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118 Easy Stuff To Draw That Are Actually Fun

118 Easy Stuff To Draw That Are Actually Fun

Do you want to draw something but don’t know what to draw? Are you looking for easy stuff to draw that you can do in minutes?

With over 100 things you can draw with step-by-step instructions, you’ll surely find something you can draw.

Whether you’re looking for something that you can draw together with someone or something you can fill your sketchbook with, these are easy ideas that anyone can draw.

easy stuff to draw
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Oogie Boogie

how to draw oogie boogie from the nightmare before christmas

—This is one tutorial that every Nightmare Before Christmas fan needs. It makes it easy to draw your favorite villain!

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A Boat

draw a boat

Sometimes when you look for stuff to draw, you dream of adventure. This makes it easy for you to draw your favorite vessel in no time.

A Car

how to draw a lamborghini

If you are looking to draw a basic scene, this tutorial can help. You’ll love seeing all the places you can take it.

Cookie Monster

draw cookie monster

We all love cookies and this guy does it right. He might not be the cookie monster anymore, but you can throw it back with this tutorial.

Planet Earth A Fun Thing to Draw in Minutes

how to draw earth

Everyone should know how to draw their home planet. You will love this one.


how to draw gir

Invader Zim has recently made a comeback on Netflix. You can practice drawing his favorite sidekick in no time at all.

People who love EDM or Fortnite will love this tutorial. It’s easy to draw this icon!


how to draw marshmallow step by step for beginners

People who love EDM or Fortnite will love this tutorial. It’s easy to draw this icon!


how to draw pikachu

Many people are surprised to realize just how simple it is to draw this famous character. You will have a ton of fun doing it!

A Creeper

how to draw creeper

No, this isn’t how to draw a weird guy. This is for Minecraft fans looking for an easy challenge.

A Rose

how to draw a rose

You can draw a rose easily in 7 steps with this step-by-step tutorial on how to draw a rose.

A Whale

draw a whale step by step

Sometimes you just need to draw some giant marine life and call it a day.

Statue of Liberty

how to draw the statue of liberty

If you’re feeling patriotic or just want an easy challenge, go here. When you think of stuff to draw, this probably isn’t on the list. Fortunately for you, it’s on this list.


how to draw a sunflower

Everyone loves sunflowers. They are beautiful and generally indicative of a better time. Sometimes the best stuff to draw is just the stuff that makes you feel good.

Superman Symbol

how to draw a superman logo

Everyone needs a little superhero energy every once in a while. With this easy tutorial, you can draw this iconic symbol in minutes!


draw flamingo cartoon

This exotic and elegant bird is incredibly easy to draw with this how-to-draw step-by-step tutorial.


how to draw a tulip

As far as stuff to draw goes, these adorable tulips are plenty of fun to practice on. You can enjoy getting the most out of this simple drawing whether it is for fun or presentation.


how to draw a deer step by step

Bambi has nothing on this deer! Learn how to draw a deer with this step-by-step tutorial that makes it easy to draw this woodland creature.

A Train

how to draw a train for kids

Whether you’re jumping on a train or just want to draw one, this tutorial is perfect for you.

Winnie The Pooh

how to draw winnie the pooh

This adorable bundle of childhood joy is surprisingly easy to draw.


how to draw yoshi step by step

This might be a weird party trick, but people will always be impressed if you can draw Yoshi. It’s just a fact.

A Zombie

how to draw zombies

We might not have zombies in every movie or book anymore, but they still matter. Learn how to draw one here!

A Pumpkin

pumpkin drawing

Pumpkins are delightful fall decorations and delicious food. Show your dedication to them by drawing one with this tutorial!

A Turkey

how to draw a turkey

This might not be your usual hand turkey tutorial, but we think that you’ll like it all the same.

A Cornucopia

how to draw a cornucopia

This is one of those classically drawn items everyone should know. Try your hand at artistic expertise in no time!

Cartoon Panda

how to draw a cartoon panda

This is a tutorial that you will use for the rest of your life. In a mere matter of minutes, you can have an adorable panda staring back at you.


how to draw a dog

All dogs are very good and this tutorial is very good too. Enjoy drawing a new furry friend!

Cat in a Box

draw cat in a box step 18

Some people prefer cats to dogs. It isn’t up to us to say what is right or wrong, but this tutorial is for those people.


how to draw a dragon

For the fantasy buffs out there, this is one amazing tutorial. You can have your very own dragon head in no time at all.

