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15 Best Drawing Apps for Windows 10

15 Best Drawing Apps for Windows 10

Are you looking for a paint program or drawing software for Windows?

Digital painting and drawing are more popular than ever and creating art on a tablet have become quite convenient. 

That’s why I’m going to share the best drawing apps for Windows 10. 

microsoft paint programs

Windows Ink Workspace

The most common application to draw in on the Surface is the Windows Ink Workspace.

This was custom designed for this tool to yield great benefits.

It allows a couple of different options for you.

You can enjoy freely drawing or sketching in a simplistic environment.

As an added bonus, you can either draw with the Surface Pen, mouse, or your finger.

The options are yours, which makes it a versatile tool.

When you enter the Windows Ink Workspace, you do so by clicking the drawing pen.

If you needed any indication that it was for writing and drawing, there it is.

The system will immediately ask you if you want a whiteboard or full-screen snip.

You can use this to draw freely or doodle on your screen. It makes it fun and easy to draw without forcing you into anything serious.

A great perk of the Windows Ink Workspace is the fact that is has a variety of tools.

You can easily draw with all kinds of different pens and colors.

Some of them even change colors as you use them, which can be even more fun.

This is one space that is great for what it was intended.

It gives you an open drawing space and lets you add additional elements if you really want to.

Windows Ink is a great sketch software for pc.

Paint 3Dpaint 3d windows drawing app

As far as native applications go, Paint 3D is an interesting one.

This upgrade to the original Paint is something that leaves no stone unturned.

While the original version was easy to use and basic, this new version is another application altogether.

The new version comes with a variety of exciting new tools that make it easy and fun for you to get drawing.

The original Paint relied on a few key tools.

The new version has so many options, you’ll never use them all.

You have a variety of brush and color options.

You have a collection of shapes in both 2D and 3D, and you have stickers.

These stickers can be applied to a variety of fun drawings for your amusement.

There is no lack of room for creativity in this application.

Just like the Ink Workspace, you can draw in Paint 3D using a variety of tools.

It is open to the mouse, touchscreen, and even some drawing pads.

This makes it easy for you to get the most out of your drawing experience in your preferred way.

By allowing you complete control over a space, you can make surprisingly great art in this application.

As far as drawing apps for Windows goes, this is one free one that is truly great.

AutoDesk SketchBookautodesk sketchbook drawing app

This is one application that is on multiple platforms that people love.

Autodesk is a powerful drawing tool that knocks the competition out of the water.

In the drawing apps for Windows realm,

AutoDesk reigns supreme over all of the other drawing apps.

It has an extensive amount of functionality built into it that makes it ideal for most users.

AutoDesk is great for every level of artist.

The amazing functionality of AutoDesk makes it a popular option among digital artists.

People use this tool to create a wide range of truly amazing works of art.

For some people, it can be a basic tool.

For others, it is the means by which they create a masterpiece.

It can support you from start to finish as you begin learning about digital art.

This makes it a great platform for users to grow into.

One of the biggest perks of AutoDesk is its extensive collection of brush options.

There are endless brushes for you to use, which means you can fully customize.

While most apps are dependent on a few key brushes, AutoDesk goes all out.

If there is a kind of brush that you can imagine, the system probably has it.

They cover a wide range of artistic tools as well.

This allows versatility in your art style.

AutoDesk is built to support a variety of digital drawing approaches.

As a standard, you can create beautiful drawings in the system.

You can do this with the use of both pencil and marker options.

Beyond drawing, you can also paint or work with pastels in the system.

There are a wide variety of options, and these different tools mix perfectly.

As an added bonus, their brushes even come with a textured option to give your drawing that much more.

Sketchablesketchable windows drawing app

In the world of drawing apps for Windows, this is one that you won’t want to miss.

This awesome application is all kinds of fun when it comes to drawing.

Though it was made with the Surface in mind, that doesn’t necessarily limit its use.

Users will find an amazing tool in this product, which can help them to make awesome projects.

Sketchable brings together the power of layers like never before.

This makes it an optimal drawing environment that can easily help you improve your craft.

Layers are helpful when drawing because they allow you to sketch, draw, and add details without risk.

These can be used to easily fix a single mistake or help with adding fine details.

