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How To Use The Golden Ratio In Interior Design

How To Use The Golden Ratio In Interior Design
golden ratio in interior design

If you are new to interior design, chances are that you have come across references to the golden ratio. This golden ratio in interior design is considered to be the gold standard when it comes to design choices

It is commonly believed that the effective use of this ratio is an excellent way to achieve great design.

Before you can capitalize on using this magical ratio, you must learn about it.

This guide will help you learn how to use the Golden Ratio in interior design.

The Golden Ratio is a concept that has existed since the first significant methods of design.

However, this fancy trick has some major perks when it comes to modern design as well.

We can see the use of the Golden Ratio in some of the most spectacular designs and art throughout history such as the Art Deco movement.

Utilizing this amazing trick to capitalize on your aesthetic is an excellent way to make any room pop!

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Understanding What is the Golden Ratio in Interior Design

To understand how to use the Golden Ratio, you must first learn about it as a concept.

This ratio is a proportional design reference that is often found in nature.

Yes! The golden ratio in design are harmonious patterns found in nature.

Using a mathematical ratio might not sound thrilling when it comes to expressing yourself.

However, this ratio, mirrored from the organic world, is commonly used in design to this day.

In fact, the use of the Golden Ratio has transcended architecture, painting, magazine design, and especially interior design.

You have likely seen it used almost everywhere and did not know what you were looking at.

This ratio is something taken straight out of nature.

There are plants that grow with the Golden Ratio, making stunning visual effects in the wild.

It is likely that this was the original influence as older generations sought this ratio.

The ratio itself is related to the Fibonacci sequence.

This is a series of numbers where every new number is the sum of the previous two numbers.

The Golden Ratio is used to define the relationship between these numbers.

the golden ratio in nature
The golden ratio can be seen in many things in nature like Sunflower plants, animals, and the galaxy itself.

A mathematician would likely tell you that the Golden Ratio is simply 1.618.

However, for those of us who like more depth, it’s a little more complicated than that.

The ratio itself is obtained when a/b is equal to a+b/a, and consequently both equal 1.618.

In this instance, a and b are sections of an item or line.

This creates a golden section in interior design.

The proportional relationship between a and b is what determines whether or not the ratio is Golden, and using the golden ratio in design helps to produce stunning results.

When you use the golden ratio in nature and incorporate it into architecture, interior design, kitchen design, painting, or other mediums, you will achieve many aesthetic benefits. 

This golden mean in interior design is versatile to benefit varying types of interior design, and help extract their fullest aesthetic beauty.

Why You Should Use the Golden Ratio in Interior Design

You might be thinking that you did not go into interior design because you loved math.

However, understanding this mathematical secret is the key to breathtaking visual effects.

There is a reason that we can often see this ratio repeated throughout history.

As far as designs go, this ratio is simply more effective than most.

More importantly, this design trick has carried on into the modern age.

It still remains the golden standard when it comes to design even today and is used continuously. 

Using the golden ration in design has become an iconic technique no matter the era.

The Golden Ratio is not a trend so much as a way to take design to the next level.

It is effective because the use of the ratio is proven to hack the eyes of your audience.

This might sound silly, but the Golden Ratio is simply universally well received.

This is why it is used in web design, music, art, and interior design so commonly.

People react to it, often viscerally.

Something about the use of this ratio earns a common response from human beings as being proportional and balanced.

The constant with this ratio is that it draws the eye and makes the design more aesthetically pleasing.

This balanced aesthetic is what makes the golden ratio in room design a perfect match!

the golden ratio in web design
The golden ratio helps align elements in Instagram’s web design to make the site more aesthetically pleasing.
the golden ratio in interior design
The golden ratio used in interior design to help create rhythm & balance in aligning decor.

Using The Golden Ratio in Home Design

In order to learn how to use the golden ratio in home design, you have to see how it can be used.

There are many variations when it comes to the golden ratio.

This means that you can pick and choose what will work for your house design efforts.

These common methods can be implemented across various art types for beautiful and appealing results for your home design or interior design.

Using the golden ratio in house design will help create the proper proportions, which gives things like rooms and other house decors a harmonious look.

A Fibonacci house design would result in pleasing shapes that would cause people to be attracted to it, even if a person might not completely understand why. 

Adding the golden ratio in room design helps create a flow, rhythm, and balance among all the different furnishings in your room.

The Golden Spiral

This method involves using a proportional golden spiral known to fall in line with the Golden Ratio.

This is commonly used for visual design when you are looking to highlight something.

Since science shows us that people will traditionally look at the center of the spiral, you will focus there.

The use of the spiral is great for things like books and move posters.

From a design perspective, looking for this proportion can help you select decorations.

Finding images or posters that follow this ratio will be more appealing for walls.

Using the golden spiral is also beneficial when it comes to determining the best way to approach DIY designs. This spiral can act as an effective gage for your personal projects to get the best results.

The use of this approach is also great when it comes to simplistic designs.

If you use this spiral to highlight one specific detail, it works flawlessly.

You will end up with an edgy design that is sure to amaze.

It can be powerful for quotes or imagery, especially when you utilize empty space.

The results are often something that looks far from homemade!