Small Bird

how to draw a small bird

This is one drawing tutorial that will make you look important and accomplished. Enjoy giving it a shot!


how to draw a daffodil

Lilies are beautiful flowers that look great when drawn. Use this easy tutorial to make one of your very own!

How to Draw Eyes

how to draw an eye

This is one tutorial that people love. As far as best stuff to draw goes, eyes are high up on the list!

A Shoe

how to draw a shoe

Every once in a while you want to draw something simple. This easy tutorial can help you with that.

Holding Hands

how to draw holding hands

Holding hands is a great way to express closeness with another person. Drawing them might not be that, but it sure is fun.

A Candle

how to draw a candle

Sometimes you want to draw something that lights up the page. This is an excellent way to make your world a little brighter.

Flames and Smoke

how to draw flames and smoke

They say where there is smoke, there is fire. With this easy tutorial, you can enjoy both.


how to draw clouds

If there is one thing artists love, it is drawing clouds. Enjoy learning how to draw them with this easy tutorial!

The Impossible Triangle

how to draw the impossible triangle

You might upset someone when this drawing melts their brain, but it’s a valuable skill to have. Bright side, it looks cool.


how to draw acorns

As far as stuff to draw goes, you probably haven’t considered acorns. The good news is that you can now totally consider acorns.

A Jet

how to draw a jet

Jets are surprisingly fun to draw and this tutorial makes it easy. Have fun exploring a world of possibility here.

A Scarecrow

how to draw a scarecrow

This adorable scarecrow tutorial is so much fun you will want to show everyone.

Oak Leaves

how to draw oak leaves

When it comes to finding good stuff to draw, leaves always seem to win.

A Slice of Pie

how to draw a slice of pie

Pie is a delicious treat that is surprisingly easy to draw. Have fun with this one!

A Dog Bone | One of the Easiest Things to Draw

how to draw a dog bone

If you are looking for a simple thing to draw, dog bones are perfect. They are surprisingly fun to draw too!

Cat PawPrints

draw cat paw print

Pawprints are always a great thing to draw because they look so cute. Enjoy making a kitty walk across your page!

A Banana

how to draw a banana

Sometimes you just need a really basic tutorial and this one doesn’t let you down. A banana is a perfectly simple thing to draw!

Cotton Candy

how to draw cotton candy

Cotton candy is delicious, but it is also fun to draw. You can enjoy sketching out this tasty treat in no time at all!

Poop Emoji

how to draw poop emoji

This tutorial might not be for everyone, but it is a lot of fun and fairly simple. Enjoy this modern tutorial!

A Milkshake

how to draw a milkshake

Sometimes you just need something tasty and refreshing on the page. This fun tutorial will have you drawing amazing milkshakes in no time.

A Beach Ball

how to draw a beach ball

Whether it is summer or not, a beach ball represents freedom and summer bliss.

A DNA Strand

how to draw a dna strand

You might not be working on a biology project, but DNA is still cool. This tutorial will help you look scientific in no time!

A Tornado

how to draw a tornado

If you want something that moves the page, look no further. This tornado tutorial is easy and fun!

The Planets In Space

how to draw planets

This is one fun tutorial that is out of this world. You can draw popular planets in space in no time with this great tutorial.

A Lake

how to draw a lake

If you are looking for an excuse to draw water, look no further. This is an easy tutorial that can help you set the scene.

A Shooting Star

how to draw a shooting star

When you want something to wish on, sometimes you have to make your magic.

3D Stairs

how to draw 3d stairs

This might not be your first item on the stuff to draw list, but it is certainly interesting.

3D Hole

how to draw a 3d hole

If you want something in a drawing that will blow everyone’s mind, look no further. This hole drawing is realistic and easy to create.

Kiss Emoji

how to draw a kiss emoji

In the modern age, people love the kiss emoji. Enjoy drawing this simple figure for use on all kinds of projects!

A Galaxy

draw galaxy

If you want to spread out beyond the comfort of earth, try this one on for size. It makes it easy for you to get the most out of your space travels.

A Rainbow

how to draw rainbow

Everyone knows how to draw a rainbow, but this tutorial brings something extra. Enjoy seeing what you can do with this one!

A Beach

draw beach

For all of your drawings that are fun in the sun, look no further. This is one tutorial that is easy and will make you want to dive right in!


how to draw rain

If you are looking to make a stormy scene, try this tutorial out. It helps you draw rain that can be applied to most any scene!


draw waves

The ocean is a beautiful and amazing feature. You will have a ton of fun drawing these waves. They are a great go-to drawing to decompress!