It allows you to grow into your process more, and you should never have to ruin a drawing.

It features:

  • Unique interface
  • Literal notebook in the digital world
  • Produce high quality, detailed work
  • Vast collection of brushes and color options
  • Draw in high definition
  • Free app that allows you to get straght into creating art


graphiter windows drawing app

This app is more than just a unique name and fun functionality.

In reality, this is one app that looks simple but is quite complex.

You might think that this is a standard sketching app, but there’s more to it.

This particular app holds quite a range between simplistic drawing and complex art.

It is a very versatile tool that can be used to help artists grow.

As would be expected, Graphiter is a tool that focuses on the use of pencils.

They offer both basic pencils and colored pencils.

However, the colored pencils do require an in-app purchase for an additional cost.

Fortunately, when you see the images that can be made in this app, you’ll understand why.

Most apps rely on the use of different brush types for some of the more complex effects.

Graphiter, on the other hand, makes it easy for you to create beautiful art using only pencils.

The tools that are provided by the system will surely test your skill as you grow your craft.

Instead of relying on tools to carry you, you can build your talents with pencil skills.

This is also a great way to practice for true graphite drawings if that interests you.

You can use this tool and all of its capabilities for the purpose of learning.

This makes it easy for you to build your talents at your own pace.

You’ll never have to worry about sharpening these pencils.

All you have to do is focus on making stunning pencil drawings.

No one will believe that the final product was made on a digital platform.


inkpaint windows drawing app

In the realm of Microsoft applications, InkPaint is another product made to work with Windows.

It’s a nice paint app for Windows and a perfect add-on to the other Ink spaces, which are native to the platform.

This add-on makes it easy for you to throw in some extra features to enhance your drawing experience.

You can enjoy all of the perks of the additional system features.

This app is great for getting the most out of your Ink experience with Microsoft.

It is designed to be added to the system so that you can easily enjoy a little extra functionality.

This system is great for drawing comic art and a variety of other things with its handy tools.

You might just be amazed by what you can create with this free application!


tracing windows drawing app

This is another add-on to existing Microsoft technology.

When you think of drawing apps for Windows, you might not consider tracing. In reality, tracing is a great way to learn how to get the most out of your drawing talent.

Sometimes it can be helpful to start here and build up your skills.

Tracing is a great way to learn how to draw and make certain strokes.

You will not believe just how quickly this helps you to learn.

The application lets you draw over any picture on your device.

Affinity Designer 

affinity designer

Affinity Designer is a vector program that allows you to create designs in a smooth way.

They pride themselves on being able to revolutionize your creative process.

The software is lightning fast, intuitive, with a low learning curve.

It includes vector pen, shape drawing tools, custom vector, and raster brushes, ability to import Photoshop brushes, text style management, various exporting options, brushstroke stabilization, and more.

In 2018, Affinity Designer won “Application Creator of the Year” at Windows Developer Awards.

Paint Tool Sai V2

paint tool sai

Paint Tool Sai’ is a digital painting application for the PC.

Its greatest strength is to do detailed brushwork when you are working with a compatible tablet.

If you’re looking to do manga or anime illustrations, Paint Tool Sai may be the program for you to make it easier compared to Photoshop, Illustrator, or Corel Painter.

It is one of the best painting softwares you can get for this.

Although it has some limited functionality, this program has a huge following and is a popular tool to create manga and anime illustrations.


concepts sketch drawing app

Concepts is a drawing app that is unique.

It’s more of a canvas on steroids that gives you the flexibility to think, plan, whiteboard thoughts, write ideas and notes, create product sketches, design plans, and then share them with the world!

It is used by professionals at Disney, Playstation, Apple, Google, and many others to transform concepts into reality.

Concepts’ highlight would definitely be the infinitely-sized canvas that allows you to endlessly whiteboard your thoughts or create detailed journey maps.

The infinite canvas could make Concepts the best sketching app for Windows 10.


leonardo drawing app

Leonardo is a drawing and painting application for Windows 10 that provides a smooth, clean, and really enjoyable experience on your tablet.

It lets you create easily in a way that you can quickly fire up the application and start creating an endless amount of art.

It has an infinite canvas with some amazing pencil and brush tools. The pencils look very natural and are easy to use.