In order to use this spiral, you will begin by placing the spiral across the design space.

While you are welcome to draw the spiral yourself, you might want to get it online.

Digital rendering is more likely to be mathematically perfect.

This will help you get the most out of your image.

You will simply lay the spiral over your design item.

This will help you to determine where the most relevant content should go.

The Golden Circle

In addition to spirals and rectangles, the Golden Ratio can be applied to circles as well.

Using the diameter of the circles to create the Golden Ratio, you can make proportional design decisions.

This is helpful in the event that you are working with shapes that are not necessarily perfectly straight.

For most designers, it is easier to work within the circular space than the rectangles.

When used correctly, this method makes visually pleasing design options.

the golden ratio as circles
The golden ratio can be used as circles.

To use the golden circle method, you will need to use perfect circles.

Once again, this is what makes digital design so much easier for reference.

Creating the circles on a computer can guarantee accuracy and will lead to the best possible results.

One method is to use two circles for a smaller design by placing one proportional circle within the other.

This is effective for wall art because it allows you to get a nice ratio between items.

Your design should shift where the smaller circle ends within the larger one.

For larger scale projects, you can use these circles to help with proportions in design.

This will allow you to know where your design should stop and end.

Placing circles within proportional rectangles is an effective way to understand where your design elements should fall.

Using this method can help you to create a more balanced and cohesive look.

Golden Ratio Dimensions

If you are looking for a more basic approach to using the Golden Ratio, using the dimensions can help.

This can be carried out by using proportional rectangles in your design.

Using this ratio setup can help you to create beautiful rectangular effects with the right amount of balance.

This golden rectangle interior design tool is something that can help designers who are just starting out in their design work.

In order to complete this, you will want to create a 1:1.618 ratio for design.

This will help you to not only determine what proportional sizes you should use for your design.

It also will help you break the piece up.

The golden ratio formula
Formula on how to calculate the golden ratio

The method is effective for finding the right dimensions for a design.

It can be particularly useful for both photography and web design.

For photography, you can use this method to create beautiful multi-photo setups that will look aesthetically pleasing.

You can either apply it simply with two photos or apply it repeatedly with multiple.

The effects are a delight to behold.

You might even find that the ratio itself allows you more leeway when it comes to selecting photos.

Managing Positive and Negative Space

In modern design, there is without question a trend towards open space.

Today’s design favors a specific balance of positive and negative space.

Positive space is going to be the space where you actually include images or words.

Negative space is where you will leave your design empty.

The Golden Ratio offers insight onto the best way to balance these concepts.

Using the Golden Ratio, you can effectively determine the best way to fill or not fill your space.

When you break your design area out into a Golden Ratio proportional squares, you can pick design elements.

Your larger elements will fill the bigger squares within the design.

For the smaller squares, you can effectively leave those spaces empty for a more balanced visual effect.

The power of the Golden Ratio is that you can apply it as much as you want to create new visual effects.

You can break a space up into as many or as few boxes or circles as you want to do this.

This gives you more leverage when it comes to adding in smaller or surprise design elements.

When you combine these elements with the right methods to draw one-point perspective or two-point perspective, you will have an amazing interior design.

Using this is also helpful for learning how to use the Golden Ratio in interior design.

Since this exercise is largely conceptual and easy to play around with, it is a good starting place.

The Golden Ratio and Font

Since interior designers are beginning to leverage the power of words, it is helpful to use the ratio here.

The Golden Ratio can be effectively used when it comes to using words in your design efforts.

Whether you are making a quote sign or putting wooden letters on a wall, this can help.

It is also great for creating custom decals for your rooms.

Using the Golden Ratio is incredibly easy here because it allows you to focus on proportions with text.

This might mean placing some words in a larger font and some words in a smaller font.

It might mean using the method to highlight specific parts of a quote.

It can even be used to make a beautiful alphabet collage for a kid’s room.

All you have to do is change your font sizing by the magical number, and you are good to go!

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Learning what is the golden ratio in interior design and how to use the golden ratio in home design is a great way to take your design to the next level.

This appealing ratio can take any dream image and make it look that much better.

If you are hoping to find more balance and understand how to manage your design space, this can help.

Using this method can take the simplest design attribute and make it shine.

For the best results, you may want to experiment with the different methods to see what works.

In many cases, different variations of the Golden Ratio are more beneficial than others.

This can vary depending on what you are trying to accomplish visually.

Whether you are looking to paint a mural or create a photo wall, the Golden Ratio can help.

Overall, it gives a simplistic and visually appealing effect that will make any design option shine.

Do not hesitate to apply this bad boy everywhere and anywhere that you can!

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Have you ever used the golden ratio in any home design?

Golden Ratio FAQ

Why should you use the golden ratio in interior design?

It’s an easy and simple way to create harmony and beautiful arrangements.

What is the golden ratio in art?

It is a mathematical ratio that allows you to make design choices that produce visually breathtaking results.

What does the golden section in interior design mean?

It is a proportional division when a line divides a rectangle into two segments and the ratios of the segments are the same.

What is the golden mean in interior design?

The golden mean is also referred to as the golden ratio. When two things are in a ratio of 1:1.618, then that is the golden mean.