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35 High-Resolution Seamless Paper Textures

35 High-Resolution Seamless Paper Textures

Textures are an invaluable tool in the world of design. Using the right high-quality textures can lead to some incredibly amazing final products.

Though textures come in all shapes and sizes, if there is one favored kind of texture, it is paper textures.

The right high-resolution paper texture can bring so much to a design or be a great background to your drawing, which is why I made a list of fun ones for you.

You will have an absolute blast seeing what you can make with these seamless paper textures. There is something for every kind of project here.

seamless paper textures

Various Paper Textures

various paper textures

If you’re looking for a classic take on this, these paper textures are perfect.

You can enjoy a variety of helpful textures without needing to find multiple versions.

This is a great paper texture set that provides you with a variety of paper options.

It is great for any kind of design work built around note writing.

More importantly, it makes it easy for you to focus on trying different options depending on each type of project.

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Wrapping Paper Texture

wrapping paper texture

Sometimes you need a paper texture with more of a mysterious look.

This nondescript wrapping paper texture is perfect for adding something special to any design.

You can have fun with this paper with texture in a variety of ways whether you want it for art or design.

This is a free high-resolution texture giving a realistic wapping paper texture.

Grunge Paper Textures

grunge paper textures

There are times when you need paper textures with a little more spark.

With this amazing grunge pack, you can enjoy a variety of fun paper texture options.

It is easy to see how you can use this in various ways. It’s a large pack with twenty textures in total, so there is plenty to play with here.

Crumpled Paper Texture

crumpled paper textures

Sometimes you just need to crumple up an idea and toss it out.

Other times you have to unfold the paper and look at the completely amazing pattern.

This is one of those times.

You can easily enjoy finding all kinds of fun ways to use this dramatic crumpled paper texture.

Basic Paper Texture

basic paper texture

If you’re looking for something that is paper but not over the top, look no further.

This is one texture that you can enjoy the simplicity of.

It is distinguished enough to be an obvious texture, but it isn’t too loud.

This makes it easy for you to enjoy it.

High-Resolution Paper Texture

high resolution paper texture

If you need a standard pack with more high-quality images, try this.

You can enjoy looking through this fun pack to find some good basic textures.

This set offers you a collection of more beneficial textures that are perfect for helping you to improve your projects.

This is a basic set that is good for a variety of efforts.

Vintage Papers

vintage paper textures

This amazing set of vintage papers is perfect for helping you to get the most out of a unique project.

We adore the way that these amazing papers look, and we think you will too.

Vintage papers are perfect for making art that requires a little something special.

They bring an amazing look and feel to anything you want to make.

Father and Son Paper Textures

father son paper texture

These might not be perfect for any project, but they sure come in handy.

The father and son paper set makes it easy for you to make quality projects that might require something unique.

It is easy for you to see just how great these are for certain events, particularly Father’s Day.

Folded Paper Textures

folded paper textures

Sometimes you need something a little more basic.

These beautiful folded paper textures are great for getting to work with a variety of basic projects.

They are incredibly neutral, making it easy for you to enjoy using them.

They come in a variety of fun colors and are great for plenty of ideas, particularly marketing.

Seamless Paper Texture Backgrounds

seamless paper textures

These seamless paper texture backgrounds come in a set of 6.

They are perfect for Photoshop, Procreate, or drawing app overlay patterns.

Floral Papers

floral paper texture

Floral paper can be a valuable asset for a wide range of projects.

Depending on what your needs are, you might enjoy using these floral designs.

They bring a unique and artistic touch to your work that can help add a little something extra to just about any design.

They come in a variety of versions with different colors and patterns.

Modern Grunge Paper Textures

modern grunge paper textures

If you are looking for something that is kind of grunge but a little better, look no further than this.

You will love the spirit of grunge within this design, but the modern elements bring it all together to make something special.

Abstract Paper Textures

abstract paper texture

Every once in a while, a project requires a little something more.

These abstract paper textures are perfect for helping you to make cool things.

You will love seeing the fun ways that you can use these exciting textures.

They are an absolute delight to play with. You can make some very cool projects.

Painted Paper Textures

painted paper textures

If you are looking for something a little more artistic, these are a ton of fun.

It is amazing to see just how much you can do with these unique designs.

They vary in intensity and color, making it a fun challenge to see what you can do with them.

There are countless ways to go about using them.

Brighter Days Paper Textures

brighter days paper texture

When it comes to making something with a pop of optimism, these are great.

You will love the energy of these textures and the way that they make your design seem to glow.

These might not look like traditional paper, but they sure do a lot to bring cool elements to any design.

Vintage Grunge Papers

vintage grunge textures

Sometimes you need vintage. Sometimes you need grunge.

These amazing paper textures offer a little bit of both.

You can enjoy a vintage feel with a distinct grunge element that adds something pretty cool to every design.

It manages to make you feel like you’re wandering the streets of London in a previous era.

