillshare is that you learn acrylics in real time.

It is not two steps because it offers you a very detailed tutorial, and you could take time painting.

7.  TakeLessons

online acrylic painting class by take lessons

TakeLessons is a top-rated website for online teaching stuff.

Each month, around 2 million people benefit from the teaching skills and expertise provided through online classes.

TakeLessons provides you with customized, private lessons from the best instructors.

Paid Online Acrylic Courses

You can take paid online acrylic painting classes here.

I am writing this course info for those who have paid for the course and then find the classes just not suitable.

The best part is that the fee is refundable if you don’t find courses worth your time and money.

Course Charges

A 60-minute acrylic painting lesson costs an average of $74.99.

Although the exact price depends on the instructor, lesson form, and venue, you can budget between $50 and $121.98 per hour.

This website also offers customized timing and teaching styles to rock your abilities at a faster pace.

8.  Udemy Acrylic Classes

udemy acrylic classes

Udemy helps people achieve their goals and fulfill their dreams by linking students worldwide to the best instructors.

Learn to paint with acrylics online at your own pace.

Start today and become an expert in a matter of days.

Course Benefits

Join the millions of learners on Udemy from all over the world who are already learning!

A money-back guarantee for 30 days, instructors with extensive experience, and access for the rest of your life is what makes it one of the best. Also, you can save it to your phone.

9.  LinkedIn

linkedin acrylic courses

This website is a model of professionalism that guarantees students an enjoyable learning experience.

Beginners acrylic painting courses are also available on

There are video lessons as well as reading materials on the website.

Students can get step-by-step guidance for creating the strokes from the reading content.

Use Adobe Software Acrylics

On the other hand, this website has taken a unique approach to teaching you how to paint with Adobe software acrylics. creates integrated courses that teach you about materials, setup, and all painting techniques.

There are also exercise files available for you to practice.

10.  Reed

reed acrylic painting courses

Reed has created a diverse selection of Acrylic Painting courses to meet the needs and objectives of painting enthusiasts.

The teachers have planned all the videos in all of the systems with an emphasis on information.

It would be best if you looked for courses in a variety of price ranges.

You can customize the price range by choosing from a variety of choices.

Self-Paced Acrylic Courses

Any student who completes the video lessons and passes the final quiz receives a certificate of completion from

Furthermore, all of the courses are self-paced, which means you can learn whenever you want, with no time constraints. In terms of payment, students can choose from various options, resulting in greater course accessibility.

11. Study

study acrylic painting is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, for the best possible learning experience.

The desired part about this website is that it simplifies advanced techniques and makes it simple to learn complex techniques.

Step-By-Step Approach

Since practice makes it better, this website includes routine homework.

The homework, on the other hand, is compiled with simple instructions and a step-by-step approach.

By making an account, you can not only learn but also master acrylic painting skills.

I think this website is good for someone who wants to learn while still having fun.

12. Universal Class

universal class

You will be able to access online acrylic painting courses through

This website has about sixteen lessons that will teach you everything you need to know about acrylic painting.

You can print reading materials from for offline learning.

The videos are self-paced, allowing you to learn whenever you have free time.

How Can You Get Unlimited Access To Universal Class?

I got unlimited access to the acrylic course after signing up. offered CEUs, and the videos available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Regardless of the operating system, I could navigate the course on laptops, tablets, and cell phones.

13. Superprof

superprof is an excellent resource for learning new skills.

There’s something for everyone on the website, and if you want to try acrylic painting, they’ve got something for you as well.

I would suggest this course for all of you who want to learn acrylics from the comfort of your home.

Connect To Instructor’s Profile

You can access teacher profiles to determine the course’s credibility and validity.

I myself enjoyed this immersive learning experience as all teachers give live video sessions on Zoom or Skype.

You will communicate with teachers, express your needs and objectives, and they will create tailored video sessions for you.

In terms of the course, students have free access to the first session.

14. Free Online Art Classes

free online art classes is a fantastic resource for learning.

Acrylic courses are for three ability levels: beginners, intermediate, and advanced.

Free Access To Acrylic Tips And Hacks

You can learn simple tips, strategies, and hacks from the YouTube channel created by the website.

On the website, you can purchase some advanced lessons. offers a variety of payment options, making the course more accessible to all.

15. Online Art Lessons

online art lessons

Learn how to blend colors, lay foundations, and render strokes to produce a masterpiece with

Course Levels

This website offers a variety of courses for those interested in learning how to paint using acrylics.

There are beginner courses where students learn how to set up the palette and combine colors according to the art style.

You will learn how to make paintings with the intermediate class, and as you progress, you can learn how to make precise strokes.

Course-Course Duration

Each course begins after a certain amount of time has passed.

Each week, a new collection of modules will become available until completed.

When one course finishes, the next one will begin, so the longer you are a student, the more courses you will access. (All classes and modules in each course are available to lifetime members immediately.)

16. Domestika

domestika is an excellent place to start if you want to learn acrylic painting since it offers various courses.

Experts created these courses to aid in the acquisition of top-notch skills.

Course Levels

Multiple beginner acrylic painting courses, intermediates, and advanced courses are on this website. will teach you all of the necessary techniques and tips, whether you’re combining colors or drawing abstracts.

Does Domestika Offer Paid Courses?

All of the courses on are for a fee, and students can pay in various ways.

For iOS and Android users, Domestika has created a unique app that allows them to access video lessons at any time.

