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How to Get My Art Noticed in 2021?

How to Get My Art Noticed in 2021?

For a person who is looking to make it in an artistic field, you might be asking how to get my art noticed? Finding the right audience for your art is the best way to gain popularity. In the social media age, the more popular you are, the more people will see your work.

If you’ve been wondering how to get your art noticed, don’t worry. It’s not nearly as difficult as you’re probably thinking. In reality, getting your art out there is a process built around dedication. As long as you are ready to put in the hard work, you can help your art find an audience.

Know how to get your art noticed is the difference between making art as a hobby and as a career.

In most cases, you’re going to end up with more work if people know you. This can be beneficial for commissions or even just purchasing your original work.

If you want to be able to make money on your art, people need to know what you are capable of. There are a million different ways to run an art career, but building a following is almost always step one.

Other featured topics to help you with your art business:

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promote your art - get in front of your audienceGetting In Front Of Your Audience

If you want to get noticed, you need to find the right kind of people to show your art to. The people who like what you make are members of your audience. Finding the right audience is a great way to get noticed quickly. Instead of sharing your work with the world and hoping it finds someone, look for people who want it.

These are people who will like things like the stuff that you make. It is through them that you can help find a broader audience. Understanding who will appreciate your work is crucial for success.

You need to find ways to get your work in front of them. This means knowing where the people who like your stuff will look for content. While social media is an obvious way to go about this, there’s more to it. Within social media, there are regions of people. These online groups will act as your audience when you find the right one.

It’s a matter of understanding these individuals so you know how to cater your postings to them. This doesn’t mean that your art won’t be sincere, but it will be well marketed.

promote your art - networkingNetworking and Joining Your Community

A major part of getting in front of the right audience is joining your community. Communities come in two forms when it comes to art. There are people who are creating just like you and then people who are consuming the art.

These two sides of the same coin create a community. It is where people who make things and people who like them can coexist. Internet communities exist on every form of social media and finding yours is crucial.

The beauty of social media algorithms is that finding your community is easy. As you poke around and look at what you like, you’ll get more content like it. This helps you to find your way to people like you if you’re looking in the right areas. When you find people who enjoy the kind of content that you create or make it themselves, join in.

Knowing how to get your art noticed is heavily dependent on interacting with people. These individuals are your online community and likely your audience as well. After you find them, it’s a matter of joining in the culture.

The Best Way to Join a Community

The best way to engrain yourself in your community is to talk to people. Comment on other content like yours. Engage the artists and the audience members in a fun way. Making your name known in a community is helpful to build familiarity.

You want people in your community to know who you are so they will check out your stuff as well. This act of communicating with other people and making friends is a great way to build your place in the art world.

In addition to exploring your community, interact on your platforms. A great way to build a dedicated audience is talking with fans. As you work to share your art, talk with the people who interact with it. This is important because it helps your fanbase to grow.

When your fanbase grows, more people are likely to see your work. People love artists who are fun to interact with. It adds a completely new layer to the fanbase, and you’ll enjoy it too.

promote your art - hashtag your artThe Power of Tagging Your Work

In the world of social media, tags govern all. If you want to know how to get your art noticed, tags are the fastest way. While social media runs on a lot of different information, tags are the quickest form. By adding an appropriate tag to your work, you can get thrown into your audience.

Tags are keywords that your work can be searched by. In many cases, there are certain tags that are popular for specific communities. Understanding what tags to use can help you share your work quickly.

Most social media sites let you actively tag work. These tags are then pulled together and your work gets added to the correct group. As people begin to look for things under these tags, they will eventually find yours.

Depending on how it is organized, you can be higher in the list depending on popularity. If plenty of people like your content, more people will probably see it. These tags give your work a chance at gaining more appreciation.

Tagging is a slippery slope. If you use too many tags, people will consider your stuff spam. Sometimes social media algorithms can even detect spam tagging. This will result in your content being hidden or pressed further down the list. Tagging things correctly involves choosing the right tags and not overdoing it.

You’ll want to find out what popular tags apply to your work and start there. After this is done, you can quickly and easily find a way to your audience. Using this method ensures that your content is being found in the right places.

promote your art - posting on the right social platformHow to Get Your Art Noticed by Posting On The Right Platform

Different kinds of platforms are known for hosting different communities. There are some social media zones where people gather. Understanding this is important for knowing how to get your art noticed. You’ll want to share your artwork in a place where it will find an audience.

