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How to Draw a Dolphin (9 Easy Steps with Pictures)

How to Draw a Dolphin (9 Easy Steps with Pictures)

Over 30% of people try to learn how to draw a dolphin and think it can be easy.

And if you have a step-by-step with pictures then learning how to draw a dolphin is easy even for beginners.

So if you’re an artist that wants to know how to draw animals or if you’re an adult in your 30s, 40s, or 50s and want to be able to draw a cute dolphin with your kid, then you’ve come to the right place.

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how to draw a dolphin

In this step-by-step process, you’ll learn how to draw a dolphin that is swimming out of water. Make sure you have the right tools for drawing before you start.

Step 1:

dolphin step 1 draw arcStart with a large line in an arc pointing downwards

Step 2:

dolphin step 2 draw matching arcAdd another line, shorter, and joined at the tip in a matching arc.

Step 3:

dolphin step 3 draw dolphin rostrumAt the open space create a small, skinny “U” with the rounded peak facing left.

Step 4:

dolphin step 4 connect jawUnder that loop create a thicker one that extends a little past the first loop. If you look at Dolphins their lower jaw juts out further than their upper! Connect the jaw to the lower body with a slight bump at the bottom.

Step 5:

dolphin step 5 add finsTime to add fins! Add the top fin the way you usually would for a dolphin, a soft triangle! Add a clam shape to the body a little bit above the lower line.
Now add an upside-down triangle to the bottom of the arc, connecting with the lower arc. This triangle should be outside the space between arcs.
We will also be adding the tail fin in a boomerang shape. (Or a banana shape if that is easier)

Step 6:

dolphin step 6 draw dolphin bellyFrom the little space on the head where the bottom jaw meets the body (that little extra bump) create a third arc that that will be the belly!

Step 7:

dolphin step 7 draw dolphin eye and blowholeDetails time. From the top jaw (the skinny U we drew) extend the line upwards just a little bit and then under it draw a black circle. This is your eye!  Now a little bit in front of the dorsal fin make a small circle up against the top arc of the body – this is the blowhole!

Step 8:

dolphin step 8 add water to blowholeAdd some water droplets coming out of the blowhole!

Step 9:

dolphin step 9 finish dorsal fin detailsNow erase the line cutting the dorsal fin off from the body and you’re done!
This dolphin step-by-step tutorial is shared by Carolyn. I’d like to thank Carolyn for sharing her process. If you want to see more of her illustrations, you can visit @ClazDesign. You can also visit her shop, which has some amazing prints.

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