A Night Sky

how to draw night sky

If you are looking to set a scene, this tutorial is perfect for you. Enjoy creating a night sky that you will love staring at.

The Moon

draw moon

The moon does a lot for our planet, so why not pay it tribute?


how to draw grass

Grass is an important element for many scenes. This tutorial makes it easy for you to get creating in no time!

A Volcano

how to draw a volcano

Sometimes you need something a little more intense to draw. This volcano tutorial is fun and pays tribute to this glorious feat of nature!

A Snowflake

how to doodle a snowflake

No two snowflakes are indeed alike. However, there are still some ways to draw them similarly. Don’t worry, you can make it your own after!

The Sun

how to draw the sun

This sun gives life to our planet and is also really fun to draw.

Camping Fire

how to draw a campfire

This is one fun tutorial that everyone seems to love.

A Skull

draw skull

If you want to draw something a little more intimidating, this tutorial is for you.

A Heart

how to draw a heart

Sometimes you want to start simple and with a little bit of love. This tutorial is perfect for that.

A Baby Pig

how to draw a baby pig

We literally can’t even with this one. It’s too cute.


how to draw an eagle step 19 add shading

This popular bird is an absolute delight to draw!

A Bird Nest

how to draw a birds nest

If you want a fun and random challenge, try this one on for size.

A Feather

how to draw a feather

This is one simple and amazing tutorial that you will have a ton of fun with.

A Penguin

how to draw a penguin

This cute little friend isn’t here to fight Batman, but he wants to hang out with you!

A Cartoon Owl

how to draw an owl

You will have a blast drawing this adorable little owl. It is great practice.

Cute Animals


Drawing animals is a fantastic way to practice capturing different shapes, textures, and expressions. Here are five adorable creatures to get you started:

Sloth: Sloths are known for their relaxed, slow-moving nature, which makes them perfect for practicing drawing fur and facial expressions.

Elephant: Capture the gentle giant’s essence with their large ears, long trunk, and rounded body.

Koala: The fluffy, tree-dwelling marsupials are a great subject for practicing textures and unique animal shapes.

Botanical Beauties

how to draw a cactus

Plants offer a wealth of inspiration for artists, with their diverse shapes, colors, and intricate details. Here are five beautiful botanicals to explore:

Cactus: With their interesting shapes and prickly spines, cacti offer a unique subject for your sketchbook.

Succulents: These low-maintenance plants come in a variety of shapes and sizes, perfect for practicing shading and perspective.

Fern: The delicate, feathery fronds of ferns make for an elegant and detailed drawing subject.

Orchid: Capture the beauty and intricacy of orchids by focusing on their unique petal shapes and vibrant colors.

Everyday Objects


Drawing everyday objects is an excellent way to hone your observation skills and practice capturing the essence of familiar items. Here are five common objects to try:

Coffee cup: The simple shape and curved lines make for a great exercise in perspective and shading.

Eyeglasses: With their thin frames and reflective lenses, eyeglasses offer a challenge in capturing reflections and transparency.

Keys: The intricate shapes and metal textures of keys make them an interesting subject for practicing detail work.

Book: Practice drawing the rectangular shapes, spine, and pages of a book, paying attention to perspective and shadows.

Smartphone: Modern smartphones have sleek designs and reflective surfaces that

require attention to detail and capturing reflections.

Tasty Treats


Food illustrations can be mouthwatering and fun to draw. Here are five delicious subjects to satisfy your artistic appetite:

Cupcake: With its fluffy frosting and decorative toppings, cupcakes provide an opportunity to play with texture and color.

Pizza: Capture the cheesy, melty goodness of pizza, along with various toppings to practice drawing different shapes and textures.

Ice cream cone: Practice drawing the smooth, rounded scoops of ice cream and the crispy, textured cone.

Sushi: Sushi rolls offer a unique challenge in depicting various ingredients and the glossy, translucent texture of raw fish.

Fruit: From apples to oranges, drawing fruit helps you practice shading and creating realistic textures.

Travel-Inspired Illustrations

hot air balloon

Unleash your wanderlust with these five travel-inspired drawing ideas:

Hot air balloons: The colorful, bulbous shapes of hot air balloons create a whimsical and eye-catching drawing.

Eiffel Tower: This iconic landmark offers a great opportunity to practice perspective and architectural details.

Lighthouse: With their striking silhouettes and coastal settings, lighthouses provide an interesting subject for both beginners and experts.

Ancient ruins: Practice drawing stone textures and historical details by capturing the beauty of ancient ruins.

