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instagram mockup

10 Free Animated Instagram Templates

When it comes to dressing up your Instagram, certain steps must be taken. A great way to bring your page into the future is the use of Instagram mockups.

These tools are a valuable asset for taking your pictures and making them pop. If you watch a lot of professional Instagram stories, you might have noticed they have legitimate design. That is where these awesome mockups come in.

vector art for free

20 Websites to Download Vector Art for Free

When it comes to design or learning about vector art, you need a place to start. In order to get the most out of your vector art experience, you should see what others have made.

free wireframe tool

10 Free Wireframe Tools UI UX Designers Use in 2021

No one ever said that building a website was easy, but it doesn’t have to be expensive. Finding a good wireframe tool to help with your UI and UX needs is an important first step.

Every tool has its own eccentricities, so you will want to consider what your needs are as you move forward. This will help you to find the right tool for the job. Everyone designs differently, so consider your needs as you review these free wireframe tools.

ideas for posters

3 Essential Tips to Create Ideas for Posters

When you set out to make an informative poster, it is generally to inform people about something. If you are looking to educate, then it is important to make sure people keep reading. In order to make sure that this happens, you will need to focus on quality.

You will also want to focus on creating the best possible ideas for posters, so people want to look. This can be achieved be selecting the right kind of content and presentation. In order to draw their attention, you will need to make them want to look.

As a general rule, people are more likely to look at posters that they find visually appealing. Comics like TheOatmeal have recognized this, and leveraged it as a medium for art. They have proven that people will learn just about anything if it is presented favorably.

mural on the wall

5 Tips on How to Seal a Mural Painting in 2021

The age-old struggle for any painter is preserving the life of a painting. For the daring sort who paint outside or on walls exposed to people, this struggle is even more real on how to protect a wall mural. If you are an artist being commissioned to paint a mural, chances are that you are thrilled.

However, there is no way that you want to be responsible for painting a masterpiece that won’t last. In a perfect world, everything that you paint would be immortalized for all to behold. In reality, there are many steps that you must take to keep your mural on the wall.

Ensuring the long life of your precious mural requires effort, but it is worth every single step. Some precautions must be taken before, during, and after to keep your painting safe.

For the best possible results, you will want to make sure that you put every effort in. Doing more work now can save you a lot of heartache later. This will make it more likely that your mural will be around to stun visitors for years to come.

the golden ratio

How To Use The Golden Ratio In Interior Design

If you are new to interior design, chances are that you have come across references to the golden ratio. This magical ratio is considered to be the gold standard when it comes to design choices.

It is commonly believed that the effective use of this ratio is an excellent way to achieve great design. Before you can capitalize on using this magical ratio, you must learn about it. This guide will help you learn how to use the Golden Ratio in interior design.

The Golden Ratio is a concept that has existed since the first significant methods of design. However, this fancy trick has some major perks when it comes to modern design as well.

We can see the use of the Golden Ratio in some of the most spectacular design and art throughout history. Utilizing this amazing trick to capitalize on your aesthetic is an excellent way to make any room pop!

how to draw hair

How To Draw Hair: A Detailed Guide to Get You Started

When it comes to drawing, some things are simply a pain in the butt to do. There are people who love to draw, but completely strike out when it comes to drawing hands. The same thing happens for feet.

Some areas just require a little more thought than others. One of those areas is drawing hair. For some people, drawing hair ruins their drawings. We are here to help with that by giving you some keen insight on how to draw hair.

easy painting ideas

5 Simple and Easy Painting Ideas for Beginners

If you are new to painting or just looking for inspiration, there are fun projects for you to try. The world is full of creative people. This does not mean that you are expected to be your best creative self 100% percent of the time.

In fact, everyone needs inspiration from time to time. This is why it can be beneficial to draw inspiration from others. Kickstart your own creativity by seeing what easy painting ideas that other artists are trying.

Some days, inspiration can just strike us. Other days, we need a little nudge in the right direction. Rather than merely painting circles and waiting for your next big idea, we have compiled some fun alternatives.

These easy painting ideas can help get you going even on days when you are not feeling creatively full. You can try new skills or just do something fun. As long as you leave inspired, it was a great choice.

art studio for rent

What You Ought To Know Before Renting an Art Studio

When you make the big decision to look for an art studio for rent, there is a lot to consider. Though most artists harbor a vision of having their own place, there are many details to sort out beforehand. Knowing what you should consider is a great way to walk in prepared.

Nobody wants to begin living their dream only to be met with setbacks. Since this is the case, doing your research can save you quite a headache. Unfortunately, when it comes to finding a studio, it is not all paints and vibes. Though you want a place you like, you want to know what you are getting into.

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