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27 Fall Drawing Ideas (Easy & Fun)

27 Fall Drawing Ideas (Easy & Fun)

Do you want something easy to draw that conveys the fall season? Are you looking for fall drawing ideas that you can draw in minutes?

There are many fall season ideas you can draw.

Let’s get started with easy ideas you can do right now that will help you with your fall drawings.

fall drawing ideas

Fall Wreath

fall wreath

One of the easiest fall drawing ideas you can make is a fall wreath.

It’s easy to make a wreath have an autumn vibe to it.

You can add some acorns, twigs, leaves, and small red berries to make a fall-themed drawing.



Chestnuts are a great fall drawing idea. You can draw the chestnut itself, or you can draw the chestnut in its exterior covering, too.

If you want to take this simple fall drawing to the next level, you can draw chestnuts roasting on an open fire.

A Pumpkin

pumpkin drawing

Pumpkins are an iconic fall drawing idea.

They are easy to draw and instantly convey the autumn season.

Pumpkin Patch

family doing a pumpkin patch

Drawing a pumpkin patch is a great fall drawing idea that allows you to create more of a scene.

You can draw a family picking pumpkins.

A pumpkin patch scene allows you to show the emotions of the characters and tell a story in a single illustration.



Football starts in the fall and is a great fall drawing idea.

The great thing about this autumn season idea is that you can draw it in many different ways.

You can draw a football player or people wearing football jerseys while eating food.

Autumn Desserts and Sweets

autumn desserts

A simple fall sketch you can draw is food!

The beautiful thing about the fall season is that it brings a lot of different fall-themed foods and drinks.

You can draw hot cocoa with marshmallows, pumpkin-spice latte, or draw a leaf next to a bagel.

Pumpkin Seeds

pumpkin seeds

An easy fall drawing you can make is pumpkin seeds!

You can add some visual interest to the seeds by drawing some marks or coloring them green or brown.


fall leaves

Most people think of leaves when creating a fall drawing.

Leaves come in all shapes and sizes, so that makes them easy to draw.

They are one of the most enjoyable and easiest fall things to draw.



A simple fall sketch you can draw is corn.

You can draw corn in the leaves or you can draw it in the corn stalk.



A bonfire is a great fall drawing idea that evokes a great mood.

You can really get into this fall sketch by drawing marshmallows, trees in the background, and even a glowing moon in the far-off distance.

You can even draw the fire burning on wooden logs or stones.

This is a simple autumn drawing idea, and you easily add little things to add more visual interest.

Apple Cider

apple cider

Apple cider is a fantastic fall sketch anyone can draw!

You can draw things in the drink to make it more appealing.

Also, you can add slight variations in color to really bring out the fall season.



Another fall drawing you can create is a scene of owls on a tree.

Feel free to have fun with it and draw leaves falling on the ground and scattered everywhere.

Autumn Forest

autumn trees

If you’re looking for some fall things to draw that combine your love of drawing nature or landscapes, then drawing trees or an autumn forest is perfect!

You can add bushes, a lake, and really play with different colors to make something really beautiful.

Candy Corn

candy corn

Candy corn is a simple fall sketch anyone can draw.

You can give your candy corn different facial expressions so that you have a cute fall drawing.


fall boots

Boots are a simple fall drawing idea.

What’s great about this idea is that you draw the boots and then add other decorations to them.

In this fall sketch, there are fall leaves drawn inside the boots to help bring out the autumn vibe.

A Turkey

how to draw a turkey

If you think of a bird during the fall season, then a turkey would mostly likely be at the top of the list.

No other animal evokes the fall season other than this iconic bird.


how to draw a sunflower

Everyone loves sunflowers. Sunflowers are beautiful autumn flowers.

You can make some great fall drawings by including sunflowers in the mix.

You can draw sunflowers as really tall flowers or small ones.

The texture of the sunflower pollen is fun to create. Then you can really experiment with the shapes of the leaves.

A Cornucopia

how to draw a cornucopia

An easy fall drawing idea you can make is a cornucopia.

It’s really hard to mess up at drawing a cornucopia.

In addition to that, you can draw almost anything inside, and it will still give a fall feeling.

A Rose

how to draw a rose

Roses are an easy fall drawing idea.

In this step-by-step tutorial, you can learn how to draw a rose.


how to draw acorns

If you’re looking for a simple fall sketch to draw, then look no further than acorns!

It’s easy to fill up a page with nothing but acorn drawings.

If you want, you can also draw leaves on the acorns or even add a squirrel.


how to draw a deer step by step

Did you know that deers are more active in the fall season?

This is probably why many people think of deers in the fall.

They make a great fall drawing idea. Here’s a step-by-step tutorial on how to draw a deer.

A Scarecrow

how to draw a scarecrow

Another fall-themed drawing idea that you can have a lot of fun with is a scarecrow.

You can have unlimited possibilities by drawing different jackets, hats, or whatever you decide.


how to draw a fox

Foxes are another animal on this list that makes a great choice for a fall sketch.

Do you know why people think of foxes during the fall season?

In October, a foxes family disperses. In November an adult fox interacts more with other animals.

So you can say that foxes are more visible during the fall season, even though they are active all year round.

A Slice of Pie

how to draw a slice of pie

If you’re looking for a fall drawing idea that is equally delicious then you have to draw a pie!

There are many pies you can draw, but no matter which you choose they are all easy to draw.


how to draw a realistic daisy

A daisy can be seen in full bloom in the fall season, which makes it a great addition to the fall sketches you make in your sketchbook.

Here is a step-by-step tutorial on how to draw a daisy.

The Moon

draw moon

The moon is a great fall sketch idea. You can draw it as an addition to your scene.

Also, you can fill a page with the moon, stars, and clouds.

As mentioned in the bonfire section, a moon is a great idea to add some mood to your drawing.

A Candle

how to draw a candle

Another fall drawing idea that adds mood to your drawing and brightens up your page is a candle.

Draw some “u” and “j-shaped” lines on the candle to make it look like wax is dripping.

Also, draw some lines outside the flame to make it look like the candle is burning bright.


If you’re looking for how to draw the fall season, there are many simple autumn drawing ideas you can draw.

Whether you’re looking to draw a few things that capture the fall season or a whole scene that gives the vibe of the season, this post has many great ideas!