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Top 10 Free Portfolio Websites For Artists

For many artists, a portfolio is what they rely on to get them hired. If you are an artist looking for a way to make your portfolio shine, a good website is the way to do it.

Though you might still need to carry in your binder to a job interview, websites are the way of the future. Fortunately, there are a variety of free portfolio websites to help you showcase your work. These sites are made to help you present your abilities in the best possible light.

oil paint tips

Oil Paint Tips 101: What Oils Can You Use for Oil Painting?

For people who are pursuing oil painting, it can be pretty helpful to know some good oil paint tips. In many instances, oil painting can be a pricey hobby. For this reason, people have a tendency to want to know as much about it as they can.

If you want to actively pursue oil painting, learning different techniques and ways to save money can be helpful. A common decision that people make when it comes to oil painting is trying to determine the best possible oil for oil paints.

Whether you are buying oil paints or making your own, different oil paints have different bases. While many people assume it is a specific kind of oil that makes paints, that isn’t true.

There are actually several different oils that can be used to create different paints. The oil base can determine different factors about the paint and how it operates. It is possible for different oil bases to accommodate different colors, drying times, and other factors. Understanding your needs can help you to make more educated purchasing decisions.

price art

How Do I Price My Art?

For many artists, making art for a living is the dream. It is the end goal that every artist seeks because it means you get to focus on your craft. Despite the fact that many people have artistic interests, only a small percentage monetize them.

Though this used to be dependent on gatekeepers responsible for getting your work out, times have changed.

In the modern age, you can sell your own art easily by yourself. The biggest struggle people face when first getting started is knowing how to price art.

copyright artwork

How Do I Copyright Artwork?

For many artists, there is a tremendous concern around how to copyright artwork. There is an ancient artist fear that quivers at the idea of art being stolen. You can see this in various forms across every kind of art medium.

be a graphic designer

Can I Be A Graphic Designer if I Can’t Draw?

Graphic design is becoming an increasingly popular field with many people wondering what it is all about. This artistic job is perfect for people who love to create beautiful things that will inspire and start discussions.

Most people have seen the beautiful and breathtaking resumes that graphic designers are submitting to show their talent. Those images are enough to make most people want to learn a little more about what graphic design is. This has many people wondering what it actually takes to be a graphic designer.

This modern job is the focus of many, with countless places offering online degrees and certifications. It’s likely that you have seen ads promising to get you started as a graphic designer quickly.

Within this industry, there is potential to make good money and exercise your creativity at the same time. However, most people are worried about whether or not you can be a graphic designer if you can’t draw.

We are of the opinion that anyone can learn how to draw. Still, we are happy to report that you don’t need to worry about being good at drawing to do this job.

blog posts

How to Write Blog Posts that Will Increase Your Traffic by 2100%

You might be a new blogger or you may have been blogging for a little while. Even if you are a blogging pro, it might be a challenge to come up with blog posts that will skyrocket your traffic.

According to Neil Patel, the foremost SEO and digital marketing expert, it can take an average of 3 months or 100 days to rank on Google’s first page for a long-tail keyword.

Neil is an amazing digital marketer, who surely knows his craft. He has done thorough research to come to this conclusion. If Neil says it takes 100 days to achieve first page results then we can be sure to take him at his word, right?

types of illustration

What Are the Types of Illustration You Should Know?

Many people consider illustration to be a term that means the pictures that you might see in a book. Others think of the term and automatically think of the drawings that precede animations in the design process.

While both are true to some extent, there are actually specific types of illustrations that all classify. In many ways, illustration is a blanket term that encompasses several different forms of art.

be creative

How Do You Be Creative?

For many people, the idea of being creative can feel like a new concept. Though creativity is largely encouraged in children, adults tend to see less opportunities for creativity in their lives.

With a sudden interest in creative fields booming thanks to social media, people are becoming more interested in creativity. While some people are raised being told creative hobbies are a waste, there are actually many benefits to it.

If you are interested in learning how to be creative, you have come to the right place. You do not need to be a professional artist to be a successful creative!

Social media allows everyone to be creative in more ways than ever before. People are actively taking photos, making digital art, and working on their writing skills. When you think about it, posting a picture to Instagram is a creative process by itself.

You have to take a picture, choose a design match, and then write a short bio with it. These are all creative skills that people are using every single day. Whether it is writing funny Tweets or doing DIY projects, you can absolutely be creative.

text animations in css

18 Incredibly Gorgeous Text Animations in CSS

When it comes to web design, the way that you present content is everything. If you want your website to stand out among the competition, it takes more than just colors and text.

You will need to make sure that you have the kind of eye-catching site that makes people curious to keep reading. A great way to make your site more interactive is through the use of animations. Text animations in CSS are an effective way to bring your website into the future.

If you are looking to add some animation to your website, we want to congratulate you. You are going above and beyond to make sure that your site is engaging. Animated visuals can make a website breathe in a way that nothing else will.

This is why we set out to look for some stunning animated text effects that you can easily use for your site. These text animations in css are certain to take you one step ahead of the competition!

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You might be a digital artist and love using Procreate. Then you’d love my 60 of the Best Free Procreate Brushes article. You may be searching for a new cheap tablet. Then I’d suggest my 7 Best Cheapest Digital Drawing Tablets with Screens Under $200. You could be interested in becoming a graphic designer and want to know what type of jobs you can get and how much money they make.