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10 Unique Tips to Get Over A Creative Block

10 Unique Tips to Get Over A Creative Block

creative blockThere is nothing more annoying for an artist than getting stuck with a creative block. If you are a creative professional, this can be even more concerning.

Though you might feel like there is something wrong with you, this is actually incredibly common. Every single creative around has hit a point where they simply cannot create. This block might feel like something that cannot be overcome, but don’t worry, you can get over your creative block.

Sometimes it feels like your well has run dry. You can feel like a part of yourself is missing, as if inspiration has left. Fortunately, there are plenty of ways to kickstart your creativity to get you back at it.

Whether you are a writer, artist, or painter, steps can be taken to get you moving. After you reignite your creative spark, you’ll laugh for thinking that it was ever gone. In addition to taking a break and returning to your craft later, there are plenty of things to try.

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Try Something Completely New

If you find yourself in a true creative rut, sometimes you just need to try something new. A great way to get out of your creative block is to get outside of your comfort zone. If you are person who generally writes, try drawing a comic. If you are a graphic artist, maybe take a quick watercolor break.

Sometimes a creative block is more about getting stuck in one area. Taking a moment to step back from your usual craft and try something usually kickstarts your creative flow.

For professional and hobby artists alike, it is easy to get caught up in being perfect. This is why trying something completely new can be so effective. It gives you the chance to be creative and dodge perfectionism at the same time.

If you are trying a random new art form, you already know you probably won’t be great at it. This lets you focus on what matters: making art and having fun. This approach has been used for ages and professionals swear by it.

Work on A Different Project

For creatives working hard towards a goal, it is easy to get too focused on a specific project. This extreme focus can drain the creativity right out of your process. As soon as you can’t think past the goal, you forget the joy of the process itself.

This is why sometimes the best way to get over a creative goal is to work on something else. Maybe you’re currently working on that one piece of fan art, but you had this general idea for a different sketch. Now is the time to embrace that other sketch.

This method must be used with a degree of caution. The last thing that you want is to start hopping projects every time that something gets hard. You should always focus on committing to projects, but as a last resort, this might work.

Working on a different project allows you to completely disengage while still being creative. Sometimes all you need to move past your block is to step back and try something else. It will alleviate some of the pressure without disrupting your working creative flow.

Get Inspired by The Work of Others

A great way to work through a creative block is to see what other people are working on. It is always inspiring to see what is being done with your creative medium. You don’t even have to only look at things that match your style. You can explore creativity in general.

It can be helpful to sift through some stuff on Instagram or Pinterest in order to get your creativity flowing. These kind of resources are perfect for providing you with limitless engaging content.

When we are too close to a project, we can forget the light that drove it in the first place. Looking at work from other people is a great way to ignite the spark. Sometimes we just need to remember why we do what we do in the first place.

Letting the spirit of other artists fill you is a great way to get inspired. You might just see an image or read a line that sends you running back to your desk.

Try Out Free Writing

For writers and non-writers alike, free writing is a great creative exercise. The general idea is that you sit down for a set amount of time and just write. Your writing does not need to be good and it does not have to make any sense.

You can try journaling or write a silly short story. The only goal is to let your thoughts flow in any direction that they want to. It’s less about being creative and more about letting your mind off of the leash.

If you are feeling completely stuck about how to approach free writing, you can try a basic approach. You can write about your day or talk about a treasured memory.

If you want to do something a little more creative, you can check out a story prompt or work on writing an alternate ending to a movie. The goal is not to make anything good, but to keep your thoughts flowing. Sometimes your mind just needs to wander to get your creative spark back.

Use Creativity Tools

In a world where being an artist is becoming more popular, people have recognized that creative blocks happen. From this a market has been born for creative tools. There are countless tools available both for free and for purchase.

If you are stuck on an idea for your next short film, try a writing prompt online. They are almost always ridiculous and that is part of what makes them so genius.