World map: Drawing a world map lets you explore geography while practicing line work and scale.

Stunning Landscapes


Nature provides endless inspiration for artists. Here are five breathtaking landscapes to draw:

Mountains: Capture the majesty of towering peaks and practice drawing rugged textures and dynamic shadows.

Forest: The variety of tree shapes and foliage textures in a forest scene challenges you to create depth and detail.

Beach: From rolling waves to sandy shores, beach scenes offer a chance to explore water, sky, and land.

Desert: The vast, open spaces and unique plant life of deserts create an interesting and challenging landscape to draw.

Waterfall: Practice drawing the movement and flow of water, as well as the surrounding rocks and vegetation.

Abstract Art


Unleash your creativity with these five abstract drawing ideas:

Geometric shapes: Play with lines, angles, and shapes to create visually striking compositions.

Organic forms: Draw inspiration from nature and explore the fluidity of organic shapes and patterns.

Cubism: Experiment with breaking down objects into their basic geometric forms and reassembling them in a unique way.

Mandala: Create intricate, symmetrical patterns that radiate from a central point, using repetitive shapes and lines.

Zentangle: Unwind and focus by drawing small, intricate patterns within a larger design.

Intriguing Patterns

floral pattern

Patterns can be found everywhere, from nature to architecture. Here are five captivating pattern ideas to explore:

Tessellations: Create a repeating pattern of interlocking shapes, like those found in the works of M.C. Escher.

Floral patterns: Draw inspiration from the natural world and create intricate, blooming designs.

Geometric patterns: Experiment with lines, shapes, and angles to create visually engaging patterns.

Herringbone: This classic, interlocking pattern can be found in textiles and flooring, offering a simple yet visually appealing design to draw.

Chevron: This popular zigzag pattern challenges your line work and consistency while creating an eye-catching design.

Captivating Portraits

practice gesture drawing using straight and curves

Drawing people can be both rewarding and challenging. Here are five portrait ideas to help you improve your skills:

Self-portrait: Use a mirror or photo reference to create an accurate representation of yourself, focusing on facial proportions and shading.

Profile: Drawing a person in profile provides a unique perspective and challenges you to capture the nuances of the face from the side.

Caricature: Exaggerate facial features and expressions to create a humorous, stylized portrait.

Silhouette: Focus on the outline of a person’s head and shoulders, capturing the distinctive shapes and contours.

Gesture drawing: Practice quickly capturing the essence and movement of the human form with loose, flowing lines.


When it comes to getting your daily drawings in, it can be fun to play with something simple and easy. Looking for exciting stuff to draw can be a bit of a process, so hopefully, this list gives you some great options to choose from. Remember to let yourself have fun and don’t hesitate to try something you wouldn’t normally try!

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    Things to Draw FAQ

    What are things to draw when I'm bored?

    You can draw a 3D hole, a cartoon owl, a dragon’s head, a skull, Winnie the Pooh, Pikachu, or Yoshi. Check out this article to learn to draw any of these.

    What are easy things to draw?

    Here’s are few things that are easy: Pair of eyes, rose, or a train. This article shows how to draw each of these.

    How do you draw scary things?

    This list teaches quite a bit of scary things you can draw like a zombie, Oogie Boogie, skull, and more.

    What's something cool I can draw?

    To draw something cool, try experimenting with optical illusions or surrealistic scenes that challenge the viewer’s perception. Cool easy things to draw might include geometric patterns, imaginative characters, or scenes from your favorite movies and books.

    What should a 13 year old draw when bored?

    When a 13-year-old is bored, they can draw cool easy things to draw, such as animals, plants, or their favorite characters from books, movies, or games. Drawing stuff like this can help improve their skills and keep them entertained.

    Is 21 too old to start drawing?

    No, 21 is not too old to start drawing. Many artists begin their creative journey at various stages of life, and there’s no specific age limit to learning or practicing art. With dedication and practice, you can develop your skills and enjoy the process of creating something unique and personal.

    How can I start my drawing?

    To start your drawing journey, begin with easy things to draw, such as basic shapes, lines, and curves. Gradually move on to more complex subjects like animals, plants, or characters. You can also find tutorials on how to draw easy things online, which can help you learn the fundamentals and build your skills.

    How do I find my sketching style?

    Finding your sketching style takes time and practice. Draw a variety of subjects and experiment with different techniques to discover what you enjoy and what best represents your artistic vision. Over time, as you continue drawing stuff and refining your skills, your unique style will naturally emerge.


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