This can be determined by a few key things. For example, some places are more common for certain types of media. In the same way, some places are common for certain genres within those types. Knowing this is important to get your work out there.

Some social media platforms are more well known for certain interests. Instagram, which is photography based, has a tendency to lean towards visual arts. This doesn’t mean that you can’t open an account to write on Instagram. It just means that as a whole, people are looking for pictures on Instagram.

This makes it ideal for visual artists. It’s where you want to go as a photographer or comic artist. People use this platform specifically to find those kinds of accounts. Using it for sharing visual art makes more sense than some other platforms.

While Instagram might be more visual art focused, Twitter is geared towards words. The magic of Twitter is that you are dependent on a limited space to express your feelings. Surprisingly, people flock here for larger pieces of writing as well. This interest in writing manifests itself in a few ways.

The first option is to post a short Tweet that will draw people to a link for the larger piece. The second option is to post a thread, which is several Tweets strung together. This site is ideal for posting types of content that are not inherently visual.

Understanding the Nuance of a Platform to Communicate Effectively

Instead of focusing on one side or another, you can use different sites for different aspects. You might post all of your art on Instagram, but you can talk about it on Twitter. Making your presence known in different ways is a great way to increase your following.

A successful approach people generally use is blogging. You can make your preferred art as your main focus, but document it elsewhere. This is a great way to grow your brand and help fans understand you more.

Just because a site is geared in one direction or another, that doesn’t mean you should stop there. In most cases, spreading across multiple platforms makes it possible for you to reach more people. There are plenty of ways to post in multiple places at once.

This makes it easy for you to reach as many fans as possible all in one place. However, you should always focus a little extra on your preferred platform. You can use this to nurture your most dedicated followers. In order to get noticed, meeting people where they want to find you always works best.

promote your art - making art consistentlyPosting Frequently To Stay In Front Of Your Audience

In order to get noticed, you have to have plenty to share. If you want to make it as an artist, you have to produce new content constantly. This can be done in various ways, but it has to happen for the sake of relevancy. This will help you to gain a following. People like artists that they can count on.

People are likely not going to become lifelong fans if all they ever see is one piece of work.

When it comes to posting, you have different ways to go about it. The most common way is to regularly post your art. This means posting on a schedule with enough frequency for people to count on it. You can sometimes find ways around it, but not always.

Most people look for consistently fresh content, and you’re there to produce it. Constantly making and sharing your art is a great way to get noticed. The more people see your name and work, the more they’ll be interested in you.

The second way to get noticed is the use of posting other things. An example of this would be posting a video of how you made art on one day and then something else on others. You might post a video on Tuesday and a drawing on Thursdays.

This still counts as posting and helps you to stay in front of your audience. In order to do this as successfully as possible, you must be continuous. Schedules or an equivalent are the most helpful. Making a lot of good art to post is still the best way to build a following.


When it comes to knowing how to get your artwork noticed, you need to be ready to put in some effort. In the modern age, understanding how to navigate sharing your content is crucial. If you can just leave people with the right impression, your following will steadily build.

It’s important to remember what you’re making and who it is for. Understanding your audience and what they like about your work will help you to make more relevant content. You should always make art because you like making art.

However, if you’re looking to make money at the same time, it helps to have a plan. Focusing on what you want to make and what your fans want can help direct your career. You should always work on being authentic, but you should still care. This will help you on how to get noticed as an artist and start building your fanbase as quickly as possible!

What are you doing to get your art noticed?

How to Get My Art Noticed FAQ

How to get your art noticed online?

After creating for so long, I have to say if you’re good and you create consitently then you’ll get noticed. Most people give up way too early or aren’t consistent. With that said, this article covers all that you need to know to get more exposure.

How to get my art out there?

Go on websites like Behance or Instagram. Putting your art out there is a great way to promote. Also dive into this article and get in-depth insights to help you.

How do you get noticed on social media?

By consistently putting out great work and engaging in communities around the niche you’re passionate about.


Wednesday 21st of April 2021

I found a good one called Artorful (http://www.artorful.com/). It's fairly easy to show & sell my arts, and social with friends.

Jae Johns

Wednesday 21st of April 2021

Thanks for the suggestion.