Detailed Grunge Paper Texture

detailed grunge paper texture

This is one grunge paper texture that passes the rest.

Instead of a general effect, it focuses on a very cool design.

You will love seeing everything that this texture can do.

It is perfect for images involving maps or notes. It has so much potential and looks amazing even when used alone.

Pink Grungy Paper Textures

pink grunge paper texture

Grunge doesn’t always have to be dark and gloomy.

With this amazing design, you can easily enjoy a pop of serious color.

These pink paper packs are perfect for helping you to add fun to all of your projects.

They come in all different designs and patterns, making it easy for you to find one for everyone.

Nature Calls Paper Pack

nature calls paper texture pack

If you are looking for something a little more natural, look no further.

These nature-themed paper textures are great for helping you to add a little bit of life to a design.

They offer a fun look at some natural elements and act as a great backdrop.

These are fun to play with.

10 Vintage Papers

vintage papers

Vintage has and always be a total look.

With this amazing paper pack, you can bring something truly special to your next big project.

They speak of older and simpler times long before the chaos of the digital era.

With these patterns, you can make old-timey designs in a matter of minutes.

You might be pretty amazed by how good they look.

Grunge Up In The Woods Textures

grunge up in the woods paper

The name for these textures is weirdly right and weirdly wrong.

It is easy to see the woodland colors with a fun grunge element.

In a way, they look like truly amazing backdrops.

The design is almost painted in nature, and people seem to love it.

Watercolor Paper Texture

watercolor paper texture

Watercolor designs are always a beautiful touch to add to just about any project.

You will love the texture and colors of this design.

It’s perfect for bringing together a variety of calming elements for the better.

You can easily find a variety of ways to use these fun textures.

Realistic Paper Grain Texture

realistic paper grain

If you want a completely authentic paper feel, look no further.

This is a texture setup that has you completely covered.

You can easily create the perfect backdrop for just about any kind of project.

It is not only realistic but incredibly easy to use.

Blueprint Paper Texture

blueprint paper texture

There are times when you need a much more exciting paper texture and this has your back.

You will love seeing this blueprint paper texture in action. It is perfect for all kinds of backdrop options.

It brings something truly fun and interesting to any design.

While you might not need it for every project, it is worth holding onto.

White Canvas Paper Texture

white canvas texture

If you’re looking for more of a canvas paper feel, you will love this texture.

It makes it easy for you to enjoy a cool texture experience in a way that is easy to use.

Have fun exploring the various design options with this one. It is perfectly neutral and very easy to use.

Old-Timey Grunge Paper Texture

old-timey grunge paper texture

This design isn’t nearly as grunge as it sounds, but it is nice.

You will have fun adding this old-timey texture to a variety of fun projects.

It has a beautiful look and feels that can easily spice up just about anything.

You simply can’t beat this kind of paper texture when you want to add an air of mystery.

Corporate Grunge Paper Texture

corporate grunge paper

If there is one kind of interesting texture that you can enjoy, this is it.

You will love the professional vintage feel of this design.

It is perfect for helping you to get the most out of a fun design with a unique feel.

It also helps that it is perfect for science fiction design elements.

Old Paper Texture Pack

old paper texture

When it comes down to it, you will love the look and feel of this design.

This texture pack is amazing for improving the quality of your projects.

They make any project look that much more interesting and aged.

Paper Stock Textures

paper stock texture

This is an amazing set of paper textures that will suit the majority of your needs.

You can have fun exploring some of these easy and basic textures in your free time.

It’s a great set if you just want to try new things.

Notebook Paper Texture

notebook paper texture

This is one must-have in the world of paper textures.

It not only looks great, but it can add character to the right design.

You will have fun playing with this and helping to get the most out of this original look.

It might be just what you are looking for.

Rice Paper Texture

rice paper texture

These paper texture backgrounds are subtle and seamless.

It comes in a pack of 12 unique rice paper textures. There are 1024×1024 and 2048×2048 versions.

This also comes with some great Photoshop pattern presets.

Soft Paper Texture

soft paper texture

This soft paper texture captures a stunning watercolor feel with very soft and subtle watercolor stains.

Aged Paper Texture

aged paper

This aged paper texture is on beige paper and has a vintage vibe.

It’s a high-quality texture that has a damaged look to it.

This grainy paper textured background is great to add a retro vibe to your work.

Toned Paper Texture

toned paper texture

This toned paper texture has an even color to it.

This makes it a great paper texture background for drawings of a wide variety of mediums, especially ink.

Natural Paper Textures

natural paper textures

These natural paper textures are in hi-def png format.

These come in a set of 7 beautifully made organic paper textures that are free.


Using the right textures is a fun way to bring an extra element to your design. There are so many different ways to use these fun and thrilling paper textures.

If you are looking for any variety of paper textures, there should be something in this list that is ready to help you out. You might just find that these textures can bring the perfect final touch to your next big project.

Do you use paper textures in your work?