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Avoid These Things to Improve Your Creative Drawing

Avoid These Things to Improve Your Creative Drawing

So, you have a dream of becoming a good artist. You are using art tools and techniques. You may be watching art-related videos and tutorials. Also, you’re practicing a lot to step into creative drawing. But you notice that in spite of doing hard work, you are not getting the desired results.

You are not satisfied because you think that you are wasting your time. You want to improve your creative drawing. No worries! I believe that you are making some mistakes in your journey of creating a drawing and once these mistakes are avoided, things will get better!

Drawing is an interesting and amazing activity that everyone can learn. In our life, if we have not done something before, we think that it is very hard and we cannot do it. Just keep in mind that it is a skill that begins with learning some tools and techniques.

With the passage of time, creativity takes over which will further upskill your drawing. When a person starts drawing, the perspective of observing things becomes totally different. So, drawing is an activity that can completely change the life of a person.

You can learn about colors and get to know about the reality of space, size, and proportion in and around the subjects in art. You can also get a way to express your creativity through art. With the drawing, you can also start noticing the dark and light shades.

Today’s guide is all about creative drawing. Here, I will show you how you can improve your creating drawing by avoiding some mistakes. So, read this guide till the end to discover things to avoid.

Are you ready? Let’s get started now!

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Not Studying the Creative Drawing Skills

One of the biggest mistakes most artists make is that they do not study their drawing skills. I know that most people have a natural talent to draw anything that comes to their mind, but what about the rest of the people? Should they study drawing skills? Absolutely yes!

The skills that can help a person to express his/her creative abilities to their fullest potential are drawing skills. These may include realistic drawing, drawing something from imagination and memory, constructive drawing, the ability to draw from life, and much more.

All these drawing skills may give a person the ability to express himself/herself in art. These skills can be learned, practiced as well as mastered.

As an artist, if you have not studied drawing skills, would you be able to draw something from your imagination? Let’s say that you want to draw on paper the creative ideas that you have in your head.

You have created an artwork that is appreciated by people but are you satisfied with the results? Maybe no!

Because somewhere you know that the final artwork is similar to what you imagined but is inferior to that. Therefore to improve your creative drawing and to get the ability to express yourself in the best possible way, the phenomenon of not studying drawing skills should be avoided. If you study drawing skills, you can surely become a better drawing master no matter what your age, gender, or religion is.

What you have learned: If you want to improve your drawing as an artist, you must study the drawing skills!

Begin Drawing with No Idea

Another thing that should be avoided if you want to improve your drawings is to begin drawing with no idea. If you do not have any idea in your mind, how can you transform it into an artwork? There are many artists who start drawing without any idea in their minds. If you are one of them, you should avoid this mistake.

Without a proper idea, you will not be able to complete the artwork that you started. And even if you complete it, chances are you will end up with imperfect results. Therefore, it is important to brainstorm and come up with a new and unique idea. To upskill your drawing, you need to get inspired by an idea, forget about everything, and just create.

What you have learned: It is important to think about an idea and then bring the idea into reality!


Not Practicing Creative Drawing Everyday

Another mistake that should be avoided if you want to refine your creative drawing skills is not practicing every day. Do remember that practice is the most important thing that may improve your creative drawing. If you do not practice every day, you will not be able to create a perfect masterpiece.

You can draw anything – anything that comes to your mind. You can draw different elements of art and then create something unique and complicated from them. One thing to mention here is that the quality of the paper makes a big difference.

For creative drawings, always go for good-quality paper. It may surely affect the finished quality of your drawing. Consider the material, color, finish, weight, or texture of the paper. Moreover, determine how smooth or rough the paper is.

What you have learned: If you are not practicing drawing daily, you cannot be able to improve your creative drawing skills. Remember, the practice can make an artist perfect in what he/she is doing!

Using Low-Quality Drawing Tools

Do you know low-quality drawing tools can hurt your drawings? Yes, it is true! As a creative drawing artist, if you do not use good-quality brushes, best drawing pencils, best papers for drawing, and professional-grade paints and quality sketchbooks, you will not be able to create a good piece of drawing.

In other words, good-quality materials can determine the success of your finished piece of art. Although cheap brushes, paints, or other drawing tools can be used by beginners, if you want to improve your creative drawing, it is time to avoid using low-quality materials.

The low quality of art materials makes them visible in a finished piece of art. Not only this, but such materials also do not last for a long period of time.

What you have learned: High-quality, well-made, and professional art materials should be used. Low-quality materials should be completely avoided if an artist wants to enhance his/her creative drawings!

Over-exaggerating Certain Features

In realistic or creative drawings, an artwork must look true-to-life as well as realistic. The objects should be presented just like they look in real life. If, as an artist, you are creating a scene of your own, you must avoid over-exaggerating certain features.

I know that most artists highlight certain features or elements in their drawings. Although highlighting elements look good in drawings, in creative drawing, to make drawings look realistic, elements should not be over-exaggerated.

What you have learned: Make things as realistic as possible in your drawings. Highlighting certain portions of artwork works well but do not over-exaggerate them.

Ignoring Art Skill-Building

Another mistake that most artists make is that they ignore the skill-building process. As I have mentioned earlier in this post that studying drawing skills is very important because they can help a person to express his/her creative abilities to their fullest potential.

Once you have learned the skills, you should not stop learning new steps. As an artist, you should work on skill-building. Study the works of artists whose style of drawing may influence you. Read different books or watch tutorials on creative drawing methods. Do not stick to the same old drawing materials. Try something new.

Experiment with different materials. Practicing the same old techniques may work for a few years, but for raising your creative drawing, you should avoid ignoring the skill-building process.

What you have learned: Never stop working on skill-building!


The basic skills needed to draw well is the coordination between eyes and hands, good handwriting with an average eye-sight. If you have these skills with some basic drawing tools, you can definitely get into this field. If you embrace art, you will feel that the doors towards the world of art are opened for you, allowing you to be more creative.

There are several mistakes that artists make when they are working on their creative drawings. These include: not studying the drawing skills, begin drawing with no idea, not practicing every day, using low-quality drawing tools, over-exaggerating certain features, and ignoring art skill-building. All these things must be avoided in order to upgrade your creative drawing. Happy Drawing!

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