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How to be Featured

Quite often, I invite people to contribute to Jae Johns. If you didn’t get an invitation, don’t worry. There are two ways to get featured on Jae Johns. 

  • Pitch Your Idea
  • Get Recommended by a Previous Featured Person

If you’re not sure how to do either of these, then that means you might not be ready to be featured. I recommend figuring it out then come back to this page.

That being said, I accept guest posts about creativity, art, and various business insights that creatives can use to make a positive impact on their businesses. 

Guidelines to Guest Posting

Authors must have a good track record

  • Provide links to published content you wrote either on their own blog or another syndicated website
  • No linking to spammy websites


  • Minimum of 4 links to reputable sources
  • Will only backlink to author’s site or social site


  • Content cannot have any fluff and must be at least 1000 words (Most of my content is around or above 2000 words)
  • Content must be educational in nature
  • Content must comply with the values of Jae Johns
  • No plagiarism is acceptable
  • Content must be exclusive to the Jae Johns site
  • No spelling, grammar errors
  • Content has to fit within my blog’s theme: creativity, art, or marketing and entrepreneurship around creativity or art

Required Images

  • Featured Image – 1170px wide by 500px tall
  • In Post Images –  Images you photographed or screenshots are great. All images must be properly attributed
  • Image Credits – Featured Image:, In-post Image:, Screenshot by author in May 2020

Editorial Review

Each post will be reviewed and may require some alterations before being published. 

Going Live

When your content is featured, you will get a message with the link. In addition to that, your content may be distributed to my email community and social network. 


Please go here and leave a message.