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Krita is software for professional artists made by similar passionate artists in order to make art accessible to everyone.

It is suitable for devices using Windows, Mac, and Linux.

For a digital illustrator, this is the ideal software to experiment with art tools such as an extensive palette, layering, filters, and animations.

Krita is amazing for artists who are more into manga and comics.

The customization features of the app are unparalleled, ranging from brushes to pens.

Krita is recommended to all artists whether amateur or professional.


  • Designed for illustration
  • Completely free
  • Extremely easy to use
  • Interface is clean and isn’t cluttered with unnecessary tools unrelated to digital illustration
  • Works on Windows, Mac, and Linux
  • Import and export PSD files
  • Huge community to ask and share your work


microsoft onenote

OneNote is an easily overlooked but completely invaluable app.

Made by Microsoft, this app offers a full collection of notebook options.

You can write, list, and draw all in one app.

The tools provided in the drawing portion surpass most general notebook apps.

You can even enjoy some more creative color-changing options while you draw.

If you are looking for good drawing apps on the iPad, Microsoft has you covered.

This app excels when it comes to strong organizing, making it a must-have.

You can enjoy drawing and rearranging your notes to match your preferences.

Since it is Microsoft, you can find all of your work in the cloud as well.

All you need is your Microsoft office login, and you are good to go.

One Note includes:

  • Real time collaboration
  • Store information safely
  • Use on any device or significant operating system
  • Touch capacity for drawing
  • Record audio and video
  • Scan handwritten notes and convert them into text
  • Use on the go
  • Track changes and view revision history
  • Supports various multimedia
  • Integrate other Microsoft apps and plugins


medibang drawing app

MediBang is a fantastic choice for people who like to draw anime illustrations or future manga comic book artists.

It is one of the best art apps for Windows 10.

There are over 50 brushes and tones that are perfect to transform your line art drawings into polished works of art and sequential art.

There’re many painting brushes, access to tones of free resources, free comic fonts to help add a professional quality to your word bubbles, create comic panels easily, easily edit your art, easily add reference photos to your layers, share your work so you can easily collaborate with others, and have your work auto recovered.

MediBang also makes superb quality lines.

It might be a little confusing at first, but after getting some quick help you’ll soon love it and toss your other drawing apps out the door.

MediBang includes:

  • Sleek and lightweight performace
  • Over 50 brushes
  • Layers
  • Draw lines perfectly with Snap Guides
  • Easily create comic panels
  • Easily manage all your comic pages in one file
  • 800 free premade tones and backgrounds
  • Store on the cloud
  • Free fonts
  • Easily collaborate with others

Heavy Paint

heavy paint app

Heavy Paint is a simple and powerful painting software.

It is considered one of the best paint programs.

When you use the app, you will be able to focus on what is needed when painting; for example, the colors and shapes all within a streamlined interface.

It has elegant tools, a clean interface, and speed allowing you to create masterpieces without being overwhelmed by the tool itself.

You will be able to create digital paintings with a traditional feel and have some incredible tools to play around with.


Finding the right drawing apps for Windows can revolutionize your process.

Now that Microsoft has introduced the surface and the technology is increasing, you can expect to see more.

As Microsoft begins to pace the existing iPad lines, they will likely place more of a focus on these applications.

Already, they have built a wide collection of apps that can be used with ease.

It seems likely that they will continue to develop these over time.

As the trends shift and more people begin drawing on PCs, more big names will cross over to the platform.

You can safely expect a rise in third-party apps over time.

For the time being, there are still plenty of amazing systems that are perfect for your drawing needs.

As you experiment, you can practice with a variety of tools. Let this be a lesson that not all drawing apps cost a lot of money or any money at all.

You can enjoy a quality drawing experience with any of these applications!

What’s your favorite drawing app for Windows?

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    Drawing Apps FAQ

    What is the best free drawing program for Windows?

    Autodesk is one of the best drawing apps that is free. Affinity Designer is the best vector drawing. MediBang is the best manga drawing app.

    Is Sketchable free?

    Yes, it is absolutely free.

    Is there a Procreate for Windows?

    There isn’t a version of Procreate for Windows, but you can try Leonardo.