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Step by Step to Draw a Daffodil in Minutes

Step by Step to Draw a Daffodil in Minutes

Do you want to learn how to draw a daffodil?

I’m going to share an easy step-by-step process to help you draw this flower brought to you by my illustrator friend, Carolyn.

Anybody will be able to become a pro at drawing this simple flower in a matter of minutes. Let’s get to it!

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how to draw a daffodil

What you need:

  • Pencil
  • Paper

You can do this with any pencil or paper, but I highly recommend getting the right drawing tools. These tools are made especially for drawing.

Step 1:

daffodil step 1 start with curve

Start with a downward curved line, more curved at the top than the bottom

Step 2:

daffodil step 2 draw stem outline

Make a second matching curved line a little below the first one to create the outlines of the stem

Step 3:

daffodil step 3 connect stem lines
Connect the two at the bottom with a rounded line

Step 4:

daffodil step 4 create large curved line
From the inner corner of the stem create a large curved line facing away from the outer side of the stem towards the right of your paper.

Step 5:

daffodil step 5 create another curve line for leaf
Make another curve, with a bit of a smaller curve at the connecting point (facing the right side of your paper) from the other side of the stem. This is your leaf!

Step 6:

daffodil step 6 create inner blossom
Now we’re going to make the inner blossom. Create a bucket without a top line, and turn it on its side facing the other side of the page as the leaf.

Step 7:

daffodil step 7 start making petals
From the top edge of the bucket-shape create an eye shape facing outwards to start making your petals. Be sure not to close it all the way, as daffodil petals overlap!

Step 8:

daffodil step 8 create second petal
Create another of these shapes on top of the first one!

Step 9:

daffodil step 9 create third petal
Now create a third one below where you ended the first one, this is where they overlap!

Step 10:

daffodil step 10 repeat drawing petals
Continuing in this pattern, create the next petal and then stop – before we move on to the final petals we need to finish up the inner blossom!

Step 11:

daffodil step 11 create simple flower shape
Create another simple flower shape at the front of the open bucket shape. To make it easier, start with an oval closing the space, and then make little curve lines and erase the overlap!

Step 12:

daffodil step 12 refine the petals
Now back to the petals. Keep the perspective of our flower in mind! The petals further away from us will be covered by the inner blossom, so we won’t see as much of it, and they’ll look wider.

Step 13:

daffodil step 13 refine blossom
Now with the perspective in mind make just a small curved line to close the open space at the base of the inner blossom as the only part of the final petal we will see. Now we’re going to move on to details

Step 14:

daffodil step 14 create matchstick shapes
Create 3 little matchstick shapes at the center of the inner blossom. Make the middle one slightly larger and longer than the two on the side of them.

Step 15:

daffodil step 15 add structure to inner blossom
In the spaces where the half circles meet in a point, create a thin line going towards the base of the inner blossom shape. This gives our inner blossom some structure!

Step 16:

daffodil step 16 erase overlapping lines
Erase the overlapping lines on your shapes and add the stem to the leaf. BAM! You’re done!
This step-by-step tutorial on how to draw a daffodil is shared by Carolyn. I’d like to thank Carolyn for sharing her process. If you want to see more of her illustrations, you can visit @ClazDesign. You can also visit her shop, which has some amazing prints.