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Whether you’re a traditional painter or love digital painting, you’ll find amazing articles to help you improve your paintings.

how to use oil paints

3 Ways on How to Clean an Oil Paint Brush Without Paint Thinner

Preserving the lifespan of your oil paint brushes is no small feat. In order to get the most out of your beautiful paintbrushes, you need to treat them well. Taking care of your paintbrushes involves a few key steps.

However, the most important factor is knowing how to clean an oil paint brush. Keeping your paintbrushes clean can be hard work, but it is absolutely worth the effort.

Making sure that you clean oil based paint brushes without paint thinner can allow them to last you for years.

artist that use acrylic paint pin

Favorite Supplies From Artists That Use Acrylic Paint

Painting can be expensive, no matter what medium you use. Artists that use acrylic paint know there are many materials required for painting. Most people think that an artist that paints with acrylic paint will need to find discounted canvases, tubes of paint on sale, or brushes that you buy one get one free in order to get cheap acrylic paint art supplies. 

dark watercolor

The Best Ways to Make Watercolor Darker

Do you want to know how to make dark watercolor to enhance your painting? Are you a watercolorist and looking for some effective ways that can help you create strong colors and intense values? Lucky for you, we can help! We are here to discover how you can get the darkest of darks in your watercolor paintings without getting confused and overwhelmed!