Certain games are effective for helping to get you in a creative mindset. This might mean trying your hand at a puzzle or using something like The Writer’s Toolbox.

These devices can help you to work your brain out of the rut that it is stuck in. Sometimes our minds get caught in a specific pattern that needs to be broken. Games like this help you to think outside of the box so that your creativity can unlock.

Practice Mind Mapping

Mind mapping can be a great source of inspiration. The general idea is that you build a map of your inspirations. Sometimes you might find that you are losing your connection to a piece. This can easily be fixed by revisiting what parts of it were driving you in the first place.

For a writer, they might create a mind map to brainstorm childhood memories for a protagonist. For an artist, they might mind map to list out key details that must be present. The point is to just brainstorm and let your mind run in specific directions.

A mind map is a web-like structure that allows you to make categories and sub-categories. This might be breaking a chapter down into scenes. It might be planning out a color scheme for a specific character in a painting.

The idea is to plan out your work with some degree of detail. It is an effective way to brainstorm and can help to get you working in no time.

Try Your Hand at Curation with A Mood Board

Mood boards are an invaluable creative tool whether you are experiencing a creative block or not. This process involves focusing on inspiration as a source of creativity.

Generating a mood board for the project that you are working on is a great way to focus on the components of it. It allows you to collect sources that show what you are aiming for indirectly or directly. You can use this to create a character aesthetic or even collect visuals to bring your world to life.

Pinterest is renowned for its mood board functionality. You create a new board, seek out inspiration, and then add it to your own board. You can be as specific as you like with this process.

It is easy to map out a look for your story premise or collect art that matches what you want to draw. It’s okay if you don’t have a current project. You can easily just search through the art and collect anything that inspires you.

Approach Your Creative Project from A New Angle

Sometimes when we get stuck with something that we are working on we are simply too close to it. It is easy to get so focused on a project that we box ourselves in with it. A great way to bust through a creative block is to approach your project from a completely different angle. Taking a different approach might just get you the solution that you need.

This might mean changing the placement of a character in a drawing. It might also mean writing a scene from a different point of view. You don’t have to incorporate it into a final product, but it lets see the piece with new eyes. Doing this can sometimes help you work through where you were getting stuck.

Watch A Movie or Read A Book

One great way to get inspired is to let your mind play in someone else’s world. If you are finding yourself stuck with your current project or with a dry well, this can help. Watching a movie or reading a book is a great way to get inspired quickly.

Since these are completed projects that are already told and thought out, it can help you connect pieces. Sometimes we get stuck or uninspired because we aren’t allowing our minds to finish. Letting a book or movie take you on a journey can help you to find inspiration easily.

Movies and books are a great source of inspiration for anyone. They take you out of the real world and transport you somewhere entirely new. This can be particularly beneficial when it comes to chasing down new inspiration.

Sometimes you need to see something else that will help you decide on your next creative project. These mediums have been a preferred source of inspiration for people for years.

Interact with Other Creatives

One awesome way to get inspired is to spend a little bit of time with your community. Interacting with other creatives is a great way to keep going. If you find yourself in a creative block, your art community will absolutely be there with resources.

You can find people on any social media platform who share your interests. You might not be able to bounce every idea off a friend, but your fellow creatives are ready to listen.

If you are looking to get involved in a creative community, there are plenty of ways to go about it. You might try using apps designed to help you meet people locally. If you don’t really want to go out, there are plenty of online communities. Comb some tags online and get talking with people. Sometimes it can help to just see other people working.


No one has ever experienced a permanent creative block unless something else was seriously wrong. You might be feeling like your inner lake of creativity is empty, but it isn’t. There are plenty of ways to help you find your way back to creativity.

Soon enough, you will be making newer and better projects that are sure to shock and amaze. Whatever you do, don’t give up. You are an artist for a reason, and you will get through this. Sometimes it just takes binging some Netflix.

What do you do when you get a creative block?