17. The Beginning Artist

the beginning artist

Professional artists have created courses for The Beginning Artist, which include video lessons.

You may also find additional reading material that provides analytical information.

Students who want to be accredited can also get certificates of completion from the website.

Does The Course Entertain Beginners?

I am sure Matthew’s online acrylic painting course is ideal for those who are just getting started.

Since no previous knowledge is needed, all you need to bring is your desire to learn.

The course’s goal is to help you progress from a novice to creating professional acrylic paintings.

Although the system is primarily video-based, it also includes some Ebooks for easy reference.

What Is The Module Strategy?

Every module builds on the one before it, covering topics like art supplies, stretching canvas, mixing colors, color theory, and painting with a knife.

You will learn more than a year’s worth of trial and error by simply following every step of the demonstration.

Course Content

The Beginning Artist Course is the best Beginners Acrylic Painting Course.

It contains four hours of video, 33 supplemental resources, and a certificate of completion.

Go ahead!

18. Visual Art Centre

visual art centre

Visual Arts Centre is a website dedicated to acrylic painting enthusiasts.

These are, without a doubt, the best online art classes available.

They use Zoom on the website to have live video sessions.

Since you will be interacting with teachers face-to-face, learning will be interactive.

Course Features

● These online acrylic courses help you learn a range of professional acrylic painting techniques, brushstroke skills and complete a Landscape painting in two sessions.

● You can join in any of the three courses, including 2, 4, or 6 sessions. Each session’s length is about 2 hours and 15minutes.

● Visual Art Centre offers Clear guidance and explanation, same time live art demonstration by a professional art instructor (Catered to both English and Chinese instruction at attendees’ request).

● These online classes are dynamic for beginners, advanced levels adults, or teenagers.

19. Lead Academy

lead academy created these online acrylic painting classes to help students improve their acrylic painting skills.

It means you can practice acrylic painting without breaking the bank and at a time that is convenient for you.

How Can You Get Unlimited Access To Lead Academy?

After I signed up for the course, I got unlimited access to it for the rest of my life.

Furthermore, there are no set schedules, and I can access the e-learning content at any time.

The thing that makes me like Lead Academy courses is that here are no hidden fees.

Overall, it’s a very user-friendly website with quick access to acrylic painting classes and video tutorials.

How To Order Your Completion Certificate?

You can order a certificate of achievement as evidence of your new ability after completing the course.

The certificate of achievement is an official document that verifies that you completed a Lead Academy course successfully.

Our website allows you or your employer to check the validity of your certificate.

20. My Painting Club

my painting club

Richard Robinson runs this website with painting tutorials.

If you sign up for his newsletter online, you’ll get access to some of his incredible acrylic painting lessons.

I like this website for its impressionist Plain-art landscape paintings.

Furthermore, you can always take things a step further and enroll in paid courses, which are relatively inexpensive.

21. Artists Network

artist network

Artists Network is a one-stop shop for all things artistic.

You will learn a few tricks and tips that will help you plan the next piece of the acrylic framework.

You can also create a profile and contact other artists for assistance, and get influence from various paintings displayed there.

Stream Digital Content

You can improve the practice by having access to exclusive digital content.

Stream over 850 art videos from world-renowned teachers, or search our digital collection of Artists Magazine issues for inspiration.

Artists Network keeps you informed with weekly updates and other resources.

When you join the Artists Network, you’ll have immediate access to everything!

22. Clive5Art Acrylic Painting Tutorials

clive5art acrylic painting tutorials

Clive, a British artist, makes learning to paint enjoyable and interesting through his images.

According to the introduction of his Youtube channel, he wants to make art available to people of all ages.

Most of his videos are about online acrylic painting courses and have a step-by-step guide, assembling the videos entertaining and educational.

23. Jon Berkeley

jon berkeley

For around 30 years, Jon Berkeley has been drawing magazines, newspapers, and book covers.

He’s written for L’Express, The New Statesman, Volkskrant, The Economist, and others.

His expertise is in illustrating the message of a complex story, and with this course, you’ll learn how to transform your sketches into striking, professional work using acrylics.

Jon’s Innovative Approach

With Jon’s innovative and unique approach, learn how to illustrate acrylic paint to enhance your work with vibrant colors and unearth a captivating picture.

Learn how to use acrylic paints when creating a solid, professional-looking conceptual illustration based on a real brief from a major news publication.

24. Renjitha Anoop Acrylic Painting Tutorials

renjitha anoop acrylic painting tutorials

Renjitha discusses painting in depth on her YouTube channel.

Her channel has many playlists ranging from acrylic painting tips to a step-by-step guide to help anyone learn to paint through her videos and tutorials, from an artist to an austere art enthusiast.

Acrylic Theme

Renjitha shares incredible tutorials related to acrylic flower paintings.

Those who love flower blossoms and nature can enjoy her lessons heartily!

Other related topics to help you with acrylic painting:


You can choose from a variety of art forms that best fit you.

Acrylic painting is a good choice if you want to express your thoughts and feelings through art.

People have designed all these websites to provide a comprehensive learning experience. Go ahead and order a canvas, paint, and paintbrush.

You are now ready to create a masterpiece!

I also listed some beginner acrylic painting courses that will set you up with a solid base to become a confident acrylic painter and learn more advanced skills if you are self-taught and want to fill in the gaps for better performance and productivity.

online acrylic painting classes


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